This Is What Every HangRapist Campaigner Needs To Know


This is dedicated to all those who say #HangRapists without knowing or understanding the implications to their own self or to the future generation. These people definitely do not know that what the new rape law (Nirbhaya Act) is, they don’t know how these crimes are proved and how criminal justice system works and they definitely did not take any lesson from Tarun Tejpal or Justice Ganguly cases. These people have no knowledge about the serious implications of the Nirbhaya Act but still, give their moronic views about hanging someone.

Recently these people have gone one step further to demand the death penalty for the rape accused if they are found guilty. This is not only a shame for India but for them too. But before we understand why this is a shame, let’s look at the Nirbhaya Act for Sexual Assault that these morons never bothered to check.

First of all, what these people (most of whom are men) do not understand is that any woman can tell lies anytime. Many times women tell lies about rape to marry the boy of their choice, to extort money from a man and for many other reasons (see such cases here).

According to principles of natural justice, any accused should be considered innocent until proven guilty but in Indian rape law with the burden of proof of innocence lies on the accused. So any accused is considered as a criminal until he proves himself innocent. But to worsen it all India has worst of media trial and street trial to influence the judiciary. So now it is natural that even the judge will be influenced by these street shows and will proclaim him guilty as fast as possible.

In the Nirbhaya Act, the definition of rape includes ‘penetration’ by any object to any ‘extent’ even a few millimetres. Coupled with this there is no end date of raising a complaint. So the victim can raise such a complaint even after months or years of the incident and this leaves a serious concern to disprove any forceful action even be detected by forensic experts.

Also with ‘lack of physical resistance’ being immaterial to prove innocence, this will not be useful to tell consensual sex from rape.

When there is no sign of molestation or rape the victim swears in the court about the incident and the accused is punished as the law says that the court will have to assume that “No woman will ever tell lie under oath, in matters pertaining to sex”.  A huge nail in the head of those morons who demand the Death Penalty for juveniles accused in rape.

The new law further says that ‘Past sexual behaviour of the victim is irrelevant in these matters” so any woman who has filed multiple such cases in the past and came to the same court and tried by the same prosecution will never be punished no matter what she would have done earlier.

Another nail on their head is the last line of information about this law – “advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures” is also dangerous to her liberty and can send a man to jail. This makes even a verbal discussion of sex is also considered as rape. What these morons don’t understand is that even if the woman asks for sex and the man has sex he can still be booked for rape.

There is enough of moronic views we have seen in India recently, but hanging the juvenile rapist when the rape law is like this is not only outrageous but highly venomous to all boys in India. Coupled with this our sexual age of consent is now lowered to 16 by WCD ministry thus making all those underage boys be clearly vulnerable to the rape law and possible execution simply based on someone’s verbal statement.

This clearly shows the level of misandry Indian men have against themselves. I want all these morons to experience their own medicine and get a false rape case each. I want these people who demand #HangTheRapists even if they are juveniles to be hanged first or see their own sons or brothers die in a false accusation or become criminals due to one false accusation. Because not only these fools don’t understand our laws, they don’t understand the basic thing that crime does not have any gender. They are the idiots who create their own grave.

I hope all Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) in India will take note of all such male haters and identify them for good. So that when these morons come to the MRM for any help for any false case they can be kicked in the butt royally. Because these morons have created their own grave, let them experience the same.  Let them know that when the accused is someone like Rahul Gandhi, Tarun Tejpal or Justice Ganguly they will still be able to generate some support from the processes in many ways, but when a normal peace-loving, law-abiding civilian like them is accused then the whole society, their own feminist friends will kick them. Now they have added MRM too in this list. Each of these uneducated people only deserves to taste their own medicine rather than any sympathy from anyone.


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  1. IPC 354 Criminalize even staring a women as Rape.
    What law wants is Just complaint of Women…
    Every MAN is Likely to be jailed.


    • Typical feminist comment without any logic or reasoning. I can understand where the level of respect for men has gone. You need help not me, it is just a matter of time..we are already getting many such cases if you are not aware..please study what is happening around


    • This you have to tell your sister hood who treat man as born criminals. Put behind every radical feminists in the mental assylum who accuse all man are rapists and criminals and all women are victims and mother teresa.


  2. First things first, There is a woman raped every two minutes her. second death penalty in India is given to in the rarest of rare crime. Like insertion of a rod in the vagina and yanking out the internal organs, is this an act of an human? You need proof? the girl’s intestine was all out just 2 cm of it was in. the thing who did that is incidentally 16 years old.The girl died,going through all these pain. Many women die and these women have a family and they get destroyed.Capital punishment is not the solution agreed so, replace it with a life term punishment.How will you feel if somebody acousts you abuses you treats you like a piece of flesh just because you were born in a particular gender? I ask you a question How will you feel If someone from your family is the victim? will you feel the same that you have written that she is lying? Do you have any idea about the insults a woman has to face if the society knows if she was raped?Will someone rape in the public? No. Do you know how painful the two finger test is? Aren’t people falsely convicted of murder? So, will we abolish laws against homicide?


    • Women raped every two minutes – how do you know that? I am interested.

      Death penalty – You are probably not aware of the campaign that says “Death penalty for juvenile rapists” is on Indiblogger. please check. Also this post is for that.

      Don’t talk about Delhi case alone – Not all rapes are like Delhi. Also we only know what media said. Media does not say the truth always. Here we are talking about any rape and NOT Delhi please have your facts straight.

      Who told you that 16 yr old did that – Do you know it was later proved that the 16 yr old was not most violent. But you did not see that news as it was covered in a very small way. The way to evade everyone’s eyes..

      Many women die, have families – Do you know 75% rape cases turn out to be false. Are those families not family? Also in how many rape do the victim die or even have any impact as their identity is always hidden but you bloggers are running a campaign for death penalty of rapists if proven without knowing how these cases are proven. Do you know what happens to false rape accused? Why should they get cruel treatment because they are men? Now with this kind of draconian provisions every rape will be proved right only based on girls statements. …and you bloggers want death penalty of someone based on verbal statement. Shame. get ready it is soon coming to your home and family..don’t scream then because you have denied justice to yourself

      Where is treatment of a piece of flesh etc you mentioned? But does that mean a serious allegation like this should be punished based on someone’s statement and no evidence. If you did not understand why I said read this article to understand how the law have become now and how the punishment is decided now. Again NOT every rape is like Delhi one. So don’t confuse yourself.

      Someone from my family is victim – This is the same victim mentality that feminists have always projected to keep everyone scared. Murder is also illegal for thousands of years. Do you see that coming down? Do you see criminals stopping murder? Please don’t create or add to rape hysteria, if someone is a real victim there needs to be fair process of justice. NO ONE is saying that consider every rape as false case, but if you read my article you will know how these cases are proven now. There is no amount of defense the accused has..DO YOU Understand that??

      Insult by society to women victims – How funny? Please stop your bullshit. No one reveals their name and hence if that is revealed that is an offence. So this is completely false information that you have or trying to propagate. Instead any falsely accused name becomes instant headline on media and they and their family lose everything instantly. So STOP spreading falsehood.

      False accusation – No people can’t be falsely convicted of murder. there can;t be a murder case without a dead body. But there can be a rape case without a rape. Your comment only shows you have commented based on emotion and NO logic. You spoke about two finger test, isn’t Colonoscopy painful? Don;t we do that when needed? Isn;t death penalty more painful that all of you bloggers are asking?

      lastly – None of you bloggers who are writing popular blogs have any idea about laws and criminal justice system. You have never read or understood theories of feminism or seen global or national rape statistics. None of you know how the false rape cases are being filed today but giving expert opinion. This is shameful. You are denying justice to yourself, to your sons, don;t be surprised to see a horrible India tomorrow because of your will affect all of you soon unless this law and situation is changed..


    • SIr, please check NCRB data and other related statistics! Today the law is like, no one knows when he can be implicated in 354/376 etc. Before you are given opportunity of being heard, you realize that you have already been screwed hell and back in jail for a year 🙂


  3. India is Third in Rape cases worldwide. A number of Rape cases go unregistered due to the shame involved in it. So, even if its not every two minutes its a bad thing, a dangerous thing happening. I never supported Death penalty I told you Death penalty is not given for all the crimes only the rarest of rare category, I do not support capital punishment it should be “In Jail till you die” “the Nithari Case”, “The Hetal mehta case”, “The Kamduni case”,”The Park Street Case”, “The Priyadarshini Mattoo Case”, “The Badaun Case” “The Bangalore Child Rape case” etc etc etc. do you need more examples quote the statistics that 75% cases are false, A negligible amount of woman can fake rape. Most of the rape cases are not even convicted. Not all cases are Delhi rape case? Hello!! rape is a brutal act. in itself. “the 16 year old was not as violent” well why was he even there why did it even take place? You used the word “Bull Shit” in another comment in another blog you used the word F****ng” You start your blog with Morons wow I am really scared. The press doesn’t publish the names of the women to protect their dignity but they have to face neighbours court police Isn’t that a trauma enough, Endoscopy is equal to two finger test? Whoa!! FYI in rape the vagina is injured bruised and then its like insult to injury. Do you know even men can be raped? Why are you so full of hate towards women? Get well soon friend. I pray for you


    • That is filed cases 75% of which turn out to be false later. Again, the definition of rape is very important. Terming every sexual encounter as rape will not make this society any better place to live. Also do you know in terms of per-capita rape India is 46th? Again get your argument my article (Rape! Its my fault to understand). This post is for those who is asking death penalty for rape, hence you needn’t have to react if you are not asking for it. You have given some examples, does that mean false cases cease to exist now? what the hell? Keep your data straight. Check NCRB data and then talk. Well now rape conviction is set to increase as all defense is taken away from men.

      75% false cases is a negligible amount to you? Do you even know basic maths? Do you know many high courts and even recently Supreme court has expressed concern about false cases? Don’t burn the society because of your ignorance. Rape cases are always not convicted. NO court will ever say it is false case, always it will say “Prosecution could not prove the case” it is same for all cases..To understand this you need to see some of these false rape cases and how the acquittal happened. Then you will know. Please give your expert opinion after that. Do you know how pathetic it becomes for the men accused in false cases? Do you even have any idea how this is changing the social scenario.

      You were scared with my language. Did you see the language that was used to describe men after Delhi rape. Were you enraged after that? NO..rather you were also involved in male bashing the reason is male hatred is so deep rooted in your mind.

      Victim has to face neighbor’s court – how funny. How do the neighbor’s know? May be the victim say? Because these are not supposed to be shared right? If neighbor’s know that means someone has said the name. Don’t you think they need to be punished.

      Again, not every rape is like Delhi..I told this many times, telling again. Do you know many live-in relations are termed as rape? you don;t know, may be you don;t care about false cases because it is the life of men that is in danger. You please get well soon and yes stop hating men..this will create a very bad future for you.

      Lastly do you know about recent WomenAgainstFeminism movement? You don;t know. Read about it. You will know a lot. Don’t be in myopic vision about rape. terming every sexual encounter as rape is surely not going to help anyone..


    • Shame on you Mr. India is 3rd in rape statistics and do you have any idea of population of india. It is 1.25 Billion (125 crores). How can you compare india with other countries where most of the countries population is below 5 crores. Take the percentage of of rape cases and it will be .001 do you understant fool. To give justice to women do you want all man should be punished. Do you think all man are criminals and all women are sati savitri. What about false promise of marriage is rape against man and it constitute 50 % of all rape cases. Do you know? Todays empowered women have many sexual partners ( recent study in 4 metros says 80 % of girls are active with atleast 2-3 partners) will sleep with any number of man and use and throw him without any punishment and the same crime is rape against man. a man love a women or sex with her he has to marry her otherwise she can trap him under rape. 50 % of all rape cases are come under this catogery. Do you think womens vagina is priceless and mans organ is so cheap. Do you think all man are violent and all women are innocent ? 90 % of dowry cases are false because there is no punishment for women as indian women can misuse any law without any punishment. Sorry you won’t understand, fools like you will understand when you will be traped under draconian law. I pray to god soon that day will come to your life so that you can understand the real pain of innocent man.


  4. Oh please!!!!! I am not a male basher!!!! How can I be I have my father my brother my husband and my Best friends as men. (Yes I am married). How do neighbours know? well very simple Injured woman+police coming and going to your house+ambulance and press the neighbours see this. You sure hate women. You are trivializing rape. aren’t men falsely convicted of murders that doesn’t bother you?The definition of rape is penile innsertion of Vagina as of now. That’s why sodomy on men is not counted as rape. Give the data which shows 75% of rape cases are fake. Rape is an act of violence and not a sexual intercourse. Even if you are not a Feminist at least acknowledge it as a crime. Yes I know Maths.


    • You have no clue on definition of rape. Please read the law and Don;t comment without knowledge. Even earlier it was never penile insertion. Please don’t be in fools paradise. If you love men then all the best, see how they can be ruined by false cases. Also Please read about Khurshid Anwar and Tarun Tejpal the biggest feminists. I don;t know if they were real rapists but one has committed suicide after allegation. Do you know what you will do when that happens to one of your male relative? I mean FALSE case not genuine case. Don;t blame anyone else but yourself for their plight then. Regarding false cases pls check NCRB data. You do not know many things including that Live-in relations can also be termed as rape and there are many cases like that. To check such cases read my article – Rape! It’s my fault.

      You will need to have more study and knowledge before you can comment. “Rape is an act of violence” it is your definition not the legal one. PLease first read the law then comment. First READ…read the crime stats, read judgments, read law commission reports…don’t base your opinion on media reports, those are only FIRs..not proven cases..Also I am surprised to see that you don;t know recent SC judgment on law misuse too. Shame that you are still giving expert opinion.


  5. I am still waiting for the stats of “75% rape are false allegation” Give this to convince when your relative gets raped

    In recent decades, before February 3 2013, the Indian penal code defined rape under Article 375 as:[18]

    §375. Rape. A man is said to commit "rape" who, except case hereinafter excepted, has sexual intercourse with a woman circumstances falling under any of the six following descriptions:-
    First. –– Against her will.
    Secondly. –– Without her consent.
    Thirdly. –– With her consent, when her consent has been obtained by putting her or any person in whom she is interested in the under in fear of death or of hurt.
    Fourthly. –– With her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband, and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is or believes herself to be lawfully married.
    Fifthly. –– With her consent, when, at the time of giving such consent, by reason of unsoundness of mind or intoxication or the administration by him personally or through another of any stupefying or unwholesome substance, she is unable to understand the nature and consequences of that to which she gives consent.
    Sixthly. –– With or without her consent, when she is under sixteen years of age.
    Explanation. –– Penetration is sufficient to constitute the sexual intercourse necessary to the offence of rape.
    Exception. –– Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape.

    The above definition excluded marital rape, same sex crimes and considered all sex with a minor below the age of 16 as rape. Effective February 3 2013, the definition was expanded to include same sex crimes and raised the age of consent to age 18. Rape is now included as a crime of sexual assault, which is currently defined for the purposes of Indian penal code as:[9]

    §375. A person is said to commit “sexual assault” if that person – (a) penetrates his penis, to any extent, into the vagina, mouth urethra or anus of another person or makes the person to do so with him or any other person; or (b) inserts, to any extent, any object or a part of the body, not being the penis, into the vagina, the urethra or anus of another person or makes the person to do so with him or any other person; or (c) manipulates any part of the body of another person so as to cause penetration into the vagina, urethra, anus or any part of body of such person or makes the person to do so with him or any other person; or (d) applies his mouth to the penis, vagina, anus, urethra of another person or makes such person to do so with him or any other person; (e) touches the vagina, penis, anus or breast of the person or makes the person touch the vagina, penis, anus or breast of that person or any other person, except where such penetration or touching is carried out for proper hygienic or medical purposes under the circumstances falling under any of the following seven descriptions:––
    First.–– Against the other person’s will.
    Secondly. –– Without the other person’s consent.
    Thirdly. –– With the other person’s consent when such consent has been obtained by putting such other person or any person in whom such other person is interested, in fear of death or of hurt.
    Fourthly. –– When the person assaulted is a female, with her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is or believes to be lawfully married.
    Fifthly.–– With the consent of the other person when, at the time of giving such consent, by reason of unsoundness of mind or intoxication or the administration by that person personally or through another of any stupefying or unwholesome substance, the other person is unable to understand the nature and consequences of that action to which such other person gives consent.
    Sixthly. –– With or without the other person’s consent, when such other person is under eighteen years of age.
    Seventhly. –– When the person is unable to communicate consent.
    Explanation 1.–– Penetration to any extent is “penetration” for the purposes of this section.
    Explanation 2.–– For the purposes of this section, “vagina” shall also include labia majora.
    Explanation 3.–– Consent means an unequivocal voluntary agreement when the person by words, gestures or any form of non-verbal communication, communicates willingness to participate in the specific act: provided that, a person who does not physically resist to the act of penetration shall not by the reason only of that fact, be regarded as consenting to the sexual activity.
    Exception.–– Sexual intercourse or sexual acts by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under sixteen years of age, is not sexual assault.

    Even after the 2013 reform, marital rape is not a crime in India. However, it is considered a form of prosecutable domestic violence under different sections of Indian penal code, such as Section 498(A) as well as the Articles of Domestic Violence Act, 2005.[19] Source WIKIPEDIA


  6. Your Favorite NCRB Data According to National Crime Records Bureau of India, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012, while the 5 year average over 2007-2011 was 22,000 rapes a year.[3] Adjusted for population growth over time, the annual rape rate in India has increased from 1.9 to 2.0 per 100,000 people over 2008-2012 period. This compares to a reported rape rate of 1.2 per 100,000 in Japan, 3.6 per 100,000 in Morocco, 4.6 rapes per 100,000 in Bahrain, 12.3 per 100,000 in Mexico, 24.1 per 100,000 in United Kingdom, 28.6 per 100,000 in United States, 66.5 per 100,000 in Sweden, and world’s highest rate of 114.9 rapes per 100,000 in South Africa.[21][13]

    Total reported number of rape crimes in 2012 were highest in Madhya Pradesh, followed by Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.[3] Among major cities, Delhi reported the highest number of rapes in 2012, followed by Mumbai.

    Adjusted for population, the rape rate per 100,000 people was highest in Mizoram (10.4), followed by Tripura, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Assam. Among major cities, Delhi’s rape rate of 4.1 per 100,000 people was highest in India.[3] The rape rate per 100,000 people was lowest in Gujarat (0.98), followed by Bihar, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

    The highest number of victims, and majority of victims, were in the 18-30 year age group.[3] Overall 96% of the rape cases led to charges and the offender being prosecuted.[22] However, Indian courts completed the trial process of an estimated of 14,717 rape cases in 2012, while many cases remained pending in its trial process.


    • So ..what did you want to mean by this? Does that disprove any of my previous theories. Check the incident filed and convicted cases. You will get 75% acquittal. Also when you check global per-capita rape India come to 46th place. Please don’t create a rape hysteria in India..Already many women worldwide have seen the implications of creating gender hatred and hence they have come out under #WomenAgainstFeminism. See that campaign. These feminism theories will ruin you for good. Simply because rape existed that does not mean we need to create Nirbhaya act that denies justice to the accused. That punishes based on Verbal statement because we have seen a lot of lies in courts…yes even in rape cases. Women lie a lot about rapes..Lastly, the number of filed cases does not mean anything..anyone can file rape case on free will. Don;t blv me..well do you know about dowry act misuse? Even when dowry law came in force dowry cases were projected like this. So don;t be under false impression regarding rape..and create hysteria..because if you do so you will only jeopardize your own future..


    • Please put number of convicted and acquitted cases also here! As per law everyone is innocent unless proven guilty!

      With this legal criteria, more than 75% reported cases end up as acquittal! Increase in the number of reported cases is because this 376, money making industry is picking up!
      How many rapes have you committed Sir? None? Does it mean that can’t be implicated in a case?

      Mrs. Ranjana Kumari also said something similar to you that most of the cases go unreported, what is Woman’s Welfare Ministry and NCW doing of the thousands of crores allocated to them i the name of womans’ safety and empowerment!

      They self admittedly fail to bring out cases as which they claim and ‘unreported’ and push false cases which after trial end up in acquittal!

      This is simple money making industry Sir!


    • you please stop hating men, this is soon coming to your house..remember this. Yes even a false case can ruin the men around you. Today many feminists who promoted dowry or DV act earlier come to us. I myself promoted the DV Act without realizing that it was one sided and women too can be cruel. Today we find men burnt alive but no media reports that. The terrible world that your bloggers are creating is so much one sided that crime against men is not even a reportable crime in India. That is what I told BBC too in my recent interview with them. Stop this else you will see your own family getting ruined..


      • Who told you I hate men? Its you filled with so much of hate for the women. Crimes if any if proven should be punished. And the need of the hour is laws in accordance with the times. As a Feminist I ask for half the sky and half the earth. Is it too much to ask for??


    • If all the feminists, politicians and judiciary is against man and treated him as born criminals and no justice for him, why should we man think about others? Man come out of women the same way women born with the help of man. Who told them to bring us this pathetic world? Do you think they did any great thing to bring in this world? Open the eyes and see around, you can see 70 % of people living in pathetic condition and they are here because they are already born. They bring the man in the world because to fulfil their maternal instincts and selfish motives and nothing else. If the life is so interesting why millions of man suiciding every year? If radical femnists and politicians can treat man as criminals we have every right to hate the women group and radical feminists. The war is started by feminists and ruling class for their ulterior motives and we are just defending our democratic rights. do you understand?


  7. Partha, If I am right this take is on #HangTheRapists..I read your post many times but it doesnt make any sense at all…You are speaking about woman may lie about rape for benifits, no doubt there are such woman aswell. But here the topic is about punishment for Rapist.But you have gone to the extreme of proving men dont rape at all and all woman lie and many other gibberish talks…
    I appreciate for standing for your own gender,but your approach on expressing views are more like anti-woman….To stand for what is right you dont need to develop a hatrednes for another gender….
    If he is a rapist-he should be punished…


    • I never proved men don;t rape. But the Nirbhaya Act makes any and every man a rapist based on a woman’s statement. Please see the explanation. If he is rapist – What is the way to find that? Simply based on a woman’s complaint? That is the point explained. Looks like you have never read it well..or understood it


    • “If he is a rapist-he should be punished”, absolutely right! But should be punished when it is proved that he is rapist, not just because some FIR has been filed against him…

      Acquittal in 354/376 is more than 75% as per NCRB data only!

      But all those acquitted were also in jail for months/years, many faced full trial from jail itself. Isn’t this injustice!

      The BIG question here comes for the quality of investigation done also!!!!


    • “If he is a rapist he shoujld be punished ” Same way if she misuse the law same punishment has to given to her. 50 % of all rapes come under false promise of marriage but why the same law is not applicable for women. Women can sleep with any number of man and throw him later and if a man broke his relationship it will be rape. Why the same law is not applicable to women? Do you think your gender is much more valuable than man? Also hatredness for another gender. This started you radical feminists. Whenever a law is drafted say rape, SHW, D.V, IPC 125, Property right , women groups will shout exclude man from the every law and make exclusively for women’s right and take the word of women as gospel truth and punish man without any proof. Where were you all these biased laws drafted? What right you have to advise us gender hatrednes . Women group and radical feminists can treat all man are rapists are born criminals we don’t have any right to defend it. Give all your bloody advise to radical feminists and sister hood and greedy politician and tell them to treat both gender equal.


    • You can afford to sleep only until someone in your house gets such a case. Do you know how an extreme outrage was created to pass 498a act? the same thing happened on rape..and now just wait for turn of your family..all the best. sleep until you can


  8. any law that provides for someone to be arrested and incarcerated just on the basis of a complaint is bound to be misused…be it rape law or 498a, especially when there is no price to pay for filing a false case. We don’t want to do the hard leg work in police investigation, medical exam, prosecution, etc. So, we choose the most convenient and the worst thing to do, keep legislating like there is no tomorrow and load up the system against men and claim that the rape law is a big deterrent now. For every 1 person who is getting deterred by these draconian laws, there are 10 instances of abuse of law to settle personal scores or extortion (either a forced marriage or money).


  9. How about hanging the one who has made false allegations. Of course this should be done once the allegation has been proved to be wrong beyond reasonable doubt. Would ‘politically correct’ law makers and general masses be interested in adding this clause? It is equally inhuman to label an innocent man a rapist when he has not done that crime. One knows the pain of false allegations when one has gone through it. Gender neutrality is need of the hour. Lets use our heads and not simply flow in the feminist hyped stream of extreme punishments. Nobody has ever dared to ask for extreme punishments for women who harass men and their families until they commit suicides out of desperation? Lets end this gender bias in society. If not we are doomed to fail to thrive.


  10. One day when these guys are falsely accused only then they will realise. Till that time these guys will be ‘saviours’ of the ever suffering indian womanhood and mouth politically correct statements. We cannot redeem such people.


    • The main weapon of women globally is this victimhood. That is why feminists have been successful for so many years. But the WomenAgainstFeminism Movement shows women are not at all ready to agree belv that they are oppressed.


  11. Since you left a (ridiculously insensitive and ill-informed) comment on my blog, and since I had questions for you that you have so cautiously evaded answering, I thought I would bring them to you.

    1. Where are you getting your statistics from?

    2. What according to you is a higher price to pay? An innocent-for-sure two year old child being raped and murdered OR a maybe-innocent-but-possibly-guilty adult being hanged after a fair trial?

    3. Do you disagree with capital punishment for murder? We have laws that allow murderers to be hanged, and the same possibilities of the person being falsely framed apply here.


    • This shows you have no idea about what you are saying. Capital punishment is banned as per Geneva convention. Worldwide all civilized nations have banned it. Your uninformed emotional outburst has nothing to do with legal system. Even after Delhi rape when the whole nation was hypnotized under capital punishment we have protested. Later feminist leaders also agreed capital punishment is not warranted. (Check my blogs on Tarun Tejpal for all links).

      I understand you have no idea so I am just saying not every rape is child rape, and not every crime the way it is reported in media. Media is creating rape hysteria in India which an emotional country like this buys in.

      No in a murder case no one can be falsely accused and hanged. There is a difference in criminal procedure. For that you need to read the criminal procedure. The mail problem with Nirbhaya Act (or any other women related crime ) is a woman’s testimony under oath is given more weight in absence of any evidence. This testimony can be false anytime. Outrageous enough to hang someone?


  12. You answered none of my questions and went on to assume that I am ill-informed. Nicely done. What are you, a lawyer?

    Bu I’m still curious, so I’ll ask again. This time please remove your head from the clouds and answer my questions, please.

    1. Where are you getting your statistics from?

    2. What according to you is a higher price to pay? An innocent-for-sure two year old child being raped and murdered OR a maybe-innocent-but-possibly-guilty adult being hanged after a fair trial?

    3. Do you disagree with capital punishment for murder? We (and by we I mean people in the world because rape is not an India-only phenomenon) have laws that allow murderers to be hanged, and the same possibilities of the person being falsely framed apply here.


      1. I am not a lawyer but deal with these cases so I know these. These are from NCRB. Google it you will also know.
      2. Capital punishment is banned worldover. So no need to discuss emotional things of two yr being raped etc.simply because media makes these things BIG…Also do you think I am supporting rape (as you know the conventional definition of)? lol..pls I am a human being first and then a human rights activist..Rape is not any more what you think. It is much more

      3. EVen for murder we do not have capital punishment. It is only on rarest of rare Nirbhaya (if whatever reported in Media is correct)

      fyi..I know u didn;t understand my post where it says age of consent is lowered to 16. Its impact is – when two sixteen yr old has consensual sex, the girl can file rape case afterwards and the guy will be hanged going by your way of punishing…check the stats…mostly consensual sex on the premise of marriage is reported as according to you all such guys will be hanged..outrageous enough?


      • So you’re NOT a lawyer and your opinions are just that – your opinions. That part I understood very clearly.

        That explains a lot.

        Btw, as per your rationale, we should have no laws in the country – because let’s face it, anyone can be falsely accused and punished for something they didn’t do. Go figure.

        And like I said before, no, not outrageous at all. Collateral damage. That’s all there is to it.


      • I don’t think anyone wants fake cases OR fake woman empowerment, for that matter, and I don’t need to click a link to see that.

        ALL laws can be misused. This fact does not change. My point, very simply, is that I’m ok with the collateral damage. If you’re not, too bad. This doesn’t have to be a my-opinion-is-better-than-yours war that Partha seems to think it is.

        I’m not a lawyer, he’s not a lawyer. Both of us have our own opinions and that’s that. We may agree on some points and disagree on others which is perfectly fine with me.


  13. wait for see your turn coming soon. The way 498a was drafted to ruin families the same way rape law is going to do collateral damage. and NOT any law can be misused. Because rape can be filed simply based on a verbal statement but not murder…if you had some basic brains you would have known don;t need to be a lawyer for that..


  14. You know what they say, with age comes wisdom!:)
    Unfortunately for you, age showed up all by itself and left you incapable of having a discussion without namecalling. Sorry to disappoint, I do have the basic brains to figure THAT out.

    You know what they say about wrestling in the mud with a pig. This conversation is much like that, so I quit. You can take your opinion and shove it.

    Did I hurt your birdbrained ago? Sue me.
    Oh wait. you’re not a lawyer!


    • Did you notice that your age and pig comments go so well with you? You have really not shown any wisdom so far and proved me wrong by explaining law and criminal procedure to show how murder can be filed like rape on verbal statement. And Pig yourself showed that nature..

      Your comment is completely illogical with no proper reasoning given. Completely emotional and devoid of any value. If you say you have brain to understand that rape can be filed simply based on verbal evidence then why are you asking death penalty? Isn’t it too harsh? You said murder can be filed just like rape, I proved that it can;t be filed like rape, you didn;t give any justification how a murder can be filed on verbal evidence…waiting for your brainy answer..


      • Partha stop trying to convince radical feminists .They dont give a shit about mans life neither do they value it.They would immediately use shaming tactics and insult you.They dont come to your blog to get informed.They come here to dilute the awareness that you guys are trying to create.There is a saying that people stuck up with blind beliefs until they get consumed by it completely. According to them a man is a criminal right from the time he takes his first breath in his mother’s womb.They may even make male foeticide legal.So stop using logic with these .


  15. nah,i did.there needs to be a proper investigation after each complain i guess.
    sexual assaults towards women is a big problem in india at the needs to be solved.


    • The life of a human is more valuable than any one thing in this world.If there needs to be a death penalty ,it must be implemented first to lot of other crimes which are more gruesome and ghastly in nature.The fact of the matter is as soon as the people realize that there is a stranglehold of eminism over every constitutional body in this country ,the more we may expect to hear saner comments.


  16. Are you even serious? Rape is rape irrespective of who does it on whom and when and at what age…Grow up and inform yourself about the laws and definition of ‘rape’
    You call yourself a HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST… HA!


  17. Get a prenuptial agreement before marriage(In laws property cannot be claimed)
    Get a legal agreement that no dowry was given at the time of marriage.
    Maintain separate accounts.
    Most of the time, these false cases are filed for money.

    Living together before marriage isn’t safe for a man or a woman.
    Women can file false rape cases on men.
    Man can record videos and blackmail the woman.
    Don’t get too close to anyone until you know them real well.


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