Here’s Why Rajit Kapur Needs To Be Punished For IAmNotAWoman

So now the group of Rajit Kapur is out with a video repenting that they are not women. In this recent video that has gone viral, they have openly wished they were women because women are so sexy. So they have objectified women in their video yet they wanted to cover it up with some strong male hate speech.

I am not a Woman

Image – Youtube

To start with they suggested wearing women’s clothes to know them and later retracted from the statement. Even though Rajit Kapur said “No” to that way of knowing women, Meiyang Chang was still fine if one wished to know women by wearing their clothes. This is a subtle way to manipulating our thoughts and hit male psychology. What they wanted to portray was that to be empathetic to women’s problems men need to wear women’s clothes. Even though later they said ‘NO’ that really does not have any significance. Because the idea was to create a thought process in our subconscious mind and leave it there because they knew any further persuasions would have earned them flak from the public.

But people who are not aware of such minor tricks and their long drawn effects fall prey to such crap daily. This is how our marketing managers work to manipulate their potential buyers’ subconscious mind to influence their decisions. They start with a very innocent looking suggestion thrown by some celebrities to influence/change the thought process permanently. Here the thought process is – men should start wearing women clothes to understand their problems. Indirectly this is a grave attack on male sexuality because the underlying message in it is “men need to ashamed of their gender”.

This video starts by saying that being a woman in India kind of sucks – “Thanks ONLY due to Indian men”. So what they said was Indian men are to be blamed for all miseries of women. Even though they pointed at them while saying this, they have said all men and as an Indian man, I strongly protest that statement. Four of them were not the representative of all Indian men and hence them blaming all men for the plight of women is completely outrageous to other men in the country.

Rajit Kapur in this video openly apologizes for not being a woman. That apology was also a trick to affect the subconscious mind of Indian men and hit male psychology. That in a way tells the men in the country that they should apologize for not being women. I am perfectly okay if he wants to be a woman or apologize for whatever reason but he has no authority to make all men feel guilty for their sexuality. This in a way is telling men that they are inferior gender.

Rajit Kapur apologizes for India’s crime statistics as he says we are the second most unsafe place for women in the world. While he talks about statistics and makes everyone feel ashamed about India and Indian men, he completely ignores/suppresses the fact that most cases filed under “Crime Against Women” are under IPC 498a or dowry harassment by husband and in-laws and 85% of them turn out to be false. He suppresses the fact that Indian Supreme Court, Law Commission and several other courts in India time and again raised the questions of false cases filed under laws empowering women and expressed concern over that. The only reason they could have done this is to shame their own motherland and shame their own gender. Well, I have no problem if they are ashamed of their gender but I have huge issue when they take ownership of all the men in India including me.

They felt ashamed for the jerks on the street. They have shown a jerk in this video too but I have never seen/observed someone like that in my lifetime. But even if they exist I am not sure why all men need to apologize for them? Are we responsible because some jerks exist today? They have also shown sexist comment made against women by their male colleagues. Well in my 16 years of corporate life mostly in management cadre I have never seen such comments made by anyone. I am not sure if such comments are made in the media industry, as I do not belong to that industry. But if it is made, then it is the people like Rajit Kapur who is responsible but they can’t generalize.

In the IT industry, these comments are considered a serious offence and the man is supposed to lose his job instantly if brought to the notice of the ethics committee. And the IT industry where I work employs a substantial number of women employees. No wonder why this tells me that this group only wanted to create dirty sexism and gender hatred.

Meiyang Chang in his speech said that even Saudi Women are stoned to death for being a victim to rape. The little bit study I have done online didn’t show me such extreme punishment for rape victims though. Yes, women are stoned to death for adultery there. But men too are punished severely for different crimes (stoned to death, hand chopped off etc). But this video had no mention to that. Oh, I forgot, this video had only one agenda in mind – to shame the male gender and show Indian men as uncivilized pigs.

This gang says that “UP causes TV”. That is the everyday crimes happening in society are reflected in TV. But how can we ignore the fact that TV also causes these crimes and throws new ideas in the minds of people? Actually, this is a vicious circle that continues. Additionally, where do the nudity and vulgarity shown on TV shows come from? Do they get this from UP? I forgot nudity is the new symbol of women empowerment today but media definitely do not get this from UP. Media project it, propagate it to pollute the young minds, media objectifies women, media treats women as sex objects like this group did at the beginning of this video. But these hypocrites blame common Indian men (with little or no education), for their behaviour. When these common men (the so called jerks) call someone “sexy” – the whole male gender becomes ashamed. What a great level of double-standard.

Another question that comes to our mind is why they have referred to UP in this video whereas the maximum number of rape cases are reported from MP. Is it because of the UP govt. wanted to punish false cases and thus threatened this industry? or is there any other political agenda behind this (BJP trying to gain ground in UP)?

They said, “when a guy asks you to convert your religion you convert his sex” – The most outrageous and hateful proposition that can come from anyone. There are guys who convert their religion on marriage too, especially when a Hindu boy marries a Muslim girl (if at all, without any riot). But for marriage which is more of a relation of love at the first place than anything else, is this kind of sextreemism needed? Why are these four men trying to give most cruel ideas to Indian women? What if the woman simply leaves the guy instead? When we think of all these points we can only think of this video having one agenda – “Creation of deep gender divide and male hatred in everyone’s mind.”

When we see the body language while these hate-mongers are talking, we can see hatred in their eyes. The way they talk, the signals their eyes send all are so cruel, so criminal.

Then they come to the topic of rape. They suggest chop off his – lulli, Chuchu….or whatever shit you call it. They have given many names but we can understand that they are talking of chopping off a man’s genitals.
Well for the information of these insane hate maniacs I feel it is my duty to clarify the definition of rape in the first place before we get into the discussion of punishment.

Currently, under Indian rape law, the following incidents are considered as rape as well –

  1. Any Sex on the premise of marriage is considered as rape. So any boy having a physical relationship with a girl under a live-in relation and later they don’t get married it is rape. However, when the girl refuses to marry the guy it is not rape of the boy.
  2. Under marriage, when a man has forceful intercourse with a wife that is considered as marital rape (a different form of rape). In India due to lack of sexual awareness and due to oversexualized television and media channels both gender (remember India also has low education problem) are taken to an unhealthy high of sexual overdose. So when one gets married with little or no education about the sexual behaviour of women one is likely to be ignorant about nuances of sexual intercourse and falter at the time of intercourse. They will not even know that they can’t enter their wife when she is dry or not fully prepared for that intercourse. This is rape, too.

  3. Any runaway couple case is also considered as rape and filed as rape under pressure from the girl’s family. In fact, most of the rape cases filed in India are either live-in relations or such runaway bride cases.

What these hate mongers and hate creators demand is to punish those runaway grooms by chopping off their genitals or those ignorant husbands by chopping off their genitals. This analysis from The Hindu on rape cases filed in Delhi will give you more insight –

Inter Religion Marriage

This clarifies their agenda. They are creating so much hatred in our families that now wife or girl-friend should chop off their husbands’ genitals because most of the rape cases are like that.

But later they swiftly moved away from this statement by saying ‘NO’. But we know this is a way to sow the seed of hatred in our young unsuspecting minds. If they had not said ‘no’ they would have been directly booked for creating and spreading violence. By saying ‘NO’ they became politically correct whereas they have done their job. Now don’t be surprised if you see those chopping off cases coming from India and some innocent men losing their genitals because of some over jealous or revengeful women.

However, I am not surprised by this demand of chopping off male genitals at all. In fact, it is a part of a global feminist agenda where there is no divide between a rapist or non – rapist. All men are considered as rapists by these neo feminazis and that is why their website (Femen website) shows this image –

Femen cover photo

Yes, don’t be surprised. Today we see this package has arrived under a beautiful wrap of demanding this for rapists, but the underlying statement attacks the entire male gender. The male idiots who propose the same do not understand this or do not know this. Maybe they are paid to sow the seed like this so that Indian couples very soon see this kind of hatred in their bedroom. And saying ‘NO’ after proposing the same really doesn’t lessen the crime for anyone.

In reality, what these people have done is they wanted to create a new crime that does not exist in Indian society today. They wanted to create the crime and justified that with a sugar coating. Already we have seen the previous govt. tried to promote a gun called Nirbheek in the name of women empowerment. Yes, the agenda is clear from these developments. Our country is run for international interests and a new crime is deliberately inserted in the system. A justification for the crime is also created and we the common peace-loving innocent citizens DO NOT understand that. When anyone of us fall prey to this crime the whole society do not realize that we are targeted individually. This creates permanent hatred in our minds and we become more lonely and separated from everyone around us.

If we really need to be so sensitive to have such extreme punishment why don’t we start with Tarun Tejpal, Who was one of the BEST advocates of HangTheRapist campaign? Or why don’t we give this punishment to all male supporters of Khurshid Anwar who has engaged in victim-blaming and slut-shaming and thus morally and psychologically raped his victim on different social platforms? But I am sure they would not want this. They only want peace-loving law-abiding common people to suffer. Common people who do not know that most of the rapes do not happen in Delhi streets like that happened in Dec 2012, but most of the rapes are reported when a love relationship is broken.

If we as a society do not punish Rajit Kapur and team for creating so much of gender hatred against Indian men and if we Indian men do not boycott all their shows from now on then we are only creating a grave future for all of us and our next generation. It is not about preventing rape anymore, it is about creating a disturbance in our relations, where both partners will start suspecting each other and all relationships will break down irretrievably and where only manginas like Rajit Kapur will enjoy the show. Because if they are accused of such crime they will always be a chameleon like Tarun Tejpal or Khurshid Anwar and start doing everything they have protested against.


*For other campaign analysis click – here



  1. If they were genuinely interested in addressing the real issue, which is to teach a specific and narrow demographic, to treat women with respect, then they wouldn’t have done the following:
    1. Confused the males with malevolence.
    2. Made the proper campaign in vernacular, not English.
    3. The tenor would have been serious, not mocking.

    But nooooo… this bracketed group of self-respecting,
    socially-esteemed moron quartet, instead decided to sacrifice themselves, like Jesus presumably, for the presumed sins of the rest of us.

    1. Even fewer caring Indian men will want to speak up for women.

    1. More and more young Indian men will distance themselves from women, seeing them as a social liability to their reputation.
    2. The social atomization of the urban Indian polity, already fast apace due to consumerism and commercialization, will exacerbate due to the added dynamic of feminazism and demonization of males. (Mr.Modi, add that to the 300 million unemployed men in India’s mental landscape. You’re about to reap a whirlwind. Oh boy!)

    3. The crimes against women in the rural areas will continue in ever larger numbers, as a separate and parallel vector, emanating from, curiously, the consumerism and commercialization, will exacerbate due to the added dynamic of feminazism and demonization of males!

    The fancy intellectual elite of South Delhi and Pali Hills, doesn’t know how to relate or speak the idiom and lingo of the disenfranchised rural janta. Thus, janardhans take the lazy, and criminally irresponsible short-cut of tarring all Indian society and nation with the broadest brush possible. How very sloppy.

    But not to worry! Their own sons, nephews and grandsons shall pay the price of their moral dishonesty. At which point, comments from the Mens Rights Movement blogs like these in our time, will be dredged up by the media of the future, to spell it out in CAPITAL BLACK LETTERS:



    • I appreciate the truth and sincerity and the will and courage to take the side of justice rather than the side of manginas and whiteknights in your reply..I do not know whether you are younger to me or elder to me,but I respect you for being the difference maker.We all are in this sinking boat and we should help each other to fix the hole called feminazism.


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