Clean the Carburettor – Being Politically Correct

Clean the carburator
Art – Amit Patil

If I were asked to suggest a politically correct agenda for Indian MRM then I will not be very happy. The reason, the last thing I want to hear from anyone associated with Indian MRM is that the MRM agenda is not correct (either politically or apolitically). Because if we MRAs are not convinced of our agenda is correct then why are we in this movement in the first place? This only tells me that many in MRM lack the vision we exist today and hence this clarification.

First of all let me confess that if India didn’t have so much of legal terrorism i.e. the problem of law misuse and so many gender biased laws, Indian MRM would have been non-existent today. This creates extreme pain for me as I understand that some people in MRM do not understand the cause properly and hence they try to take shelter behind a politically correct agenda. I feel that those who try to find such agenda are ashamed that men should also have rights. This is not acceptable to me as when I am in a forum for Men’s rights the last thing I want to hear is do men really need any right? Or should we try to be more politically correct to the society to be acceptable in the first place?

Let me give my honest feedback to all the MRAs. I strongly feel that even though Indian MRM has a beautiful politically correct agenda of having gender-neutral laws, we are finding it difficult to convince people that we really need it. So how can we work at a more minor level where international MRM groups are working? What will happen when we have gender-neutral laws but the judiciary does not punish women equally because of their gender? Will we be able to convince the society or judiciary the need for men’s rights then?

So the problem is not being politically correct but the understanding of the issue at hand. The issue of misandry that tells the society that when a man is blamed, he is guilty (guilty until proven innocent) and when a woman is blamed she is innocent until proven guilty and may be innocent even if proven guilty. This concept extends to all areas of our life that include men’s health issues, psychological issues, financial issues, old age issues and so on. How will we as MRM be open to these issues or even recognize these issues if we are not able to take care of such gross violation of human rights today? And if we fail to recognize these BIG issues ourselves within MRM, we can’t blame the society for not recognizing the same.

This is the reason we see some MRAs talking about Family Rights, Mother’s Rights or Sister’s Rights etc. In fact, there is no such right as family right or mother right etc. I will discuss this in detail with clearing the concept of human rights that will clarify why these rights are not only vague but actually these rights do not exist. So, there is no point wasting our time over such non-issues.

So as MRAs, we need to be convinced that Men too need rights and that is NOT an incorrect issue. Only if we are convinced that men need their rights, too and demanding those rights do NOT mean –

  1. We are asking for NOT punishing men for any crime. We MRAs are not anti-socials to demand that.
  2. We are demanding that women need to be violated in order to ensure men’s rights and
  3. We are saying eliminate all women’s rights to ensure men’s rights.

Today, we discuss all unnecessary rights because we are not clear in our mind about what we are asking for. We think we become answerable to our mothers and sisters for every rape happening to the society while we know at the bottom of our hearts that we are not rapists and we also know that crime and criminals will always exist. This is the same reason we don’t think of questioning our mother or sister on every false rape case filed against some man somewhere because we understand that our mother or sisters are not directly responsible for that. They are only indirectly responsible for not demanding punishment for women criminals (if at all). That’s it.

Many people told me that Indian MRM is the strongest MRM in the world. What they don’t understand is we have the most outrageous issues at hand and recognizing those do not need any great brain or thinking ability. So it is but natural that we have the largest MRM ( in terms of the count in Yahoogroups or on paper not in reality though) in the world. BUT are we the strongest? I don’t think so. You will know that when the law misuse related issues are eliminated to some extent (not even fully).

Net-net, I am deeply saddened to see this question of being politically correct is even coming up as a requirement. If we believe that men too need to have their rights, then this should be an irrelevant issue to us.


  1. Partha,

    I refereed the dictionary meaning of politically correct, it was as follows:

    po·lit·i·cal·ly cor·rect

    /pəˈlitik(ə)lē kəˈrekt/


    adjective: politically correct; adjective: politically incorrect; adjective: incorrect

    exhibiting (or failing to exhibit) political correctness.
    “it is not politically correct to laugh at speech impediments”

    synonyms: unoffensive, nondiscriminatory, unbiased, neutral, appropriate, nonpartisan; informalPC

    “the true meaning may be clouded by his politically correct language”

    Now, go and talk to my neighbor, my colleague, my female friends, my male friends about men’s rights. They chuckle, laugh some even give a condescending look “You need MENs rights ? Don’t men have all the rights in todays India ? Are they not the oppressors already ?”

    This means that talking about men’s rights it still unfashionable, discriminatory, offensive, biased, partisan and non-neutral. Litmus test is when people , majority of them said its unacceptable in todays arena.

    WE MRAs know that Men’s Right is Human Rights and it is indeed a correct agenda but unfortunately still not a politically correct one. We must clean the carburetor of our society when the vital agenda of Mens Rights becomes an acceptable and non-frowned topic i.e a politically correct one .

    Chandra Shekhar Agawal aka Prakhyat of SIF Ktka.


  2. SuperCool Partha. Agree very much. Actually it takes courage to put forth such views. No popular movement was ever “Politically correct”. Those who want to be “Politically Correct” well, let’s ignore them, since they are not going to be of much help to the movement.


  3. If even 1% of the 35 Crores men in the 18-35 group become aware of their true situation in society, their collective disillusionment shall wreak untold havoc on all areas of Indian life. Political, economic, social, cultural and media.

    The Indian MRM is amongst the strongest in the world. And we are presently only 1% of that 1%. New Delhi had better be ready, because this thing is about to become their worst blind spot … ever.

    MRM will underline true meritocracy and therefore true solutions to India’s problems. From the ranks of this movement shall emerge leaders of calibre who will leave a lasting mark on India’s future trajectory.


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