Why India Needs Feminism Bullshit?

Recently I came to know about this campaign to show us why India needs feminism. …


–          So that we can kill men as the 2011 census shows that % increase in the number of women is 18.33% and that for men is 17.69%. Also, the number of women in 60 yrs+ category is more compared to the number of men. (http://wp.me/p2QDMq-mx)

–          So women are given free lunch and the problem of feminists like Kalki seems to be the low percentage of women (:O) not working. Today it is the woman’s choice to decide whether she will work or not. The only reason she may be unhappy is that she wants all 100% of women to be given free lunch. Indian patriarchy is really SO bad that it is providing free lunch only to 71% women.

–          Illiteracy – a problem in the third world countries deep-rooted in the country’s economy. Already the % increase in female literacy is more than that of men but it is still low due to many factors. But now the feminists want to make more boys illiterate so that they can make them #RejectedMaal and give free education to women. Since fewer women are literate today, feminists want to reverse the situation but they will still claim free lunch (alimony/maintenance) from those illiterate boys.

–          The killing of baby girls is not supported by any stats. There is no direct proof of that. If it is considered true then it is a great failure of NCW and WCD and hence these institutions need to be closed immediately because they have miserably failed in their duty while continuing to take money from majority male taxpayers. If this is false then anyone projecting this need to be sent to jail for spreading lies and creating a bad impression about the country she is living in.

–          That is the number of filed cases. Not necessarily true. Also no statistics for men raped by women. Feminists now want to ensure that more men are raped and more women are projected as victims while the rape politics continue and more outrageous laws like the latest rape law can be made to permanently convert India into a rape capital of the world.


–          Yes. But it is the feminists who promote slutwalk and want nude protests on the streets. If you are not Munni, Sheila or whatever then your conduct should prove that. Oh, I forgot, feminists don’t want to take any responsibility. They show good women like our mothers (who have always taken care of their families and taken responsibilities) to demand all facilities for the women who do not want to take any responsibility for their conduct simply because their genders match.


–          So he wants to enslave only men. He may be okay but other men are not.

–          Lol..it is only feminists tell us what we need to do. Haven’t you heard or seen the BIG and BOLD “Respect Women” campaign by feminists. Or those “Real Men Don’t Rape” campaigns?


–          Lol. In fact, feminists say a veil is a form of patriarchal oppression. Looks like you are promoting patriarchal values sister. Your message is actually to feminists not to think that the veil is a patriarchal system rather it is a necessity sometimes.


–          Hope you have climbed the ladder based on your talent and not on the reservation. Hope you are fit for your role and not a burden on society. Also, hope that in getting to that promotion you have not blackmailed someone.


–          Do you agree that you need to have decency in whatever you are wearing? Do you agree that bikini, tank tops or halter tops are not for all places? Feminists may disagree but we men too do not consider going semi-nude in public as our right.


–          ..and can shamelessly ask alimony as right. WOW..we see how empowered you are. Tell me what is your contribution in any marriage? Tell me one, just one for not doing that you may be sent to jail or fined heavily.


–          So that no one knows that 41.77 million men went missing in the last ten years and no one is even bothered. (http://wp.me/p2QDMq-mx) and feminists can kill more. Already census information tells us that the number of men is much less in > 60 yrs category.


Anything for self-promotion of her website (lol). The message is self-explanatory. Feminists want to boss around everyone.


–          Yes. But do you want to prove boys as a liability now? At least after the #RejectedMaal comment, many think so (http://wp.me/p2QDMq-Jq)


–          Yes. But did you see his complete speech before concluding or you are just believing what media told you? Read this – http://wp.me/p2QDMq-DV


–          Yes. But patriarchy still considers rape as a serious crime and does not punish any false complainant who wants to gain popularity by filing rape cases. Don’t know? Read this – http://wp.me/p2QDMq-qz


–          Yes. But in spite of being only half the reason that brings life to this world feminists want the mother to be the first guardian when father pays alimony and also want to deprive the father of meeting his own children after divorce.


–          This is said when women have 49 laws to protect them and even on filing such complaints using these gender-biased sections they are not punished. When they are provided with a national commission, a ministry, Mahila thanas, reservation and innumerable other benefits simply for being women. Well, the only way seems to be keeping women alone, completely alone so that they can grow.


–          Is it bad to be safe? Oops, I thought it is the protector nature of men towards women that cautions them to be safe. Well, feminists want men not to be the protectors anymore. Dear men, first protect yourselves then think of the safety of women.


–          Do you think feminists will stop rape? Well, read what Tarun Tejpal did. He was a staunch feminist. The way rape is being promoted by feminists to keep the fear of everyone it has become a great business in India. Feminism will only increase rape.


–          True. But which half is living in fear now? You think women? Well now think what you will do if you get a false rape case against you by a vindictive woman. Just have some more knowledge to understand which half is, in fact, living in fear in modern India under the patriarchal system. Now imagine what you will do when we have a feminist India. (oops I think we are in feminist India only, best of luck to all who think otherwise).


–          Yes. That is why modern cultured women ask for alimony as a right. That is why slutwalk needs to be imbibed into Indian culture now; that is why Sunny Leone gets more popularity than a normal working woman; that is why adulterous women still ask for alimony shamelessly. All the best to save Indian culture by bringing in more feminism without knowing what you are asking for.


–          Absolutely. But even today it is your choice what you do. If you forcefully don’t do it then what others can do?


–          Lol..so you want to worship your wife now like a Goddess?

–          Do you know which voice is suppressed? Ok, tell me what you will do if you get a false rape complaint against you? You think you have all the rights? Haha..see if anyone bothers to hear your voice when you get a false rape case.


–          ..and we can only hope that you will keep that bikini only for sea beach or tank top or halter tops only for parties. Even I don’t have the liberty to wear (or not to wear) whatever I feel like in public. Do you?


–          Lol..are you in the ‘60s? Hehe, you actually need to join men’s rights if you believe what you said.


–          So your mother feels safe now because YOU are there. LOL..get a false dowry case and see what happens. First, be safe yourself then think of your mother or sister.


–          So that slutwalk becomes a daily affair and nude protests of groups like Femen becomes an order of the day. Why don’t you nudists transfer to a different country? Even boys can’t go nude in public only women demand such shameless things as right.


–          Freely? How freely? How much is enough? Is there any boundary or limits? Is talking whatever I feel like my right? or should I be responsible for what I say online? Freedom also brings in a lot of responsibility, hope you are aware.


–          Yes. Please marry an unemployed youth and show you can be a provider and protector as well.


–          So that no woman can be asked to take responsibility for their own behavior. So that woman can openly rape, violate men and still claim victimhood. Oops, but they are already doing it. Consensual sex is being termed as rape today, men have no law to protect them, adulterous wives get alimony. Then are we not already living in a feminist India?


–          Yes. But we hope you will work equally and not demand this right just for being there and wasting time.

If employers get women at a lesser cost for the same job then don’t you think ALL would have gone for ONLY women employees. Less pay for the same job with the same efficiency is a myth, not correct. It is observed that women take more leaves and dedicate less time at work compared to men. So the corporates get less output from women and that is a reality that no one talks about.


–          So that feminists can force you to abort the son or stop you from breastfeeding him. Surprised! That is what modern feminists are demanding today.


–          Lol. So much daydreaming is not good. You want equal rights. Well demand protection of men from false rape cases, demand justice for male rape victims, demand closing down NCW because we have NO Men’s Commission, Demand alimony as no one’s right and to be given only based on necessity,  Demand a ministry for men’s welfare because we already have one for women, demand…oops long list my friend. Let’s meet to discuss. Well, need at least half a day to discuss. Hope, you will pay my bills. You wanted equal rights, right?


–          You don’t need to even today. Keep a cook. But will you be okay if your husband does not earn money?


–          So you don’t have this right? Don’t tell me.


  •          Motherhood is a great responsibility. If you consider this as a job, then how much do you charge for that?

Remember, if you don’t stop spreading feminists’ lies, tomorrow you will be caught in the cobweb.


  1. From your excessive use of the word ‘alimony’ and shockingly little knowledge of ACTUAL, GENUINE cases of bride burning, female foeticide and unreported rape cases and your emphasis on what a pathetic condition men suffer through while totally neglecting the daily harassment girls and women go through (more than you could ever imagine) aptly explains how narrow-minded and uneducated some men are about issues related to feminism. Congratulations on being one among millions of men who are a disgrace to our gender.

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    • If you have any knowledge of actual knowledge of ‘Bride Burning’ Cases off late can you show me one example. At least my RTI to NCRB got a reply from them saying they don’t have any such record. Well if such cases happened in ’80s I don’t know, that does not mean we need to be concerned today or think of men as criminals or these cases happening today.

      There is no record of female foeticide with NCRB. If you know any case, I need to know the source of the information. Yes, sometimes media do show us some foeticide cases where female fetus is found in garbage, but there may be many reasons for that (like poverty, illicit relation, rape or even Financial reason) but media equally do not show male feticide that happens around.

      Unreported rape – How do you know such cases unless you or someone known to you was involved in such a rape and gone unpunished. Then you need to be in jail. At least I don’t know any such case and if some women are not reporting rape that can also mean there was no rape at all. By forcefully converting every consensual sex as rape what great achievement you are going to have? Also probably you have not seen my article embedded here to show the false rape cases. Problem is you are as good as what media makes you fool. You have no knowledge of our crime stats, ground reality you want to believe what you know best. No research, no logical thinking just imagination.

      What women go through everyday – that you know and I don’t know as if we live in two different societies. Well I am not sure what you or your family members are doing inside your homes or how you treat women around you, I have not seen anything wrong that can be exaggerated or mentioned in all forums.

      Regarding knowledge, education etc. I have more knowledge and data on the subjects that I talk about at least more than you do. People like you actually come to us crying everyday for help when you are shown your true place in society either by a false rape case, or false dowry case or false other cases…btw if you are a man be careful and learn what happened to Khurshid Anwar. I have one article on him as well.

      Well, when you get such cases, do you know how gracefully you can live or what will happen to you? See how gracefully you are raped by the society then and see that only these types of disgraceful people will be of your help…if any.


      • @parthasadhukhan – Buddy I have no words to describe how narrow-minded and defensive your comment sounds. I’d suggest opening up Pandora’s box by taking a survey yourself of women who have been sexually harassed by acquaintances and not reporting it due to fear of societal rejection or threatening consequences.
        If you do some simple googling, you’ll find enough recorded evidence in RECENT times of bride-burning. Female foeticide is practised even in the most modern and urban societies, by the educated elite classes, and subliminal oppression of women is omnipresent in our lives. You and I practise and propagate this without even realizing it, especially when one talks about showing someone their ‘true place’ in society.
        The only true place for women is right where you are, and maybe even above, for they undergo much more than we ever have. Let’s be nicer to them and see that there’s so much they have to offer that it’ll only make society better if they’re mentally, emotionally and socially liberated and free to do as they please.


        • First of all I am not your buddy, so don’t even call me like that.

          Problem is people like you (may be >80% population of India) go by media reports where anything and everything is reported as rape or bride burning depending on what media feels the case is. We don’t go by media report, we check crime data, reports from courts. Difference is media reports first hand information, without evidence, courts do not.

          Regarding women not reporting rape cases – there may be cases but how can we make any decision based on some hypothetical situation?

          Regarding telling women where they belong to etc. – you might have practiced that, I have not.

          Now regarding being nicer to them etc. is a long debate as I feel we are already unnecessarily nice with them. That does not stop you from being nice with them..we are not here to force anyone to believe in what we are saying. You are a free man/woman..do whatever you want. But please do not come crying to us when you get such false cases and see ur life ruined, or u see education for ur son is refused under some stupid women empowerment policy, or you see the health issues of ur son neglected or he is rendered homeless at an older age, or u see him committing suicide because symptomatically being marginalized every day by people like you in the name of being NICE to women…you are free to do / believe anything you want. No need to convince me.


        • Awww, you seem to have had something taken away from you by a woman. I can see your pain. Let’s cut to the chase – the day we stop differentiating our behavior, choices and preferences based on gender, is the day female quotas will no longer be needed and meritocracy will rule. Until then, the reality is that women remain suppressed, and gender based quotas are a necessary evil.
          So if you want to get rid of such preferential treatment, I suggest you encourage everyone around you to treat women as equals. Question all conventional wisdom and societal norms and look at them as you would a male. Small things could lead to big changes!
          And if you read your earlier comment, maybe you’ll realize that you tried to show someone their place. Let’s not do that anymore.


    • For the record, this man is grossly ill-informed and as a Men’s Rights Activist I am sad for his ignorance.
      Dowry Death, an assumed law. 7 years and wife dies in Road accident and it adds to official Dowry Death data of 8000+ every year. Only 34% found true.
      What about those who are illogically assumed as accused? Don’t get bail. Inside jails for 180 days. This man, I hope, should not have to learn the pain of getting jailed even for 1 hour, the HARD way.

      Male foeticide (termed as Male Infant deaths), for the record is higher than female Infant deaths. 75% of abortions are pre-marital abortions hence, assumption of female foeticide is itself WRONG.


  2. Haven’t read a more biased and shitty article than this.
    I joined the MRM a while back All u guys do is make strategies for bashing women and propagate hate for feminism. A lot of you are excessively needy, the kind to whom neither your moms, nor your spouses ever gave attention. You are all Elliot Rodgers in the making. I’m glad i left your movement. The only thing that the MRM is not contributing in is men’s rights. U are nothing but a bunch of assholes with excessive mommy issues.

    Change your header from a ‘fighter of innocent people’ to ‘ A MESSIAH FOR DICKS’

    IIT Madras ? HAHA no wonder that institute is not listed in the top 10 IITs. Anyway your parents did a wonderful job raising you. Wished they had used a condom and one less dick would have come in this world. Filthy is the word for your writing.

    if in case u have the balls to publish my comment, here’s what the MRM is doing in actuality. Let all your followers read :

    I need to take a moment here to talk about the Men’s Rights Movement, because there seems to be some confusion. Actually, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion.

    Over the past little while, I’ve had a number of people challenge me on calling out men’s rights activists (hereafter referred to as MRAs). “But men are oppressed too,” people say. “Feminism is sexist, and it teaches men that masculinity is wrong.” “Straight, white men aren’t allowed to be proud of themselves anymore.” “If you believe in equality, then you should want men to have the same type of activism as women.” “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

    First of all, yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But let’s not pretend that all opinions are created equal – some are based on fact, and some are total bullshit. Like, I could tell you that I believe that vaccines cause autism, and that would be my opinion, but it would also be demonstrably untrue. So let’s not pretend that all opinions should be given the same consideration, because we both know better than that.

    Second of all, let’s get one thing straight: men, as a group, do not face systematic oppression because of their gender. Am I saying that literally no men out there are oppressed? No, I am for sure not saying that. Men can and do face oppression and marginalization for many reasons – because of race, class, sexuality, poverty, to name a few. Am I saying that every white cishet dude out there has an amazing life because of all his amassed privilege? Nope, I’m not saying that either. There are many circumstances that might lead to someone living a difficult life. But men do not face oppression because they are men. Misandry is not actually a thing, and pretending that it’s an oppressive force on par with or worse than misogyny is offensive, gross, and intellectually dishonest.

    MRAs believe that feminists are to blame for basically everything that’s wrong with their lives. The Men’s Rights Movement is a reactionary movement created specifically to counter feminism, and most (if not all) of their time and resources go towards silencing and marginalizing women. They do things like starting the Don’t Be That Girl campaign, a campaign that accuses women of making false rape reports. They attend feminist events in order to bully and intimidate women, they flood online feminist spaces with threatening messages, and they regularly use smear campaigns and scare tactics to make the women who don’t back down afraid for their physical safety. They do literally nothing to actually resolve the problems that they claim to care about, and instead do everything they can to discredit the feminist movement.

    There are certainly issues that disproportionately affect men – the suicide rate among men is higher, as is the rate of homelessness. Men are more likely to be injured or killed on the job or because of violence. Men who are the victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault are less likely to report these things. These are the issues that MRAs are purportedly working on, and by “working on” I mean “blaming feminism for.” The problem is that none of these things are caused by feminism, or equal rights for women, or anything like that. You know what’s actually to blame for a lot of these issues? Marginalizing forces like class and race, for one thing – I mean, it’s not rich white men who are grappling with homelessness or dangerous workplaces or gun violence. You know what else is to blame? Our patriarchal culture and its strictly enforced gender roles which, hey, happens to be exactly the same power structure that feminism is trying to take down. The patriarchy has some fucked up ideas about masculinity, ideas that make men less likely to seek help for issues that they perceive to be too feminine – such as being hurt or raped by a female partner, not being able to provide for themselves, or not seeking help for health issues like depression and anxiety. On a societal level, it means that resources are not as readily available for men who face these challenges, because patriarchal ideas tell our courts, our governments and our charitable organizations that men don’t ever need that kind of help. Yes, the patriarchy overwhelmingly privileges the interests of men, but it also hurts men. It hurts men in all the ways that MRAs are apparently so concerned about, which means that you would think that MRAs would be totally on board with dismantling the patriarchy, but they’re not. Instead, they would rather blame women for their problems.

    See, the problem with the Men’s Rights Movement is that they are not doing anything concrete to resolve any of the above issues. They are not raising money to open shelters for homeless or abused men. They are not starting up suicide hotlines for men. They are not lobbying for safer workplaces or gun control. Instead, they are crying about feminism, pooh-poohing the idea of patriarchy and generally making the world a sadder, scarier, less safe place to live in. In fact, I would argue that their stupid antics are actually a detriment t0 the causes that they claim to espouse, because they’re creating an association between actual real issues that men face and their disgusting buffoonery. So good fucking job, MRAs. Way to fuck vulnerable men over in your quest to prove that feminism is evil. I hope you’re all really proud of yourselves.

    The Men’s Rights Movement is not “feminism for men.” It’s not some kind of complimentary activism meant to help promote equal treatment of men and women. And it fucking most certainly is not friendly towards women, unless we’re talking about women with crippling cases of internalized misogyny. I believe in equality for men and women, but I also believe that we’re not born with an even playing field. Women still face disenfranchisement, discrimination and a lack of basic freedoms and rights, and although feminism has done a lot of great work over the last century or so, we still haven’t undone several millennia’s worth of social programming and oppression. So that’s why it’s not “men’s turn” to have a social justice movement. That’s why we have the fem in feminism. That’s why fairness and equality involve promoting the empowerment of women, rather than promoting the empowerment of both genders in equal amounts. Because, to use a stupid analogy here, if one person starts out with no apples and another person starts out with five apples and then you give them both three apples each in the name of fairness, one person still has five more fucking apples.

    So yes, let’s talk about issues that affect men. Let’s come up with solutions for problems that disproportionately hurt men, like suicide and homelessness and violent deaths (while at the same time recognizing that the fact that there are issues that affect more men than women does not mean that men are oppressed because of their gender). Let’s work on opening up shelters for abused men, let’s create campaigns bringing awareness to the fact that men are also the victims of rape, and let’s pressure the government to improve workplace safety. But let’s find a way to do this that’s not at the expense of women. Instead, let’s join together and fuck up the patriarchy real good, because that way everyone wins.

    p.s. If you actually think that men aren’t encouraged to be “proud” of themselves you need to check your privilege a million times over and then check it some more

    Anyone who is following this blog, kindly beware of this crook because neither is he a national award winning blogger, nor is he here for men’s rights. Check it out for yourself.

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    • So you joined MRM? Why? Got some false case? Well many opportunists join MRM if they get some false case without understanding the cause of misandry that themselves have created. No wonder they suffer. Well your language talks about it all. While my article shows data and reasoning your speech shows hatred. Self explanatory indeed.

      There is nothing else expected from feminists rather than hate comments and abuses, you are just another example proving your self worth.

      Now regarding the emotional statement you have made about MRM and patriarchy most of the things are global in nature and I do not take ownership of them and yes I do blv that patriarchy is oppressive towards men. Now the examples you have given –

      MRM not raising money to open shelter homes – because it’s govt duty to look into welfare of people. With money comes corruption that we want to avoid. That is our strategy and we don’t think it is necessary to give any explanation to feminists like you, especially when feminist groups take money in the name of helping women and then extort both sides.

      “Not starting up suicide hotline” – Your ignorance is pardoned. We do have a national hotline for sometime. Previously we used to have state based hotlines..

      Your other fucked up analogy of apples etc. are non valid here. Not sure why you have referred to white men so many times here. Please don’t bring in racism here, you have already created a lot of gender hatred through your comment. Rather than emotional statements please make some logical statements with data. If you are not aware of anything read my blog to know.

      Now your strategy to join hands with feminism etc. shows how poorly informed you are. You have no study on modern feminist movement, you have no knowledge about their demands or different programs, you have no knowledge about their agenda but still you are here to suggest what “MRM” should do. If you are not a part of it better be away or start a new movement yourself and see how feminists come to help you.

      Now you hate towards the end shows it all, you have a fucking agenda and NO knowledge about Indian scenario. Well I understand that you may a foreigner but hold your tongue for good, because this kind of abuse without any substance is not acceptable..and people who follow my blog know about me so don’t worry .actually problem with you feminists is you have one agenda ..anyone who goes against that become your enemy as you do not listen to logic. Actually what you don’t understand is that everytime you abuse or talk the way you just did, you actually shame yourself..


      • Now, the only way someone will join mrm is not because of beliefs, but because of a false rape or dowry case against them. Faultless logic.
        I’m sorry, but even after reading your article three to four times and researching about MRA, the MRA seems to be honestly working for the rights men do not get, whereas you seem just to be bashing feminists and making illogical arguments. All your data which you are so proudly showing off seems to have little or no relevance to the topic.
        As for his language, it was appropriate for what he wanted to express. This is an informal forum, not a classroom. And if only the swearing part hit you, then you are deluding yourself.
        When you say patriarchy is oppressive to men, I notice you did not include the image which says that patriarchy enslaves both men and women. You’ve sorted through the data you’re criticizing, for your own convenience.
        So, if it’s just the govts duty to have welfare, what’s yours? Hate feminists fighting for equality?
        Even the govt is corrupt. A better idea would be to set it up yourself, but I guess you’re more inclined to sit back.
        I can’t reply to the rest right now, because theirs only so much stupidity and sexism I can take in one day.
        Have a great feminist bashing day!!


        • The idea that feminists are fighting for equality itself is false. I am sure you do not have proper study about feminism so you are talking like that. Those of us who see and analyze feminist action every day we know what they are up for. Regarding what I am up for, please leave it to me as I know very well what I am doing . It is for this blog and my activism many of my readers get help simply by reading these articles. My articles set the perspective right and eliminate gender bias and that is why I am here for. It is because of my articles many are forced to change their policies. But I am not here to give you any of success history.

          You said my data is irrelevant to what is being discussed but never gave any example. Please be more specific so that I can reply


    • To see that you have written such a long comment, itself tells how fucked up your mind is about MRM. For you to say that you LEFT men’s rights movement is nothing but an attempt on amusement. If you have really ever ‘joined’ the movement, you would have known how much focus is given upon self-development by removing misandry. If ever you were actually in contact of ANY MRA, you would have known what misandry is to begin with.
      Your bluff has been called, your response sucks as much as your attitude. At least you should not have used a falsifying crutch to base your response upon.
      And that bullshitry you’ve written isn’t worth all the time MRM has to concentrate upon betterment of men.


    • YAWN!!! So is it end of thoughts or is it the limitation of WordPress that stopped you? Hope that’s also not termed as MRA’s “cry baby” attitude as you say. Haven’t seen MRM, but feminism does fuel abusive behavior which for sure comes evident from your comment.

      Now, on your great gyaan on “What should MRAs do?”
      1. Suicide Helplines: do you know that India’s MRA Movement under “SIF – Save Indian Family” runs men’s distress helplines for over 10 years? Do you know that these helplines and latest the National helpline number 08882498498 (SIF One) has over 80 counsellors giving their time and energy to help Men in distress selflessly? May be you don’t and like lot of other “Feminism filled Men”, feel, ignorance is bliss.

      1. Shelter homes: with Gender budgets in India reaching to over 9400 crores on women centric agendas in a single budget, I hope you have basic calculator and reality check that none is left or none is wished to be spent on men. This is inspite of men being 83% tax payers.
      2. Awareness: since your limited “assumed” association is for unknown areas in MRM movement, not sure if you are aware of the amount of efforts put in blogging (as this excellent writer has done), lobbying, Parliament representations, Media articles/debates, support infrastructure, weekly meetings, helplines etc. Etc. Which has been done with ZERO help from Society or Government.

      Now, what you have grossly failed to identify for your feminism filled IQ is that objective of MRA movement is to get place for Men in society. To get society to identify Men as humans atleast. For that, if you are so abusive for someone showing to you the other side, then we should (and we are) not be worried about hate filled Feminist movement as it will reach it’s end for the company they keep.

      Coming to some realities, we will not deter at all in taking action against you for an abusive post defaming the Men’s Rights Movement.

      Want to make a point, watch your language. We are ready to discuss on logics.

      Actually non-feminist families don’t teach their kids to be abusive so we definitely loose to you on that.


    • Magina hwever defensive are u to these disgusted pests you wont be able get any grapes.

      And u r such a frustrated soul. Screaming. Calling names. Get a life. U left mens movement because your wife convinced you. Welcome to the world of misandy. Spineless dickless it is because u cry baby that men’s rights are lagging.
      Go take ur wife n be her pet. Hen pecked clown.


  3. This article is of utmost importance in todays age…where people and specially Indians needs to realize that feminism is based on hatred towards male gender. The more women feel insecure, the more media blames men for EVERYTHING, the more these pseudo-feminists (and many apes who just enjoy showing it off to there wife and GFs) feel they have achieved widening the wedge within the Indian society.
    Ofcourse few people gain using these feminist agendas – police, NGOs, lawyers….and India is the perfect place to force these idiotic ideas…..Western family system was destroyed by feminism….now the ploy is against India. And sure its working as long as few idiots keep following each other with candles and banner without having any clue WHY.


  4. Dear Nikhil, seems like you have not done enough homework before writing about the blog. It would have been better if you hv mentioned any official data and discussed on it with logic. Just faffing doesn’t justify what you say. Speaking without any logic is not a normal person attribute. Pls do some research and come with some official data. Or you may continue doing what you are doing jumping here and there.


  5. Guys MANGINA can’t actually digest the fact that their hot selling cake (Feminism) is no more appealing the society anymore. MRA raising voice against them makes them nervous & insecure since FEMINISM is their Bread & Butter.

    Basic difference between an MRA & Mangina is;

    MRA fight for justice, for a cause / MANGINA support Femmies cuz apparently for them its fab & get them more business.

    Grow up Mangina, have some Balls !!!


    • Right.
      So apparently, the men fighting for equal rights are sissies and the ones denouncing them are the strong, macho men.

      What inescapable logic, sir. I salute you.


      • Men fighting for equal rights are good men. Men who are feminists are brainwashed pussies.

        Feminism and equality are completely unrelated. Feminism isn’t trying to make men and women equal. What it’s trying to do is create friction between the genders which would ultimately cause instability in the society and destroy the family.


  6. I am not a member of MRA, but still would like to put forward few points after reading the threads above

    a. I am happily married, yet support MRA. I don’t think that happy marriage or marriage failure is anyway related to supporting men’s rights or feminism. It all depends upon one’s perception and way of thinking.
    b. I understand that responsility of MRA lies in providing equal space for men in society( the way feminism is taking over everyone in India) and help men in distress. We have need to educate public about the role of MRA in society and how it can help them. We might need some public demonstration to show our strength.

    However at the same time we have to make sure that we do not encourage any crime againt woman because it is these crimes that give an opportunity to women/feminists to point finger at men.

    I am not sure how much you guys agree with me.


    • If you categorize certain crime as “Crime against women” then it will always exist. For example domestic violence is always considered one way, man to woman. Hence DV against men can’t even be reported. If DV against women exist so does against men. By not even recognizing that as a crime we are creating a gender bias in the society and denying justice to men. We don’t support crime against women but we urge everyone to recognize crime against men that’s it.

      For example rape. It can also happen against men but that can’t be reported. In many other countries rape laws are gender neutral but not in India. So we demand gender neutral laws.

      MRAs do protest against rape but they never create a huge hue a cry against rape, only because country’s legal system has to take care of that and NOT public on the street.

      To understand why we need gender neutral laws, and wanna stop business in the name of women empowerment read this – http://wp.me/p2QDMq-18


      • Like every coin has 2 sides, these issues too are 2 sided. Crimes against women will always remain crime, no matter how much we try to justify. The current gender biased laws that have been laid down by supreme court, are outcomes of such crimes. Look at the crumbling situation as far as safety of women are concerned in UP and same is the case in most of the villages. Even as far as domestic violence is concerned,again we have both sides of stories. Gender biased laws were constituted to stop crimes against women, but as a human being we always find the loop holes in the system and that is what women are using as a weapon to threaten men. Actual criminals roam around free, while innocent people become the scapegoat of such laws. Probably what we need is strong counter law that takes punishes women in case of false dowry cases/rapes against men or again false rape cases etc.


        • No Your idea and perspective is wrong. The laws are laid down by the parliament and NOT the supreme court. Then these laws needed to be gender neutral so that anyone can be recognized as a criminal and then trial finds out the truth. Also there is no statistics to prove that village women are more battered. It is only a myth. Even if we consider that as true If village women don’t take help of these laws we can’t victimize people in cities for that. If you beat me today and I can’t take action that denies justice to me. Also there may be a genuine reason for your beating me up. Not every case should go to court or be reported to police. That does not mean anyone is trying to justify violence. This problem can be resolved simply by making the laws gender neutral and depending on probe and merits of each case rather than considering criminals based on gender. Don’t mix two things. Gender biased laws are for nobody’s benefit. It only creates false cases and clog judiciary.

          Your idea about public demonstration etc shows you are not informed about Men’s rights groups and their activities. I have many blogs on those. You can check them out.


      • And yes I am too in favor or gender biased laws and does not support the idea of feminism. May be its high time now that we too start demonstrations, public rallies so that we too get some media coverage and people can get to know what are we upto.


  7. FEMINISM is a fashion in India, way to earn money and fame, root for scandals
    look at around you, every one is a feminist which has resulted in this dishormany
    in our society, have u seen any place on this earth were husband lives in continuous torture,
    threats from false cases.. And irony is people talk about Gender equality without know
    what it is ..


  8. The Indian social institutions were until mid 1990s,

    When Praji Manmohan decided to ‘liberalize’ the economy.
    With that ‘unchaining’, sadda Oxford te paddhe-likkhe,
    aur college mein phudakney haley, murgey murgiyaan bhi,
    kapde utar ke apney apnoon ‘liberated’ ghoshit kar dena tha!

    Now, sir-ji, vir-ji … everybuddy is an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE.
    They date, bait, inflate, mate, deflate, rate … and chocolate!
    In short, the nation has let in the culture of fuckbuddy,
    and behayaee.

    There is no sharam … only garma-garam.
    Before, we had leaders with at least some vision.
    Now we have Bollywood on television and fashion.

    We have come a long way bacchey!
    Tauba! Tauba!
    Liberashun has become the cause of generational confusion,
    with recurring tention.


  9. Wow…
    That is the weirdest and shittiest article I have ever read.
    You claim that you want equal rights for men, which surprise! Most already have compared to the females in India, and you think that the best way would be to put feminists down and completely misinterpret what they’re doing. Half of your arguments against what they are saying are completely nonsensical. For example. If if 60 million females are killed before adulthood, they are killed on gender bias. The 41.7 million men did not disappear due to sexism.
    What you are right about is that cases such as dowry, rape etc in which men are victims should not be ignored or marginalised. But overall, the rights you are fighting for are hidden beneath your inexplicable hate for anyone trying to prove that men and women are equal.
    You’ll dismiss me as a butthurt feminist, I’m sure, who hates men and wants women to take over the world, but I hope in time you realise how wrong you are.


    • lol..I have studied feminism more than you have done. Also there is no proof that 60 million females are killed before adulthood…it is just a feminist gimmick..Do you know the normal birth ratio is 105:100 (male:female) it is scientifically proven too..So less women at birth does not mean women are killed..


  10. If you feel so strongly about this, raise your voice. Have protests, marches and make your views known.
    Oh, right, you can’t, cause then everybody would kick you out for such stupid ideas.
    Whatever you do, don’t sit behind a computer and bash feminists and feel all important. YOU are not a fighter for the innocent people. The honest people sitting in the parliament are. The organizers of protests are. Not you, typing away with unbalanced and biased views.


    • …and your comment shows your ignorance about who I am. No worries we have seen some uneducated idiots talking like this everywhere. and yes, people like you actually come to us for help, it is only a matter of time when you will also be one of them. Just wait for that time. Your comment shows your high ignorance which is pardonable as many of us were behind this false notion of feminism once. Only thing is that those who protest against feminism today are more learned and and aware than anyone like you as you have not shown any evidence or reasoning in support of your views, I did. I am sure other articles on my blog will give you more deeper knowledge.


  11. Your stupidity and ignorance angers me to the point where I am going to point out the flaws in your extremely biased article. First of all, when you speak about feminists aborting and refusing to breastfeed their sons just because someone said that the need for women to try onky for a son is silly. At no point did this women say that having a son was a bad thing and just because this point was made doesn’t mean they are going to kill their sons. They are making the point that most people force women in India to have sons, and that women should be able to have a daughter without anyone feeling ashamed that it was not a son. Whether you misunderstood the picture or just made a completely biased comment for the hundredth time in this article I do not know. In another example, where a women says feminism is needed because she should not be defined by her husband nor father and you make a crude comment about how she should marry an unemployed youth and still prove she can be a provider is completely uptight. Just because her husband is unemployed does not mean she cannot successfully get a job and support herself and her husband, but oh wait, she can’t due to the lack of female rights feminists are taking action about, because they don’t get equal pay. But you seem to think if they get equal pay they will waste time in their job. Another biased comment. You do not know these women, and most of them are fed up of putting in twice the effort as men and getting less pay. Having equal pay to men doesn’t mean women will suddenly decide they are getting enough oay to not work properly, and in fact you are insulting your own gender, because if you analyse and look logically at your point, if women getting equal pay to men and slack off, does that not mean men with that pay now slack off? Or do they just work extremely hard because, hey, guess what, they’re men! Another and final example is a woman who say she should not have to cook because she is a female, but then you say “but are you ok if your husband doesn’t work?” First of all, in good journalism, you should correct your grammatical error. Secondly, yes she is, because if she had female rights she’d be able to work and gain income for herself. I a, certain you will reply to this biasedly like you have to other opposing comments about my “ignorance and idiocy” and throw in some snide comment about feminists and I feel obliged to tell you, that you sir, can insult opposers all you like, because it only proves who the bigger person really is. And it certainly IS NOT you.


    • At no point did this women say that having a son was a bad thing“- This means you have not studied modern feminist agenda. That is what they say today. Be informed, pls. Also women is not equal to feminist. feminists are a different breed trying to harm the society – both men and women. You need to study about them more.

      Not they are going to kill their sons” – Yes, that is what many of them claim on their websites and pages. You need to learn about feminist agenda. I have spoken about modern feminist agenda, and it is not limited to what the placard is saying.

      WOmen don’t get equal pay“- Another feminist hoax. Tell me honestly if for same job done with same efficiency any employer gets a woman at less pay, wouldn’t all of them go for only women employees? Still we see that only 30% women are working. WHY? This shows this is completely false propaganda.

      Father / husband should not be a woman’s identity” – This comment is challenging why a man is considered as head of a family. Reason a man is always the bread earner and protector of the family. So I said when women can become bread winner and protector for a family this equation will change. A woman can’t enjoy all free benefits from her husband / father and do nothing and still claim a man should not be considered as head of the family.

      Wife working, husband NOT” – You said yes she is ok. but in reality, do we see that happening? Why women marry above their status? When this equation changes and when we see a lot of examples around then we can think of the other way.

      Most of your comments were emotionally made without any study of modern feminism agenda. You need to study feminist agenda and their actions globally before you make any further comment.


        • How do you know baby girls are aborted? From census gender ratio of 0-6 years children? Well check the census data for 0-6 yrs in 2001 census and then check 10-16 yrs data in 2011 census. you will be surprised to find that the number increases in 2011. The data is fudged to create a sense of female feticide. Also, FYI… the natural birth ratio is 105:100 (M:F)..and NOT 100:100 as you think.


  12. Modern feminist agenda, using your bad grammar, is pro-equality. Not men are superior, not women are superior. It means what men and women do in their lives should not be judged by society. If a man decides to stay at home and take care of his kids, he should not be put down by society. If a woman is raped, society should not shame her into thinking it was her fault. That is what true feminism is. You seem to be rallying against extremist feminism. I’ll just give you an example; do you hate Muslims because of al Qaida? No. Because that is a small, extremist minority. Similarly, most feminists are just out there fighting for equal rights for men and women.
    You seem to think feminism is one small concept with set rules which everyone follows. It is not so. It’s a large ideology, which is interpreted differently by everyone. Please do not lump everyone into the same category. That is very biased, exactly like your article.
    You reply judgementally to every comment, so I won’t expect you to counter anything logically. Have a nice, hate filled life, to quote someone else here.


    • You are trying to define feminism the way it used to be in 1960s. It is not the same today. Feminists proved you wrong in many instances. Let me remind you of Tarun Tejpal, Khurshid Anwar and Devyani Khobragade’s cases..all these feminists and their followers didn’t stop slut shaming, victim blaming or playing the victim card when in trouble.
      You said multiple times that this article is biased but your comments is proved wrong by all modern feminist agenda and actions. Don’t stick to age old dictionary definition of feminism, that is no longer valid. A movement that starts with “FEM” can’t be for equality and that is proven multiple times. If you say activists like Femen are a minority then please get your brains checked..


  13. I’m not gonna bother to be nice as you are an sshole. Look first of all feminism is not a fun thing we do to get attention and ‘free lunch’. Feminism is the fight for equal rights and treatments for BOTH genders whereas male rights activism is basically people like you trying justify or ignore rape and bash feminists for trying to make a difference. THERE ARE NO STATS FOR FEMALE FOETICIDE!!?? Are you blind or just stupid?? But oh i suppose women sit and make up these statistics to get sympathy right/ All right so perhaps there are false rape accusations but are you saying that they’re ALL false? Yes i suppose Nirbhaya stripped down in front of her attackers and asked them to rape her just so she could cause a revolution for ‘fun’. And i also suppose she shoved a rod up her own vagina. Yes men have rights too, yes they get raped too but you CANNOT deny that the numbers of women that get raped every HOUR is MUCH higher. Okay so obviously you’re not going to roam around in bikini top in your college or on the street but say i wear a crop top or a halter? Are men allowed to grope me or rape me just because my neck and shoulders are showing? There is a huge difference between dowry and alimony! Ugh i’m just not even going to bother. Excuse me nude protests? It is our body OUR temple not your ‘gift from god’ and unless a girl asks you or wants to have sex with you you are not allowed to touch her regardless of what she is wearing or not wearing.
    You have to stop treating women like they’re an entirely different species!! Our fight is also your fight rape and gender discrimination is not just our concern. Would you be just as callous if someone raped your sister just because she was wearing skinny jeans and looking nice? Yes men have disappeared too, and of course people are concerned! But how many of those men were killed BECAUSE they were men? We don’t want to be f
    cking worshiped we just want basic respect for our choices and individuality. So i’m a modern woman, i wear shorts, i want to work and party and i want to fight for my rights as a HUMAN BEING not just a female. Does that make me a slut? NO. Okay stop trying to retaliate to everything by bringing up alimony! I’m not saying ALL women are saints. You can’t classify a whole gender based on a few cases. The same way not ALL men are rapists or pigs. OH MEN HAVE NO PROTECTION?? Yes i suppose we’re enjoying having to cover ourselves up unnecessarily and look all around us fearfully even while walking with friends in the evening. Yes motherhood is a beautiful thing but it should be by choice.
    Though you have made a few rare good points, your replies and arguments are completely off-topic and idiotic. Have a nice hate-filled day.


    • By changing your name with every comment does not make me think you are a different person. The way these comments are made, the hatred is typical feminist hatred and we know what that is. One female foeticide – you have not given any stat to prove ur point, just said I am blind or stupid. That makes u stupid in fact.

      On rape you said Nirbhaya stripped etc. This means you have only Nirbhaya case to show and do not bother about NCRB stat. This may be due to your ignorance of different types of cases reported as rape. Good to see that you at least agreed that men are also raped..(i consider this as my win).

      I am not sure why women and mainly feminists want to promote nudity in different forms, even for trendy clothes. Have you ever seen any MRA claiming the same? Let you nudists have a separate country.

      You said there is huge difference between dowry and alimony..I understand when woman gets free money it needs to be divine right? It needs to her right.

      If you are bothered about rape, then please correct its definition first. Femminists are exposed globally today. Globally we all know that feminists want to term every sexual encounter as rape. Even women came to know that, so your comment will not change the situation.

      Your saying that “Not all women are saints” or “Not all men are pigs” do not make any difference. We have seen many feminist propaganda terming men as rapists. We have also seen BIG feminist ad on newspapers about “Respect Women”….did you ever see such things from MRM?

      From your comment it is evident who has hatred in his/her agenda..

      BTW..did you ever think I support rape..I only protest against false cases and terming every sex as rape. Please take responsibility of sex that has gone wrong..

      Liked by 1 person

  14. And just because i’m female means i’m gauranteed to work less and waste time and therefore should get less pay??B*TCH PLEASE.


  15. Great Article !!
    India may not be Super-Power But Soon to become Pu$$y-Power..
    Thanks to MRM, atleast it Bothers Feminst here to Write such a long Comments..


  16. I repeat,feminism is the single biggest threat to humanity let alone democracy .And let me be direct with this.Those who are behind feminism and are linked to it even remotely are dangerous blood sucking parasites that wan to exploit and grow on the labour of men and want to convert them into legally bonded slaves to feminists and their agenda.Any person who takes or atleast takes a deep look will definitely see it right through it.The keyboard warriors who are supporting feminism will sonn realize one day or the other the hard cold fact.They have yet to take a red pill.


  17. I readily acknowledge that India has some major hurdles to jump and some serious questions to answer as it struggles to face the grim realities of boorish men and oppressed women, but “feminism” isn’t the savior it is portrayed to be.

    I can tell you that at its very core, feminism may look good on paper, but it is a social cancer that will destroy the very fabric of your country as it has destroyed mine.

    Just 50 years ago, in America, men were happy to grant women “equality”, thus succumbing to the ideals of feminism. My father’s generation was told that equality was all women wanted, but now we know that feminism’s real desire is to create a world in which women have no responsibilities…only rights; it is a depraved world where men have no rights…only responsibilities.

    America’s women now have all the perks of men, but are no longer held accountable for their actions. In many ways, America treats its women like spoiled children…praising even their slightest accomplishments as major victories, while immediately dismissing their shortcomings.

    India, be careful what you ask for! Feminism may seem like a reasonable response to its social challenges, but the feminist manifesto will not stop at equality and it will not be satisfied until women completely subjugate all men and destroy themselves. Feminism, at its core, has a hatred for men, hatred for children, hatred for God, hatred for marriage, and hatred for wholesome women. It is a social philosophy espoused by the devil himself. It always starts out small, but then grows into a monster with an insatiable hunger for power and control.

    Truth be told, feminism has destroyed the very women it promised to help. Studies have shown that America’s women are now more miserable than they have ever been. They have been given everything on a silver platter, but they feel empty, alone, and miserable. Their husbands have been kicked out to the curb, their careers did not bring them fulfillment, sexual freedom brought them venereal diseases (not satisfaction), while their children are high on mind altering drugs and have no sense of self and no direction in life.

    In a word, feminism is about allowing women to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, apart from good sense and good judgment. We have learned in America, that if a woman is allowed to do something, no matter how unjust or debased it may be – she will, just because she can. Women need good men…not feminism.

    I will keep India in my prayers and I wish you all the very best.


  18. I’m an Indian girl in the U.S. Yes, America needs feminism too, but I can walk to school in shorts in hot weather and no one will give a shit. In India, the one time I wore shorts in public (as a 8 year old girl, I want to add), I was given looks and so scarred mentally that I never wore them again. Don’t say India doesn’t need feminism because every day that a man can go outside wearing anything he wants and a woman who does so is “asking for rape” is another day we need to campaign for equality. If a woman wants to show off her body because she has worked hard to maintain or tone it, who is any man to say she cannot? Or is indecent for doing so? If a man walks outside naked and is raped, then feminism fights for that too. If a woman walks outside naked and it raped, same thing. You have the wrong idea about the movement. Fake-feminists are giving you the notion that it is about women over men, but the real ones will tell you that they fight for men too. No matter what the culture is, telling a pre-pubescent girl that she is asking for rape by wearing shorts is disgusting and should make you feel ashamed of your country. Regardless of that anyone is wearing (whether you think it is “indecent” or not), rape is inexcusable so stop this bullshit. It’s people like you that can look at a girl raped and dead and wonder what she was wearing and blame her for what she had to go through.


    • Wearing shorts in public – it is about conservatism and not feminism. Come to any Indian cities and even in some villages and see it yourself that even girls are wearing sorts in public. In fact nowadays girl wear more skimpy dresses in public than boys in India.

      Well, no man walks outside naked unless one is mad. Walking outside naked is against public manners and existing civic norms in India. Even a man is not supposed to do it.

      Please don’t comment on “feel ashamed on your country” etc. If you are already a US citizen, mind your business. If you are still an Indian then you need to understand that blindly following western culture is not progressive, rather many a times it is regressive. Coming to the point a girl wearing shorts in public – it depends on the location and existing culture there. There is a saying – “Be a Roman when in Rome”, hope you know that. Criticising everything of India is not going to help. Also come to India and see how girls and women wear more skimpy dresses in public than men and boys do in India. We MRAs never say wearing no dress or moving naked is our right. Every society have some norms, and lets respect them. Else the society is of no use.

      Yes, girls raped have all sympathy and public running for them, but boys raped by women can not even get justice or a case registered against the woman. So far I have not seen any feminists fighting for those boys. So your argument that feminists fight for boys is all fake.


  19. I’m truly sorry for how you feel about Feminism. I am a strong feminist or if that word throws you off track probably even enrages you then a supporter for equal rights. I agree when you say that male rape not being recognised is a huge setback for our judicial system. But what you’re esssentially doing is taking that as a reason and saying that every girl who ever reports a rape case is trying to run a smear campaign aganist a guy. Let me tell you buddy that every girl who ever comes out in the open about things like this, has probably gone through a stage where she considered ending her life, or thought that it was her fault. After all of this when she finally comes out she is faced with social stigma and dicks like you. When you talk about false reporting of such cases by some women maybe I should remind of you of the innumerable instaces where rapists are set free after breaking the last shred of dignity and self confidence of women in Indian Courts. What do you have to say to that? Instances where men who attack women who do not reciprocate their feelings with acids.
    Also the reservation system ha come about not just in this spehere but every sphere with the ideology of equality among equals. Hence our society as long as it has a majority of people like you needs that extra push to treat women right. I am a feminist and I believe that women are no less than any man but I also am against gender based biases being a man doesnt mean you’re superior and at the same time it doesn’t mean you can’t be sexually violated. There is lacunae in the law yes. But this blame game is not going to get anyone anywhere. So I suggest you get acquainted with feminism is all about and unlike your campaign this campaign is about gender equality and not smearing another campaign for popularity.


    • Who told you that women face stigma when they complain rape nowadays ?They ,infact, receive support and help.You do not have any proof that every girl who files a rape case goes through problems while there are countless examples of them recieving support even when there are chances that the rape case is false .Even before investigation takes place ,a man is held as culprit by society and media.Jasleen kaur case is a prime example of misuse of laws.Nowhere in India rapists roam free and you do not have any proof to show otherwise.There are women also who beat up men nowadays and throw acid on men when their feelings they judge themselves to be right.No men throws acid on women on the basis of rejection.That is bullshit.Women have received a lot of extra push already and enpugh is enough.Being unfair to men will not help.Feminism is not about gender ewuality.It is propagating women’s superiority under the guise of equality.More than 90 percent of rape cases are false in India according to supreme court.These women are hell bent on destroying men’s lives.I know that not every rape case is false but majority of them are.Stop propagating feminist bullshit


    • You are uttering bullshit.Women do not face any stigma or go through difficult phases or get blamed when they file rape casw nor do the court sets rapists free.stop uttering bullshit


    • You are uttering bullshit.Women do not face any stigma or go through difficult phases or get blamed when they file rape case nor do the court sets rapists free.stop uttering bullshit


  20. Ignorance is a bliss.
    Protective nature men have over women? I laughed. Aren’t you cute? Every hour 2 women are raped by men, this is only reported.
    “Protected” .. my ass.

    Grow up, little whiny bitch. You are pathetic, utterly dumb and a shame to your gender.


  21. Funny how some dumb dicks here say “male fetuses are aborted more” or “femizid is a lie”, while there are way less women in India than men.. yeah, we see how unlogial beings men are, again. Your ignorance and dumbness is sick, little bitches.


  22. I wonder if you have heard of white knighting. What follows is a trait observation of a white knight.

    “A man re-stating a woman’s feminist arguments so as to improve them, on the assumption that you can express them more clearly and objectively with male counterparts.”

    And now from the MRA perspective:

    “White knights are traditionalists, and heroes, and within western culture, they are a toxin. These are men who practice chivalry. White knights are males who defend women, but not because women are people – which might be noble. Rather, they defend women only because they are women. This almost always encompasses a willful blindness to the behavior and utterances of the women so defended.”

    Here are few quiz questions to identify a white knight.

    Have any of your female partners been involved in serious social trauma before meeting you?Has the body of your female partners earned less money than you?Have you ever helped a woman move house because she was having problems with moving?Have you ever lent a woman your car because she crashed hers?Has a woman’s plight ever made you so angry that you personally confront her alleged assailants?Are the woman you date of a lower professional status than yourself?Have you ever waved a debt for money you may have lent a woman?

    (Anymore than two YES answers points towards a male being a white knight.)

    How do the body of men see you? A picture is worth a thousand words.


  23. I find it hard to believe that this is an actual article. The entire thing sounds SO sarcastic. It’s genuinely so sad to see the levels to which some people can stoop 🙂


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