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It was a hectic day for me on the eve of Independence Day of India as we from Indian MRM were preparing for 6th National Conference for Men’s Rights issues in India under the banner of Save Indian Family (SIF). I was very tired after a hectic opening day and went to bed around 12 midnight to recharge my batteries for the next day, the day to mark independence of Indian men as well.

A woman appeared in my dreams in torn clothes and dilapidated condition. She identified herself as Bharat Mata and scolded me – “beta when India is reeling under so many rapes every day, how can you all celebrate conference on men’s issues portraying anti-feminism issues?”

I touched her feet and tried to seek her blessings for the conference but she dragged her feet in disgust. She said –“My son, I will bless you men when you all stop this nonsense of celebrating men’s conference when India can’t even stop rape”. She gave example of men like these in the video I AM NOT A MAN and told us to be like them.

I humbly told mother India, “Ma, I will not tell you lies like feminists. But before you make up your mind please listen to me carefully and then decide”. She agreed and I continued. I showed her the analysis done by our Print Media group The Hindu.

The Hindu

I told her – “ma, see this study done by our media group The Hindu. First of its kind in Indian media. See how the elopement of lovers and sex under promise of marriage is termed as rape.”

I showed her the next article in this series that details out how runaway brides’ family members file rape complaint and how the cruel HangTheRapist or I am not a Woman campaginers demand extreme cruel punishment for rapists without understanding that even their children may undergo such treatment simply for making love with a girl.

Inter Religion Marriage

Bharat Mata nodded in disbelief. She said how can it be possible when our media is reporting such news as rape every day?

I showed her the third report of The Hindu in this series to tell her how scripted FIRs are being used to term every so called Rape victim as minor –

Rape - Scripted FIRs

She was convinced but shocked to see the truth.

I told her – “Ma, we from MRM do not support rape but only protest against terming every sexual encounter as rape. Like many women globally are protesting the same as shown in this video by one of the WomenAgainstFeminism  supporters.

Lastly I showed her this image from Femen website. I could not show her complete image without covering some part with black but the image gives enough cues about what feminists globally want –


She understood the real agenda of feminists. They want to kill all men and those men who demand HangTheRapist or participate in campaigns like “I am not a woman” demand such treatment for rapists without knowing the definition of rape, are all inviting such treatment for themselves and their sons.

She blessed me and everyone in MRM for doing wonderful work in helping men and boys in fighting false allegations and securing a place for them in the society. She knew we make thousands of men smile every single day and they include many foolish campaigners who does not know the reality. She understood that my team and I bring Independence to these distressed men every single day of the year.

I smiled as I helped her understand how our mind is being controlled by false propaganda by some criminals in the name of feminism and a deep gender divide and gender war is created in India.



  1. Here in that very West (I am in London presently), that Indians copy mindlessly; the family has broken down due to high divorce rates.

    This has been brought about through the mindless worship of individualism, which itself is a consequence of the industrial and mechanized lifestyle, and associated aspirations.

    Feminism is a form of gender specific hyper-individualism, that uses collectivist coercion to satisfy personal aspirations. In industrialized and westernized economies it has fractured the community, atomized the society, and isolated the individual.

    We Indians, don’t seem to understand this Faustian bargain, and are in the honeymoon phase with a Frankenstein. All while our newly ‘liberated’ middle class give false lip service to Indian culture and values.

    It is because of this lack of criticism, a convenient relativism, that we are losing our cultural and social moorings, and are now speaking of independence in narrow materialist terms, instead of our interdependence.

    The corrective is in education. Partha and Indian MRMs should study the rate at which Indian males are dropping out of the teaching profession, leading to the growth of the 30+ rad-fem didi in the staff rooms. This too is an expected momentum of the feminazism that is rampant in academic and educational circles throughout the Western world.

    Ever wonder what kind of independence is being taught by this group, in absence of a balanced male presence in the classrooms?
    What does this mean to the future generation of Indian boys and men?

    Furthermore, what is being taught by the didi brigade to indoctrinate young girls into lifelong misandrists? Strange is it not, that no one in the Indian main stream media writes about these dynamics?
    But may be not, because they like their blinders, and are addicted for their ‘advanced’ cultural cues from Western sources.


    • Sir, thanks for your insights into the problem at hand. Yes, I do agree that feminists are now spoiling young minds. That is why we protest against all kinds of gender bias including comments like “RejectedMaal” by Gujrat CM or when our PM terms every Indian man as rapist in an indirect way. We know that more and more women are getting college education and at the same time men graduating class is decreasing. these all have come from the west. We are working closely to change this social situation. If you read my other articles you will see almost every issues is being handled with proper statistics.

      Hope to get more such objective feedback from you or other readers..

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