The Best Reply To Gujarat CM For Calling Boys RejectedMaal

Recently Gujrat CM Anandi Ben Patel claimed that in five to seven years time as the number of women will be less the selection of women in colleges will be easy and they will become more educated. So they can easily reject boys saying that they want boys of higher qualification. She termed these boys as #RejectedMaal as said that these #RejectedMaals will not be selected by any girl.

Our politicians have always been (in)famous for making such controversial comments and we can only think of their maturity level by these comments rather than getting hurt and raising a question about our own maturity level. But the real issue is not being called #RejectedMaal. In fact, as a man and especially as a men’s rights activist I am used to these kinds of vilification by our so-called patriarchal society. The real issue is somewhere else.

Firstly, this comment was made in a school attended by hundreds of children. (I assume it was a girl’s school as the comment is made in favor of girls). The real issue here is as a CM it was her duty and also responsibility to check the statistics before commenting.

Her #RejectedMaal comment came while referring to decreasing female population. However, what she does not know is that as per census 2011 the population of Indian men has grown by 90,965,071 or 17.09% whereas the number of women has increased by 90,994,174 or 18.33%.

This clearly shows badly on the part of a CM to project the wrong perception that the number of women is decreasing when in fact it is increasing at a rapid pace. Her comment which is taken seriously by everyone including children creates a wrong perception and fear in the mind of young Indians at a very tender age.

Secondly, her comment that we will not have any problem in selecting girls for college degrees as their number would be less brings in another dangerous perspective about future education in India and especially in Gujrat. By this statement, in fact, she clearly stated that now anyone and everyone can get into degree colleges there simply based on her gender. So now qualification and capability are no more criteria for being selected in Degree colleges in Gujrat. This creates shivers down my spine thinking the future of our education.

The third point that horrifies me is the state of our little boys who for no fault of theirs are being victimized by the state. As the CM clearly stated that in near future even though the number of girls will be less (according to her speech) selection of girls in colleges will be easy. That means selection will be through a quota for the girls where there will be no competition because the number of women will be less. So the boys who will still have to compete a larger population will be treated differently by the state and many deserving boys will be forcefully deprived of a college education while many nondeserving girls will be entitled to govt. funded education. This is very early discrimination against the boys by the state for no fault of theirs.

Fourthly, the above point that the boys will not get an education so that girls can reject them during marriage shows a crooked mindset of women empowerment. In fact, this shows creating a false sense of empowerment to a section of the population by giving them easy benefits and creating deep-rooted gender bias in the country. This will completely ruin the education system itself rather than empowering anyone.

The fifth and most dangerous conclusion arrived from this comment is that this creates unnecessary hatred in the minds of those little children against boys. When the toddlers’ unsuspecting minds are given this strong feminist dose of hatred and they start thinking boys as competitors rather than partners that have potential to ruin the entire social fabric in the years to come.

The underlying statement in her speech also gives a false impression to these young minds that we exist for marriage and the main agenda of our existence is to show that the girls are a superior gender. This also tries to show that empowerment is rejecting a few men before settling for higher educated man.

I am terrified at the level of insanity among our politicians holding important positions. This statement clearly raises concern about India’s future. Moreover, it is a direct blow to Narendra Modi himself because before being the PM of the country he is the one who has selected Anandi Ben as Gujrat CM. It is only a matter of time for us to see how far BJP and Narendra Modi stretches it to deny all benefits to boys. I am feeling terrible about those unborn boys who do not know that they have been made outcast by their own state before their birth.

Remember, YOU


are responsible for your future.



  1. excellent post.. gujarat CM’s remark only indicates that BJP is still infested with feminist ideologists..

    In North India, many communities marry off their daughter at early age, and bring their boys in to community profession after 10th or 12th..

    In anandiben patel’s own community, the girls and boys are married off early.. i am sure her own community will not accept her comment..


  2. Great post! #Anandiben used the most demeaning words for boys. If this is where Women Empowerment is headed, I am worried about the future of the country. What’s worse, for many men this sort of insult is ok and is meant to be taken in stride. I wud recommend that such men see a psychiatrist sooner than later. Had a man said something similar to girls, the feminists wud have hounded him to death by now.


  3. Gujarat CM is a real feminist. I have read in news paper that she has separated from her husband (rejected her husband) in order to attain female power in politics. Despite her achievement in politics, she has ruined her family and marriage life. Now, like all feminists do, she is corrupting young girls minds, insulting boys self worth and perpetuating her dysfunctional life to future generation. God save Gujarat from this toxic feminist.


  4. Partha what an amazing blog. Your perception of the remarks of Gujarat’s potential less, dangerously feministic power is going to ruin the balance. Such an ugly comment. Such a brainless comment, such a level of male hatredness by a Responsible CM of the state.

    She is more deadlier than any kind of virus


  5. I would prefer to be rejected than fabricated under false 498a, DVA, rape…. etc. Ms. CM thanks a lot for saving a lot of poor innocent men.
    By the way, your comments does not deserve the stature of a CM


  6. I know this thread is old. However, for those rare individuals reading this at some future date, if Narendra Modi, doesn’t create the jobs the 350 million Indian males need, in order to marry their Dreamgirl, and provide them with the toilets they absolutely must have, then it is Modi and his Anandiben and sundry bhais, who will be the REJECTED MAAL in 2019. Be that well understood. And the only wave will be a goodbye.


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