Book Review – Just Married: Have You Applied For Bail?

Just Married: Have You Applied for Bail?

Today as I write my 200th article on this blog this becomes significant for several reasons –

  1. This book which deals with a very important topic in my life and written on a very important day in my life – my birthday.
  2. This article is written on the opening day of national men’s rights conference. Today Indian Men’s Rights exists because of one reason – IPC 498a (or misuse of the same). If feminists have not made this mistake in 1984 today Indian men’s rights would have been nonexistent.
  3. The issue of misuse of Indian dowry act becomes more important even after recent SC judgment barring random arrest under IPC 498a is because MRAs need to understand that IPC 498a is not the only reason men’s rights exists in India today.
  4. This book shows a way of independence for men in the country. It is freedom from gender bias and legal terrorism and thus talking about this book just before the Independence Day more relevant to the time.

The book under discussion today deals with a problem that has claimed many lives since 1984 and will continue to do the same in near future and hence it becomes important for men in the country to learn about this menace at the earliest. Author Suresh P has done a commendable job in this regard.

The author is from an IT company in Bangalore who has suffered the atrocities of misuse of the law and expressed his invaluable insights in this book. First published in 2013, this book is a must-read for all Indian men whether married or unmarried.

The story deals with the marriage between Software Engineer returned from the USA, Rohit with Poornima. Even though Rohit was from a well-established family in Bangalore they have chosen Poornima who was not so well off. Rohit’s family had to bear all costs of the marriage because of this but they were happy doing that.

Poornima’s family was not well off but they always wanted to show off their power. Her uncle Gautham always boasted his connection with local MLA and wanted to stand in the election. Her other family members were arrogant too. Due to these reasons, Rohit wanted to cancel the marriage after engagement but could not do so. He thought Poornima and her family will change after marriage but their illogical demands only grew big. Rohit and his family members could never satisfy them with anything.

As a result, Rohit and his parents got false case under IPC 498a and were sent to jail. To know what happens after that, whether they were able to come out of the cases, whether they could punish the false complainant or they had to settle the matter with money is something you will know by reading the book.

The author has successfully created the characters in his book. Especially the nuances of the characters of a greedy bride’s family were shown very well. These descriptions can help any innocent man find out a potential greedy and cruel bride with ease. Characterization of Rohit as a hard working and well educated Software Engineer is also depicted well.

But characterization is not the only strong point in the book. The author is experienced in handling such cases has shown enormous knowledge in legal aspects, too. He has taken good care of emotional aspects of false accused ‘peace loving, law abiding’ citizens of India.

The author scores very high in depicting the life in prison for an ordinary Indian citizen and told the unknown story from behind the prison walls. The struggle of a middle-aged man with elderly parents is depicted so well in the book that any ordinary reader who is not aware of the cruelty happening to thousands of educated men and their families in India will cry in pain.

Apart from sensitively painting the mental agony of falsely accused, the author also brought out the legal aspect by giving sample complaint copies, letters to the police etc. He has shown how police and society manipulate the families of men and how some men like Prabhakar fight against the bias.

Towards the end, the author has also given insights into help available to men suffering like Rohit.

In short, the author not only depicted the mental cruelty meted out to men in their married life but he has also shown a ray of hope through his novel. This is packed with information and helpful content for men and it is thus important for every man to get a copy of this book to know these.

We wish Suresh P all the best for such good work and wish that we will see more such great works from him in future. This novel shows a way to get true freedom for Indian men and thus becomes significant read for them this Independence Day


Just Married: Have You Applied for Bail?Just Married: Have You Applied for Bail? by Suresh P

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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    I wish you the very best.


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