Women – Shikhandis (shields) of the Pakhandis (hypocrites)

Women are increasingly being used as shikhandis (shields) by Pakhandis (hypocrites).


To win over Bhishma, Srikrishna used Shikhandi as a shield in the (in)famous Kurukshetra war. Bhishma knew that Shikhandi was a woman in his previous birth and would not raise a weapon against him. This Sri Krishna trick resulted in Bhishma being attacked and defeated by Arjuna by keeping Shikhandi in the front.

This is how women are being used globally by some hypocrites. These criminals very often wear the mask of feminists and project their selfish agenda under feminist banner. Because all they need to do when they are in danger is to wear the mask of a victim and claim special treatment. And this is the reason why Women Against Feminism is a BIG phenomenon today.

Feminists say they want to give women a voice. A voice to raise their opinion. However, when these women raise their opinion against feminism they are subjected to attack by the same feminists –

Feminist Criminals2

Image courtesy – Facebook upload

The same WomenAgainstFeminism Facebook page also depicts so many other messages from women across the globe on how they were being personally attacked for being anti-feminists. They speak not only about personal hate messages received by them but some of them were personally threatened even to kill their children.

The woman who started WomenAgainstFeminism FB page was personally tracked down by the feminists and was threatened to cut throats of her children. Many other women globally were threatened at a personal level, we can find them writing about these on WomenAgainstFeminism pages. They say when they expressed their anti-feminist views, feminists started attacking them. This behavior tells us that feminists actually don’t believe that “No” means “No”- something that they always preach men to follow. Some examples from Women Against Feminism FB page –

Feminist Criminals3

Feminist Criminals1

Feminist Criminals

Now let’s delve into feminists actions globally. To understand what these modern feminists wanted I tried studying their agenda and activities in past few years. One of the organizations called Femen attracted my attention as they seemed to be doing the most activism globally.

When I tried looking into their activities globally I could not find anything but fanaticism, hooliganism, and hatred. Some of their activism images would make it clear –

Femen - Breast the world

Femen - Demo in front of Putin

Femen - Kill the Putin

And when they are punished for their extremist stand, they say –

Femen - Stop violence against women

Easy and immediate turning into a victim. A victim who can kill others but will still love to be called a victim. The criminals who create unrest in the society become a victim when the society tries to punish them.

..and they say they are fighting against injustice –

Femen - Time to Fight against church

Many men do support them. From India, we see campaigners like HangTheRapist or I Am Not a Woman who demand extreme punishment for men violating women. They suggest chopping off of male genitals for rape.

I am not a Woman

What they don’t understand is that International feminists like Femen already have that on their agenda –


Yes, these feminists say all men’s genitals need to be cut like this, including those campaigners. And this never seems cruel to them because if they felt so they would never have created a video like that.

We have many such examples from India where such hypocrites take shelter under feminism when they are questioned. They easily portray themselves as victims and try to feign innocence when they are not.

Take for example the Bangalore Joggers case. Her complaint is she was teased by him and hence she has brutally assaulted him –

Bangalore jogger

But the story never ended there. She went to police for his punishment and she became an overnight heroine for assaulting a man openly and getting unpunished. His crime (considering her claim to be true) was verbal and non- violent in nature, whereas her crime is supported by her video and warrant punishment. If this kind of kicking is not enough punishment for his behavior then what is? Already we find his identity is public but her identity is not. Just reverse the gender and imagine a man beating a woman in public what would have been the public reaction?

There is no wonder that feminists always try to be in victim mode. These hypocrites want every woman to be in lifelong victim mode, no matter whether she has beaten a man grievously to protest against a crime. Her justice is not over by her beating up the man badly for a harmless, verbal comment (going completely by her statement) but this needs to go on for showing that women are in fact victims always. And if she does not want to be a victim then she needs to be ready for punishment for her cruelty to the man (kicking his face).

I will end this article with three classic examples from India to show how women are being used as Shikhandis (shields) by Pakhandis (hypocrites). One – is the example of Tarun Tejpal. When he was accused of rape, he, his media and his feminist friends all have gone ahead with victim bashing, slut shaming that they themselves object to. Two –  Khurshid Anwar, the activist from Delhi who was one of the major activists behind Delhi protests in Dec 2012. After he was accused of rape his supporters also went ahead bashing the victim, questioning her character and starting a huge campaign against her. Three – The Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade. When she was accused of violating the rights of her maid in the US the same feminists supported her and she became an instant victim. Indian govt. started thinking of India under attack by the US and amazingly India supported a criminal who has violated the rights of a woman.

These examples show us that feminism as a concept is not only dead but it is being used by unscrupulous people for keeping their selfish agenda going. Women are being used as shields by these criminals to go unpunished. These people today are demanding heroic treatment for their committed crime.

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