How To Hypnotize A Nation Easily

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In this article, I am going to show you how a country like India is hypnotized using the common illusion tricks described in my previous article. If you have not read that article yet, you are requested to read the same before you proceed.

To begin with, remember the duck and rabbit experiment where we were led to believe that the creatures in the game were duck by telling you in advance to count the number of ducks. Immediately after this when we are told to count rabbits we start seeing rabbits in the game. Now add this to the concept of “Expert Fallacy” and you will know how we are made to believe what our media says or shows us.

Question is, why do we fall prey to such false information involving women and start believing them to be true so easily. The answer is hidden in the following experiment done by the researchers of Princeton University.
The game is to identify the most trustworthy face from the following image? Considering the faces are marked 1–3 from your left-right. –

Trustworthy faces

If you have said face 1 as a most trustworthy face, you are like 80% of other respondents and this is only because our brain is hardwired to think like this. This research proves that we trust people with more feminine features. So now we know why women can go away with lies very easily but men find it difficult to win public arguments even with logic and data.

Now let me explain how the popular marketing concept “top-of-the-mind-recall” is used to hypnotize the nation.

Rape becomes our top of mind recall as it is always highlighted big and bold in all media and the false rape news is never published or published in a very small way so that we miss them. There is one more trick applied here, rape cases reported in any city/ town/village in India is published in all editions of popular media, whereas rape cases that turn out to be false are hardly published in any edition. Remember the trick shown by Apollo Robbins in David Copperfield warehouse (link in this article). Our focus is thus narrowed down to show one rape case and make us believe all rape cases are like Delhi or Badaun.

We have seen how the entire nation reacts once a case like Delhi or Badaun happens. Everyone wants justice on the streets whereas this should not be the case in a civilized nation. So why do we start behaving weirdly even though in normal times we believe that it should not be the case? How can even educate and highly informed people join the hooligan bandwagon of street fighters and start behaving weirdly? To understand this you need to understand the following human behaviour (National Geographic, Brain Games)-


Follow the Leader
For US audience


Later part of this experiment shows that the entire crowd is made to dance and do childish things simply because the leader does that.

This behaviour of human being of following the leader is dangerously used against us by criminals in the name of feminism. They play these dirty dangerous tricks to hypnotize the nation and make us follow the tribe by planting their own person in the front. Don’t believe this to be true?

Well, remember Tarun Tejpal and Khurshid Anwar? They both were at the forefront of protest after Delhi rape and both of them turned out to be rapists themselves. And we don’t know how many more such cases go unreported (remember feminists say that most of the rape cases in India go unreported. How do they know if they are not involved?) In the morning they protested violently against rape and in the evening they have raped someone. But when the feminists like them rape, they get supporters in staunch feminists like Shoma Chaudhury. See the illusion here? The same feminists who protest against victim-blaming actually did the same when they were under fire –

Feminists 8

Very often we forget that the outcome of such hypnotism is dangerous. For instance, after Delhi madness, the way our laws have changed that is good enough to enslave the future generations in the clutches of greedy legal officers, NGOs or people linked to the judicial system. The direct cruel effect was the murder of police constable Subhash Tomar on duty by these violent protesters. However, hardly anyone of us (except the MRAs) felt for him or his family.

Or take the case of Devyani Khobragade. After her crime came to light the entire nation was made to support her because it was portrayed as if demeaning the whole country. Hardly a few MRAs like me wondered why a criminal was projected as the role model of the country. All these happened when the country and especially the ruling party Congress looked so serious about women empowerment, but they did not want to empower the maid who was also a woman.

So it is clear that a hypnotized nation can be made to do anything even murder. In fact, such mass hypnotism can be so dangerous that it can lead us to kill our own people because when we are hypnotized like this we don’t understand what we are doing and it takes time to come out of the illusion.

Feminists have tried another dirty trick after the Delhi rape. Many of them claimed on national TV that anybody can be a rapist and openly spoke like this – “a rapist can be anyone, he is among us, he can be my own brother, father or son.” Question is how it is a dirty and dangerous trick?  If you have not realized it yet, this is how we are made to believe that the men around us in our own families are rapists. These tricks work in our subconscious and are reinforced with a constant hammering of the same idea in our brain. Remember “Persuasion techniques” followed by marketers to sell their products no matter how crap they are?

These kinds of statements by feminists only tell us to follow them and many of us indeed follow them blindly. Result? FB pages like these –


How many of you have reported this page and asked others to report as well? If you are a blogger, how many of you have written a blog against such kind of a page?

If you have not done anything yet to report this page, then you have admitted that either you are a rapist (as a man) or your brother, father or son is (as a woman) because if India is a country of rapists then all the men living in the country are also rapists. It does not really matter who you are.

The only reason we don’t see this as a problem is we feel the pain of rape victims. This feeling of others pain is so much prominent that as a man we instantly feel guilty every time a rape is reported as if we are responsible for that. Those of us who do not feel that way our media makes us feel that way. For instance, after the Badaun rape case, India Today has come up with this campaign –

Mango tree of shame

Here we are being persuaded to think about rape every time we eat a Mango. So the media wants us to be terrified every time we eat a mango and they want this fear to be on our mind. Question is why?

To understand this, remember the illusion trick of Appollo Robbins shown in my previous article. The incidents like Delhi or Badaun shows us that what magicians do to shift our attention to a smaller area of their choice while they change a lot of other things around us, can be done effectively to create the illusion for an entire nation. These cases and these kinds of campaigns help in shifting our attention and keep us focussed on rape so that a lot of changes can happen smoothly around us. For instance, the Delhi rape case was used to pass a lot of outrageous laws in India that will jeopardize the peaceful existence of all of us and our future generation for the years to come. And the whole nation is not even bothered about that.

To give you a perspective on this, remember, when dowry and Domestic Violence laws were passed we used to see such news and promo all the time and the same was passed without any resistance. Today, the aged Indians who did not protest creating this bias years ago while these laws were being passed without any clause to check the misuse, file for mercy killing as they don’t find any remedy from false cases –

Legal terrorism


But when something like Badaun happens then immediately our attention shifts from the legal terrorism and NO ONE listens to crime stats. People say (including UN) that most of the rape cases in India are not even reported. That too, when actually rape cases are over-reported and media always exaggerates rape cases. So even though 74% of cases are false we still don’t feel the importance to check the same.

Even for a moment, we think that most of the rape cases are not even reported, then how do the media know that it is happening? And if they know any such case why did not they report it? And if they did not report them, then why should not they be punished for abetting a crime? So anyone who says (including UN) that a lot of rape cases go unreported needs to be punished first because they don’t take any action to report the same.

Now, look at this campaign from United Nations Women –

Un Illusion

Based on some worldwide search predictions UN has come up to show how patriarchal we are. I tried the same using Google but couldn’t replicate the same though. The issue is many times the search engine takes cues from what we ourselves search apart from taking prediction from global cues. So what is the guarantee that the UN has not made up this to make it look like this one for their campaign?

This kind of message actually works in our subconscious mind to create a guilty feeling within us. Guilty of a crime that we have never committed. Men think they are failing to secure their family, women start thinking that men around them are rapists.  As a resulting trust between two close-by people is broken and they both become lonely.

As a woman if you think such media hype surrounding rape cases is needed as most of the rape cases is not even reported, see some of the false rape cases reported that most of you might have overlooked – (Rape! It’s my fault).

In my next article, I am going to show how statistics can be used to hypnotize a nation. Statistics which is correct yet messes around with our decision-making ability. Till then, keep sharing these articles in all your circles and keep the awareness going. Don’t let these criminals fool you and your near and dear ones.




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