Mom The Father

The child asked his mom.”Ma, I have a father and you are my father, no?” and hugged her tight.

The five year old misses his father. He only carries some faint memories of his first two years of life. He remembers someone playing with him all evening after coming from work, he remembers going to school with that man every day in those early play school days. But these memories have fainted away. He doesn’t remember that man’s face today.

The little kid was forcefully separated from that loving man who loved him more than himself. The kid didn’t understand what happened but only knows one day his nana came with a lot of people and police. They took his papa away.

Tarannum was still staring at her newspaper and could not speak a word –

Inter Religion Marriage

Image and news link – The Hindu

Someone living in a distant city wept in silence. He knows what the child misses him. He loved the child the most and will love him forever. Only the child will never know that this man still cries for him. After coming out of jail on a false rape charge by Tarannum’s family, Shankar started living in a distant city.

He knows that a Hindu boy marrying a Muslim girl can start a big riot anytime. If the women like Tarannum do not volte-face in court regarding their forced rape allegation, young lovers like Shankar will be given death penalty by the cruel HangTheRapist campaigners.

He wonders that while a Muslim boy marrying a Hindu girl is acceptable why the opposite is still a taboo in Indian society. He wishes he could change this society for good.



  1. Humanism, atheism are also religions only.First of all there are different rules for Hindus and different rules from Muslims regarding marriage and divorce. In Islam boy has to give to girl reverse dowry.There is no limit for it.You might have known Sania Mirza given 60 lakhs if dowry and women need not give alimony in case of divorce.


  2. Lovely ! It does inspire. My mum is a muslim and my father a Punjabi… They faced a lot of challenges but my father was way too strong to get past any allegation. I am proud of what they stand through…. Thanks ! Take care


  3. This is why our country needs a Uniform Civil Code,
    to place all Indians equal and to grant them equal rights,
    and impartial justice.


    • One small information for you – IRBM or 50% property rights to wife simply based on marriage (and no responsibility of wife) is set to pass in parliament. So far this is for Hindus but per Uniform Civil Code BJP wanted to include Muslims in it. I agree we need minimum number of laws based on crime and NOT based on gender or religion.


  4. To be specific:
    NO laws based on gender.
    NO laws based on religion.
    ALL laws based on actions.


  5. Excellent portrayal of the dark and violent side of opposition to inter-religion marriages, and of the misuse of rape allegations.
    I’m not sure about the last paragraph. As far as I know, gender does not play much role in the opposition to inter-religion marriages.


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