The Last Metro

…and I missed my train.

I ran but it was just missed by a whisker. I was late at the station as the connecting Metro was late. Someone attempted suicide at Jahangirpuri station. Sick people, they commit suicide and we get delayed and miss our trains.

It was urgent for me as I was going to meet my cousin Ajay. He has been accused of dowry harassment charges recently. In earlier days it used to be considered as a serious charge but nowadays everyone knows it is fake, but still police need to do their duty.

Ajay was sort of perfect husband category material, always tried to keep his wife happy. He believed in women empowerment strongly. So at first when the problem started, he tried to reconcile his problems and mutually settle the issues with Promila but she was stubborn on his separation from his parents.

He had to finally leave his ailing parents for his new family separately. However, still, Ajay could not meet Promila’s expectations. Every day the situation became worse for them. Once they got separated from his parents and Promila had to do all household work, she wanted to keep two maids. One additional as a backup for the other. Ajay agreed just to save his family. But her demands never ended there and hence one day he got the wedding gift. The gift of complete 498a package to him from his wife Promila.

Ajay called me home because he wanted to discuss his problem with me. He knew that I have been working with human rights groups for a long time and I am well versed with the legal procedure in these cases.

In cities like Delhi, it is still difficult for single people to get flat. Everyone asks for a marriage certificate as if all single people are troublemakers. Ajay got the PG through one of his contacts. He felt it would be better for him if he could stay in a PG with at least some people around.

He called me once police started calling him to the police station or face arrest. He knew that after Supreme Court Judgment in Arnesh Kumar case police can’t arrest him easily but he also knew police just needed a reason to validate his arrest. SC has never prohibited police from arresting anyone.

I told Ajay that I would not be able to come that night but assured him of coming early next day.

Next day, I picked up the newspaper Amar Ujala from a newspaper vendor near the metro station. I thought of reading the same while traveling. The news was in front of me, the reason why I was delayed and missed my train the previous day –

Harassed Husband SuicideI read his story and imagined the mental condition of Ajay. I knew that probably Ajay was also undergoing the same trauma that Kapil has undergone. Ajay is getting threats from Police today, Kapil would have got many other threats like harassing by women NGOs, beating him in public by women, keeping a woman brigade in front of his house etc.

But I personally do not blame the police for all these. Actually, it is the society we have created where street justice, justice by media has become the order of the day. It is the people like Kapil who are constantly creating this situation by promoting street/media trial in every forum. They do not understand that when they do this to others, the same situation comes back to haunt them as well. It is a vicious circle that all of us need to experience. Police only do their duty. We ourselves have bound police under so many conditions that if police do not take these steps, threaten to arrest men then some other men will demand to punish the police personnel. Today corruption is everywhere, even police force is also corrupt but without taking these actions in a biased way, the police probably can’t secure their own jobs.

Actually, we as a society have failed the system when some of us dragged justice out of the courtrooms to the streets and we portrayed those hooligans as social heroes.



  1. “In earlier days it used to be considered as serious charge but nowadays everyone knows it is fake”

    ….strong words Partha! You can’t say the above sentence just like that! If only you knew how tough life for a woman getting married really is! I agree that what happened with Ajay or whatever man was wrong but that doesn’t mean life’s all roses for women!


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