Now A Gender Biased Court In India

Biased Court

It can give you jitters, it can make your scared, it can frighten you to the core but still, you can’t avoid the circumstances or ignore the developments. India has for the first time in the history of any nation is going to introduce a gender biased court. A court which is civil in nature and will have powers to issue summons and also arrest warrants.


Link – Indian Express

So now no one can ignore summon sent by the national commission for women (NCW) and necessary amendments to NCW act is being made for that.

This may be unbelievable for any peace-loving citizen that a commission which is dedicated to cause of a particular gender, a commission which works only for that gender and creates a provision for one gender even by depriving the other gender simply based on gender is being given the power to act like a court and punish people. No wonder a commission championing the cause of the one gender will continue to do the same and deprive men of justice. Because the chairperson of the commission is supposed to be committed to the cause of women and so are the members so a man can NEVER expect any justice from such a court.

Now all those women who think of this step as the revolutionary need to know the true face of NCW. In one case in 2012 one mother-in-law contacted NCW to save her from the atrocities of her Daughter-in-law (DIL) the reply of WB NCW was this –


NCW clearly denied helping the elderly woman. In another case when some elderly women went Bangalore office of commission the chairperson simply refused to meet them. So if as a woman you are glad that NCW is being converted as a court wait for the day when you are sent to jail for them or turned away by a court that is supposed to champion your own cause. As a man who might have championed women’s causes lifelong, you need to understand that simply based on your gender you will be discriminated by this newly formed court.

The news also says that rules will be formed so that the members are not from a political party meaning now only feminists will rule the commission and interpret the laws in their way. It does not matter which political party the accused belongs to the cases will be decided based on one’s gender. Since the commission primarily exists to champion the causes of women, any woman filing a complaint there will be given relief. Since the nature of the court is civil most of the time the relief will be in the form of money. So now extortion of money from men will be easy for women.

Addition of NCW as a new layer in our civil justice system will only increase misery for men. This court will first ensure that the man pays money on the mere complaint in every case and then the man will have to run to other higher courts for relief. As we know in India the justice is already screwed up this additional court where the members champion the causes of one gender will make sure that the man and his family (if anything left) pays the heavy extortion money to the new champions of women’s causes.

To have more understanding of the issue and see how people are misled by feminists see this debate on a national TV –

NCW being court

With this debate, you know what these feminists are really up for and how an extortion racket is being built slowly in India. This also clarifies that when everyone is interested to talk only about crime against women there is no one who really talks and thinks about legal extortion of men, because if it is done then the money flowing from men to these groups and institutions will end.

This kind of outrageous provision as it straightway violates our constitution that talks about equality in terms of gender. Even though article 15(3) talks about govt. being able to form rules in favour of women but if we look at the reason 15(3) was created in the first place was to remove discrimination against women in terms of access to public resources. It is because when this article was framed then women had a restriction to access different public places like bathing ghats, temples etc. However, it is not the case for our legal system. No court in India bars a woman from filing a complaint. Hence today when the commission itself needs to be abolished it is given the power of a civil court biased towards a gender. Nothing can be more outrageous than this.

India is already reeling under the huge issue of misuse of gender-centric laws where justice to men is denied. Today women can ruin anybody’s life by filing false cases and still claim victimhood and easy money. 75% rape cases, 80% dowry death complaints and 85% dowry harassment complaints are found out to be false but with addition of one institution set up primarily for championing the causes of women as a court (which needs to be unbiased in the first place), the injustice meted out to Indian men will only increase. This will lead to a serious increase in crime rate and suicide among men and by this proposition Indian govt. is ready to drive more men to suicide. If we don’t protest this right now in all possible forums and stop this initiative, we will only force our future generation of boys to commit suicide.

Suicides in India
Suicide in India

 If you don’t protest today, don’t expect justice for your men and your sons tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if they commit suicide or commit a crime to come out of this trauma tomorrow.

Remember, YOU


are responsible for your future


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  1. Question is why aren’t men in their hundreds of thousands protesting against this?? Like women did against the Delhi rape case which resulted in the rape laws being changed……?!


    • Problem is the traditional role of men being that of a protector men think themselves at fault for any crime against women. They think it is their responsibility to save every woman. Women never had this role, so they never feel saving men or fighting for men is their duty. So we don;t see women fighting for men except for their sons or brothers. Men have the habit of blaming their own selves even without any fault of theirs..


      • No, no, no…… Women empowerment is absolute political propaganda like secularism stuffs. And indian citizens doesn’t have enough time and interest to think on those matters for which they are not currently affected like American n European. They love to watch the cricket match(though its fixed one) instead of Lok Sabha channel. But once the case like 498a falls on them. They forget all feminism song and cricket match winner team.
        Where as rape is thousands of year old crime segment. So, the moment some one spells it, you feel, it may fall on you also by any moment, and eventually entire nation would stands on it. Where as, other part of rape issue is false rape case. If you ask about any such incidents with the people, you will get the answer like… 1. It might have happened, 2. who knows… Whats the fact, 3. After investigation only some thing can be said…. etc etc. but none of that is the right answer. Right answer should have been ” Govt must have the control over the fake rape case, other wise lose of trust b/w citizen and govt”.


  2. nothing to worry about. In next 10 years people will be aware from surroundings or sufferings that no one is protectors. Everyone(male/female) has to be equal and need to equally protect each other. System itself will be adjusted and will be subjected to be change once the players in system will be changed. Yet laws wont be changed but people will find the ways to tackle. Media / politicians may be biased now. But this change is fusion and will happen very fast. No one can ever fool 50% of population for long time. I see the change everywhere.


  3. Nice article. Can you please provide a citation for ‘75% rape cases are false’. I’d love to stick it in the face of my feminist friends.


  4. May I ask you a question?

    I have been hearing the term “Men’s right India” since last 7 or 8 years but I can’t see any achievement on their part. What I have seen is the rise in the number of laws for women(mostly anti-male) and also the expansion in the definitions of each crime against women.

    I feel sad to say that MRA’a couldn’t suceed to make prenuptial agreement legal whereas most western countries have made it legal. Same is with the issue of joint parenting.

    Single men are banned from adopting child from either surrogacy or orphanage. This is a clear discrimination and could have been easily fought.

    Maintenance and alimony are just rights without any corresponding duties. I feel it is a form of slavery. The concept of ‘maintaining same standard as during her marriage’ has no logic. This can be defended if a PIL is filed in court.

    Honestly speaking, I don’t see any men’s right activism outside internet. Not, atleast, any sucess.

    Please don’t get offended.


    • Good observation and I am not sad or offended to see your observation. Only recently we have succeeded to some extent when the marriage law amendment bill was put on hold and in some cases we have stopped some anti male campaigns. Also there are some laws we didn’t allow the MPs to bring.

      We are very much present in several ground level work, MP lobbying etc. that you don’t see, probably you might have missed those reports.

      The only reason we are not successful in the way you see it (compared to feminists) is feminist groups are funded by international organizations and other nations and men’s rights groups are non funded organizations. All services are voluntary. So you know why this big difference. Also Indian men, are in the hypnosis of feminism controlled and promoted false propaganda. Men think asking for their own rights will term them as criminals, abusers. So when they face trouble they don’t come out openly. Whereas women exagggerate each crime related to women to an extent that men also believe. Systematically men are made to blv themselves as criminals even without being criminals. This is starting from very young age and heavily funded by organizations like UN. That is the reason you don;t see any success of MRAs, as all such news related to problems of men is suppressed.

      When everyone gets one sided news they only form one sided perception. If you read my blog you will get more idea what I mean. We need more and more men and women to work for men’s rights. Only then politicians will change anythings. Else it is not possible.


    • Top law making body is Parliament and State Legislature .Political Parties mainly care for vote banks .Males vote for the country issue while women for themselves worldwide .So most political Parties have to show specially what they are going to do for women .There would not be anything for Males .Most males are not aware so they are not united even if 25% males unite and rest remain neutral there would be huge change .It is for the males to ask political parties to form national commission for men and all other rights for males as a first thing


  5. I appreciate your response but it seems you missed my point. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear enough.

    I am well convinced that lobbying MP’s is not going to yield any results because of votebank politics and stronghold of feminist lobbying.

    I meant to say that these cases have clear signs of discrimination and must be fought in courts through PIL. Only this can give some results(hopefully).

    I agree that funding is an issue.


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