This Is How Statistics Can Be Used To Control Your Mind

Statistics To Control Your BrainIn my previous two articles (1 and 2) in this series, I have shown with experiments from NatGeo how our minds can be controlled. In this article, I am going to show how statistics can be used to manipulate our thoughts. The focus will be on rape cases in India.

As I have already discussed in my previous articles how rape is made our top of mind recall by media. To start with I will show you a very simple yet powerful experiment from NatGeo Brain Games –

This experiment shows how our perception can be manipulated. This effect is used today in India to manipulate our thoughts regarding rape. Let me explain.

If we open a newspaper on any given day we find at least one rape case reported. This works in our subconscious mind and keeps rape as our top of mind recall but does not have any powerful impact to change anything. What makes an impact is a case like 2012 Delhi case or June 2014 Badaun, UP rape case.  These cases have the effect of swimsuit models in the above experiment. The moment these kinds of cases are reported we see only rape and see all rape cases like these extreme cases. No wonder why we all go out on the street and deliver justice on the street and media studios.

This oddball effect shows us why we thought of Delhi as our rape capital after 2012 case and now UP is projected as rape capital after the Badaun case.

Let’s see what information we get from the National Crime Records Bureau data. Given below is the top three states based on the number of rape cases filed in last three years –

Rape Statistics - top 3 states between 2010-12

In all three years MP has been at the top of the number of rape cases reported, but how do you conclude anything from the above data, so check the number of the cases reported. The states shown below are the top five states in terms of cases reported in 2012 –

Rape Statistics - top five states in 2012

From the above data, you can see that in terms of the number of rape cases reported Delhi does not even figure in top five states and also note that MP is never projected in any media as the rape capital of India. Media double standard.

But simply based on registered cases how can any state be termed as rape capital? How do we know that most of these cases are not false? So we need to check the number of cases convicted. The statistics give us this picture –

Rape Statistics - top 5 states convicted

But %cases conviction gives us a completely different perspective –

Rape Statistics - % cases convicted, top states

If we conclude based on % Cases convicted that UP is the rape capital then we will be wrong too. Because, when we look at the trend in the conviction rate in last three years we get that UP is in fact improving–

Rape Statistics - % change in rape conviction, top states

So if you thought that crime situation is deteriorating in either UP or MP you will be totally wrong as this data shows that both these states are in fact improving rapidly whereas a state like WB or Rajasthan has deteriorated. Confusing enough? But this is how statistics can be used to confuse people and make any state as rape capital.

But is the number of cases or these percentages good enough to understand which state is having this problem maximum? What about the maximum number of rapists in these states –

Rape Statistics - persons convicted

Did you see the maximum increase in the number of convicts is in Rajasthan and not in the so-called rape capitals? Amazing isn’t it? So it is not in UP or in Delhi most men have become rapists and we can’t call them rape capitals.

Now let me confuse you more. If you ever thought or decided that any of the above states is the rape capital based on any of the statistics presented take a look at the data in all India perspective for these years –

Rape Statistics - comparison of different states

Rape Statistics - % persons convicted

Now you see a completely different set of states like Nagaland, Uttarakhand, and Mizoram as rape capitals.

Confusing enough? Now let me tell you that if you have considered any state as rape capital and think that women of that particular state are unsafe on streets you will be wrong again. No matter which state you think is unsafe, because the NCRB stat says –

Rape Statistics - relation of the accused

So do you think women are more at risk from unknown people or from known ones? And if the known people are mostly accused then why did we go mad after Delhi rape saying Delhi has become unsafe for women? Why did our media show Delhi as the most unsafe city for women whereas the reality is different? So if we think that Delhi is the rape capital (or UP or MP or WB or Mizoram based on any data) then all those men who protested vigorously on streets become the actual culprits. The HangTheRapist campaigners probably never realized that they were actually demanding their own or their children’s death penalty when they supported the same in any manner because if women are unsafe they are unsafe from their acquaintances and not from strangers.

This information clearly shows that how we are fooled by some frustrated, lonely criminals who identify themselves as feminists and use paid media to create a situation where men and women start suspecting each other. We get scared of some imaginary strangers ready to rape our near and dear ones and live in a fear psychosis created by these criminals. So now no man will want to take a woman out, no man will approach a woman if he likes her. Even when a woman likes a man the relations may not progress as women don’t like to make the first move. As a result men and women normal relationship is broken by these rape maniacs. All because of the fact our minds are controlled by paid media.

Oops, statistics is so mind-boggling. It can really make us mad and can be used to control our minds. In the next article of this Mind Control series I will show you what the researchers are saying about rape cases in India.



  1. Great work Partha,

    Well this one should be nominated for well researched article related blog contest!!!



  2. Do you really expect women to get their head around statistics?
    Each female thinks like a majority of one and like the gang of 49,
    dressed in Pink Sari, assuming liberation is lipstick, stiletto and the little black dress. We would have better odds explaining quantum physics to a cow. 😉 at least, it would get a moo out of her!


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