The CRISP Way To Celebrate Father’s Day

On 14th June 2014 on the eve of Father’s Day, Bangalore Town Hall was abuzz with fathers chanting slogan for their children. Some mothers have also joined the bandwagon in demanding Father’s right. All were concerned about the children in single custody as they said – single custody is child abuse.

Fathers Day13This group of fathers was also seen demanding ‘Insaaf’ (justice) from the PM. But will their voice reach New Delhi? The group thinks so. A recent analysis post-2014 election have shown that It is Indian men who have voted the new BJP govt. to power. So they want BJP govt. to bring in legal reforms in favor of fathers.

← Vivek Deveshwar talking about how male votes ensured BJP win

Children from various schools and many mothers have also joined the protest with these unfortunate fathers –

Fathers Day12

Fathers Day11

Fathers Day9

Fathers Day7

Fathers Day6

Fathers Day5

Fathers Day4

Many daughters found talking against separating the father from the daughter because dad is their first hero, first love. Daughter of Famous Surgeon Dr. Mathan who was killed by his adulterous wife and her mother found speaking against the legal terrorism and India’s adultery laws with a photo of her father in hand-

Fathers Day10


Fathers Day8

Many fathers found sharing their experience of fighting child custody cases and winning the battle successfully. The fight is their mantra of life and some of them have been fighting against this legal terrorism for ten years or longer.

Fathers Day4

Fathers Day1Fathers Day2

The stage was shared by people from all walks of life, sharing their life stories and demanding shared parenting.

Rajesh one activist from CRISP spoke about Father’s Day and CRISP on this occasion –

Happy Father’s Day to all



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