This Is For All Those Who Are Against WomenAgainstFeminism

This is in reply to the feminists who are against WomenAgainstFeminism movement

Currently world over there is a huge debate going on whether feminism is dead. The recent movement of WomenAgainstFeminism on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter has definitely given a much-needed jolt to feminism. The campaigners of Women Against Feminism has categorically expressed that they are not a Men’s Rights Movement and they should not be considered as MRAs. But this movement is of great significance to MRM as well.

Feminists say that feminism is a movement for freedom, equality, choice, love, compassion, respect, solidarity and education. Their argument is because there is a crime against women existing in the world feminism is needed. They quote examples of a Pakistani woman being beaten to death for marrying her choice of man but they don’t understand that even men are killed like this for marrying against their family wish. So it is a crime against humanity and not specifically against women. Also, this is still considered as a crime in that country and not promoted as national pride.

Feminists quote an example from Niger where a poor girl is sold to a businessman double her age and forced to carry his baby against her will. Yes, it is a crime but not specifically against women because poor people around the globe are always traded like this. If women are traded for sex, men/boys are traded as a bonded labourer. It is a human rights issue and not specifically a women’s rights issue.

Feminists say that because a physiotherapy student was brutally gang-raped in India so feminism needs to be there as a movement of equality. What they don’t understand or want others to understand that this kind of rape is always considered as a heinous crime even in these countries and feminism has NOTHING to do with it. So-called, Indian patriarchy including its MRM didn’t ever promote such crime and hence it is purely unnecessary to think that such crime only happens against women. Worst still to consider that we need an entire movement to stop this. There are many men who are murdered even more brutally and those are not considered as a Men’s oppression issues.

Problem is crime and criminals always existed no matter how strict the law was made and it will exist in future too. That does not mean we need to consider crime only one way. Well, it is more true in the Indian context. As in India female to male rape is NOT considered as a crime, domestic violence by females on men is considered as a laughing matter, Harassment is only considered as a crime when a woman complaints and so on and so forth.

Feminists say there is less number of women at the top of the corporate world and that is discrimination. WTH..what these feminists do not understand that for any position you need to display proper skillsets and prove to be fit so that you can acquire that position. Also, no one has ever stopped a woman from starting a new business and become a global CEO. That is how Bill Gates and the likes are successful today. There is no one stopping a woman from doing that. In fact in India with so many facilities for women, it is even easier for them. But one needs to have that urge to start a business.

Similarly, feminists theory of pay gap is also fictitious. If for some skillsets and for the same results delivered a corporation can get women employers at less cost why should they hire men at all? If any woman is paid less for equal responsibilities there may be many reasons behind that, including her lack of negotiation power. Today many of my friends get paid more than I do and I can’t generalize that to my oppression.

To prove their point feminists have gone many steps ahead. They question why a number of female judges in most TV show less compared to men – lol..if men are less in these panels I don’t think that will be an MRM issue. We don’t have time for such trivial things. While I understand that it is up to the sponsors to decide the judges’ panel. In fact, in many Indian shows, I have seen more women panellists who we consider as experts in that area and never felt BAD about it. No wonder why we think that feminists feel better to be oppressed always.

Dieting products aiming women, not men, women used as sex objects in ads – Maintaining one’s figure is of prime importance to anyone. Healthy living should be anyone’s top priority. That is why we see Pakistani singer Adnan Sami slimming down drastically. This is true for any man in showbiz. I never knew that proposing something good can be oppression. Also, male and female sexuality work differently. No matter what feminists try to refute, it is proven scientifically that men are sexually more attracted to women by their physical beauty. This is why women’s physical beauty is projected to sell almost every product. When feminists themselves say that a woman’s body is most beautiful artwork in the world then how does that become making them sex object when feminists think so?

Now let’s see some of the most shameful demands of feminists. They say shaving underarm or removing hair from the body is discriminatory. In today’s world when personal hygiene is of utmost importance and where even many men do the same, this theory of oppression/discrimination is somewhat hilarious rather than serious. Another campaign that feminists have come up with was “Manifesto for visibility of period” as they say that tampon or sanitary napkin is a male invention to oppress the female gender. Some of their campaigners have come out protesting like this –

Feminists, Women Against Feminism and MRM1

We can only tell them that shitting is also a natural phenomenon. You can carry that too along with you and display the natural phenomenon.

Feminists also say trying to have a baby or wearing feminine clothes is sexism, it is oppression. By terming everything feminine as oppression are the feminists themselves not making their gender inferior compared to that of masculine gender? If a man is not ashamed of wearing manly clothes why should a female be ashamed of wearing it? Why do they need to copy men to be empowered? Why can’t they be empowered as women? I am also not able to understand why trying to have a baby simply because someone is a woman is an oppression? Even as a man I want to have a child, so? Does that mean I am oppressed? How can we be empowered by going against nature and forcing something on us?

Feminists also ask these women whether they look at the mirror from the eyes of a man or from the eyes of herself? That is whether she wants to accept to a man or to herself. But the problem is trying to be attractive to the opposite gender is what we all want to, how is that oppression? No matter how much we say the opposite gender should accept us no matter what we are or what we do, we always try to be attractive to them. That is nature that is what all species on earth do. Looks like feminists want to make women a different species.

Feminists talk about disparity everywhere. They say women do not have the right to work in every sector. In India, I know women are not allowed in the mining industry but that is not to oppress them. That is to save them from unnecessary dangers of that industry. In fact, this is oppression for men that men are pushed to do these dangerous jobs for ages. But we have never complained.

Lastly this campaign of the death penalty from Indian feminists. We don’t need to say anything that the feminists want by creating a sustained outrage around rape in India while only the common peace-loving, law-abiding citizens run for life –

Feminists, Women Against Feminism and MRM

Image from internet

Dear feminists, please don’t think that gender role can be exactly the same. It can not be the same. Men and women exist for a different purpose and like it or not, their biological factors are decided by mother-nature and not a conspiracy against womanhood. We may alter some of the factors as we evolve but do not ever try to make women as identical to men. There need not be any battle to prove supremacy over another gender. What is needed is to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and complement each other and NOT to create a competition for everything. The earlier you realize this, the more you will remain acceptable to the world. Else the women against feminism will eliminate you for good.



  1. A very good article! Great to finally get a whole picture as the newspapers treat India as a country only of women (and men as monsters). The only thing that I have a problem with is your mentioning of patriarchy. In 31 years I have not found this patriarchy in Europe, in six weeks I didn’t find it in Pakistan and I very much doubt that it exists in India. If you think men are ruling India or the world then you should read Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male Power. I think generally people rule equally even though I’d say women have slightly more influence, otherwise Feminism wouldn’t be so deeply ingrained in the whole world and conferences on men’s issues wouldn’t be attacked and MRM wouldn’t be used as an insult.


    • Men and specifically patriarchy (where a man is considered as the guardian of a family) treat men as provider and protector. Indians never had any problem with that until feminists came forward to tell us patriarchy is oppressive so only women should have rights and men should be treated as second class citizens.


  2. Patriarchy translated into English means ‘men/fathers rule’. Even in families where the man earns and the woman does the house and kids men don’t tend to rule. I have seen that especially in these families the woman has the last word on all decissions. The word patriarchy is a distortion of history and of the way that male-female relationships work. In the old system women were dependant on the men’s wages, but likewise the men were dependent on the woman’s love and approval. There was interdependency and not one leading the other. If you say that the man was considered the guardian of the family. Again, this was a role that both partners were sharing, each in their sphere. The man was protecting the family from outside harm as well as bringing in money for the family to survive. However, if the woman did not do her bit to guard the inner structure of the family from falling apart the men could guard as much as he wanted from the outside. The family would still fall apart.


  3. Mr. Partha, all your points are absolutely correct except your last sentence to give advise these radical femists. Have you heard any feminists in the world ever accept or understand anything except their radical man hating views. It is their blood and butter to spread lies and inflated figure of crime against women so that they can get huge funds from various sources. Actually they are not fighting for the cause of women but their aim is divide and rule among genders for their existance. Thy are very happy if crime against women will increase. For e.g every year 100000 dowry cases filed through out india but if the law changed and misuers will start punished severly, 90 % of these cases will be reduced to become 10000 cases. Do you think feminist will happy. No….. if only 10000 dowry cases every year what validy for their stand… this is the reason they are dead against punishment clause and saying women will never misuse the law and every case filed is 100 % correct. So please refrain from the futail excercise to advise these radical feminists and women groups.


  4. I will say this article of yours is more balanced than the “Juvenile Rapist one”. Let us shun patriarchy and Feminism and be Humans First. Extreme Patriarchy and Feminism both are injurious to the society. Extremism is always bad. I, as a woman am dead against women reservation because I feel it deteriorates us. I am also not much in favour of media creating a spicy masala out of Crime Against women because it kind of trivializes this issue. The issue of mine workers are of as grave importance as women issues but then….See even you are writing against feminism. Why give importance to radical thoughts?? Women doing well in Glasglow games are never highlighted, never on the first page….funny. Indira Nooyi said “women can’t have it all.” I say “Humans can’t have it all” but saying this I think your campaign Men’s Right is as narrow minded as Feminism. Why can’t you use your resources for human cause. Like why the Juveniles are committing crimes? Juvenile Delinquency is on rise. The other day when i was a teacher A boy slashed the back of his best buddy (another boy) with blade, he slashed it so hard that it went through the blazer, sweater, shirt then skin, when asked the offender said “Just a joke?” Can you imagine the aggression. Another girl abused a teacher when caught doing inappropriate things…Great!!! You are writing something and just because you have the power use it in the most positive way. Patriarchy, Feminism are gone concepts. Have you ever thought why the general rise in crimes? Every child needs counseling.Correct your child at the slightest show of aggression. Do not give into your child’s every demand. Educate the not so fortunate ones. Rise up against quotas based on caste, gender and religion and support merit irrespective of your standing in the society. Once in a lone road with my husband i spotted three or four men on a bike drinking. i froze, my heart sank the first thought came to my mind was what if these are muggers. They will first harm my husband before touching me. I would not have been that scared if i was alone. A woman generally thinks about others before herself. people are good and bad irrespective of men or women. Please stop using slangs to justify your points, they take away the righteousness in your writing. Hate cannot be replaced with hate, hate can be removed by a deeper understanding. Respecting fellow human (men or women) is not a bad thing. Stop commenting “Stop hating men” to women it hurts you know, it really hurts. Why? because the best humans in my life are all men excepting my mother. I know section 498 is the most ill used. Real Dowry victims die before reaching police station. The law needs to be amended. But crime against woman and humanity does exist. I have faced some as a victim but never had the courage to speak up. Honest people are murdered every day. i have seen this. So we have graver problem than Men’s Right and Women’s right that is human rights. Stand for that. Collect as many people as you can. I shall be the first to join.


  5. DattaGhosh,
    Here Partha is speaking on the behalf of grave injustice being done to men. We are not asking reservation, biased laws towards men etc etc. We request biased authorities and twisted thinking feminists to understand grave situation they are throwing the present indian society into a wormhole where these kind of laws create more opportunities for crimes against humans and sustain them.
    There is one movie in telugu which came in 1993 with title “Jamba Lakadi Pamba ( which shows the repercussions of a feminist in order to control men in a humorous way.
    As you told, if we have to think only about humans, not just men, then there comes a situation where men become scarce commodity as no person was there standing for him.
    So there is grave problem than human rights in our indian society and that it is men’s rights.
    Hope you join first in this than later we thread the path along with you for human rights…



    • Krishna, First I said i do not stand for any reservation. Reservation comes where we distinguish. What are you first Human or Man? the Answer will always be humans. Religion divides and we kill, colour divides and we kill, Genders divide and we kill. In this way no one will be left. Your thought is as extremist as feminism and you are all against human rights? Sorry to say this. And i don’t and cannot technically support all that tells humanity is secondary. Vasudevaya Kutumbakam. I slowly realized how now we are segregating in genders, this segregation and hatred has dangerous consequence. But if you are saying Humanity is secondary to you please go ahead. BTW I am a Human born bearing the physical traits of a Homo Sapien Sapien Female


      • DattaGhosh,
        Nobody is saying we are not human first, Everybody believes in Vasudaika Kutumbam. Here you must understand the simple logic, for a soldier – our human world comes first during an alien invasion, country comes first during another country invasion / provocation, family comes first during a neighbourhood dispute.
        In the same way, we love other human beings / animals either male, female or other gender until they not trying to supress the other human being. We are not against females, our mother, our sisters, our daughters even not against any female who is not misusing these biased laws. We are only against those who purposefully misuse these laws, those who play role in formulating such gender based laws.

        And one more thing MrsDattaGhosh, don’t drag the cause of humanity into this picture…as every body is human first then the gender comes later. My straight question to you is…will you first pray for humanity lets say if you had a son / brother and your family implicated wrongly in 498A, DVA or will you try to change the biased laws???????????????

        I think you will get the answer…once again see the reality and please don’t go into humanity philosophy which is good for preaching but takes a back seat when practicing!!!



  6. Krishna Do you hate women? Read above I have written Section 498 a is grossly misused and the real victims die before going to the police in most of the cases. In the blog ” If women are traded for sex, men / boys are traded as bonded labourer. It is a human rights issue and not specifically a women’s rights issue.” these lines were used aren’t the humanitarian. Why are you people so hysterical. I addressed my post to Partha so, let Partha answer it. See Crimes are committed against men and women for a better society both the crimes need to be eradicated. I would have been badly affected if my father would have been killed by a hooligan and even if my mother was the victim I would have suffered the same.If humanity takes a back seat for you then let it be. I cannot live in hatred and same question what if the women in your family become the victim?? will you suspect them of falsely accusing the culprit. No, you won’t.


    • Datta – the way you know about 498a or dowry act misuse today, in 80’s this is the way a dowry hysteria was created to pass 498a. No one wanted to blv the misuse which is evident today. Similarly DV Act was passed and we know about the misuse. The same way today rape hysteria is created by Indian media. This is what feminists want – to create deep rooted gender war and most bloggers are promoting the same. We know about misuse of these laws as these cases come to us daily and it is only matter of time people like you too will understand the same…till then pray to god that it does not hit you or your son..

      Our point is not to think that every complaint is false, but the way the law gives encouragement and keeps no protection for any innocent to prove his innocence is outrageous. You will not understand this unless you see one Khurshid Anwar happening in your family. But that will be too late…


      • Well said Partha.
        Hope she understands that innocents of any gender have to be protected and we are also humanitarians who are trying to do their small part for both men and women (our mother, sister other women relatives) rights [who are wrongly being implicated by these biased laws even when they are innocents / victims].



    • Not every rape is Nirbhaya etc..So come out of your emotion. Law can’t be based on some extreme cases. Similarly one / two dowry death cases were projected by feminists to pass 498a and 304B. today we know how many were forced to commit suicide due to that. The rape hysteria is created by feminists, similarly there are many cruel deaths of men – not even reported by media..


  7. First of all,Nirbhaya is an extremeley rare case happened in an extremely rare circumstances with provocation of one party of the other and by committing a crime called public desiplay of emotion which in itself is an offence.Also it happened due to a systematic failure.It started as a completely non sexual physical assault and mainly and at the core the crime was of non sexual nature.Anything sexual is merely coincidental.Supreme court already killed some persons where the intensity of rape was too high.Also the particular offense on Nirbhaya is not a single offence but a collection of breakage of so many laws.The guilty would have been definitely hanged or incarcerated rigorousl\y for a loooooooooooong period and a hefty penalty in case she survived.But as she died it ammounted to bothe rape and murder.No need of law correction was needed


  8. What does that exactly mean? Rape cases happen with women and so do murder cases with men? You people take everything in a very wrong way. And that ‘carrying shit with yourself’ thing is totally illogical…you can control when u have to shit but u can not control when u menstruate. And yes, obviously, tampoons and sanitary pads have to be used for hygiene but this topic should be openly talked about everywhere to make people (women) aware of the disorders related to it. Well…u took every topic in all the possible wrong ways. And who said that no person ever stopped women from starting there own business and availing opportunities? Go around the country, the scanerio is far way different than you think. And yes many women have the facilities but when you step into a small town or a village maybe, you will observe the different rules for both the genders. You will observe the two different ways of treating HUMANS!


  9. I have one thing to say. One, you say it is scientifically proven the at men are more attracted to women for their physical beauty.. According to what? Where does that fact come from? Saying that all of one gender is the same in any way is just plain ignorant. What your more attracted to in a person has nothing to do with your gender but every thing to do with how you are as a person. Saying things like this make the entire male gender look like pigs. If I was a man I would be mad you said that all men are this way because I am sure that I would still not be a shallow ass hole weather or not I had a penis. All I can see in these articles are you saying ” feminists are ass holes, heres why” and then stating actions of a few deranged women. You are presenting your self in a way just as low and ignorant as a women so would say all men are the same. What needs to stop is people doing things like this, clumping all members of any group together to create stereotypes. What you are doing,and the statements you are making for the entire male gender and feminists group,are not things that are going to help any one move toward equality of the genders. Stereotyping any one is not going to result in equality. This should be common knowledge. Bottom line is not all men are ass holes, neither are all feminists, or all of any groups/cultures, their are just ass holes in every one. And you are obviously a prime example of this.


    • It was shown on Discovery. The scientists have carried out tests of physical attraction alone by making everything else as neutral (dress neutral like that of a patient monocolor, surrounding neutral etc.) and then asked 10 pairs to choose their partners. There was another test brain scans were used to flash their partner’s photo and observe the activities in brain. Having said that – it is not only the physical beauty that is the sole factor. But it is predominant one. and that does not make men as pigs. Physical attraction is not a sign of pigs but for a retarded mind like yours it can be.

      Regarding the last ‘Asshole’ part which was not there in my article. Looks like I was convincing enough to debunk feminist theories that you had to conclude that way about yourself and write those things that I have never written. I will take that as a compliment for my article.


    • Let me also explain why we look for partners who are physically “goodlooking”. “Goodlooking” – has different connotations in gender perspective. But we look for those good looks because we want to pass on best possible genes to our future generation, that is why we look for those good looking mates. So feminists can feel proud of loving their fat bodies, unshaven underarms or whatever when it comes to choosing our partner we always want to go by the natural instincts.


  10. I agree with you.but I m a girl and I don’t like shaving my body hair and I think that should be acceptable .but I am an anti feminist because feminism works on d principle of scaring women and making them feel they are victim s of d society . but as a girl I have many previlages which guys do not have.but again d only thing that I disagree with is shaving body hair but this convention should be changed with peace and not by gender war.


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