Beware! Your Mind Is Being Controlled

It does not matter how educated, intelligent, socially aware or established individual you are. Your mind can still be controlled remotely and that is how we are being manipulated today. If you don’t believe me, in this series I will show you with scientific experiments from reliable sources how your mind and thoughts are manipulated daily.

Before I begin, I will request you please be part of all scientific mind games I share in this article and experience how your thoughts can be manipulated. Please don’t proceed until you have gone through each experiment to understand how you can be manipulated. All the experiments are taken from National Geographic shows, they are short approximately two minutes duration so please don’t skip them.

Leading And Controlling Your Mind

In this first experiment, I will show you how your decision-making ability can be influenced. Take this small brain game and don’t proceed without completing this experiment –

Mind Control - Rabbit Vs Duck

In this experiment, a design is made to trick the audience. The design can be construed as a duck from one end, and a rabbit from the other end. When you are told to count ducks, you will see the ducks, when you are told now count rabbits, you will count the same objects as a rabbit.

So were you successful in counting ducks? Good but the video ended with asking you to count the number of rabbits. So please take this experiment again and count the number of rabbits. Remember this time please count only rabbits.

Did you see 10 rabbits this time? If you did, don’t be surprised that you are just like 80% of people as the experiment concluded. The only reason you see rabbits the second time is you are being persuaded to think that the creatures were in fact rabbits. The narrator tells us Duck, we see Duck, he tells us rabbit and we see the rabbit.

And in modern-day life, we are being persuaded like this by our media. They show us what they intend us to believe and we believe the same. It is not about our education, culture, experience or mental ability but this is how our subconscious brain works and this is how your brain can be manipulated.

Now, this trick is used daily against you to make you believe in a certain way and behave in a certain manner. Our thoughts are being manipulated to believe what we are shown in media or rather what media tells us to be true.

Top of Mind Recall

This concept is not new to many. In fact, this is how online marketers have been influencing and controlling our minds for years. (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video) –


The video is removed by NatGeo, but what it showed was how online marketers own your mind. How your subconscious mind is manipulated to make you force into taking decisions that these marketers want.

So, a simple technique to influence your mind and thinking ability is to be on your top of mind recall and that is possible in a way to hammer your subconscious mind with the same idea in different forms.

Expert Fallacy

There is another concept known as the “Expert Fallacy” that makes us believe anything that a person in authority says. A person in authority does not necessarily mean a person in a higher position. Many times our mind makes a certain decision about a person of being an expert or a person in authority simply based on his/her clothing, appearance or maybe the way s/he talks (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video)–

Expert Fallacy

In this video, a man goes to the public in normal dress like a common person and then goes to them as a journalist with media identity and tells them the same story that is fake news. When he was dressed like a common man, he was not taken seriously, but when he approached people as an expert he was taken seriously. This is another way to fool you.

Did you hear the last part of the video? That says we all want to be where most of the people are or where most people are heading to most of the time without even understanding the implications. Because we as human being behave in that way, we go along with the tribe and fall for illusions such as these.

There are dangerous social implications to these characteristics of human beings. These make it possible for any powerful groups of individuals to control most of us even any one of us knowing or being aware of the same.

Before I proceed, let me tell you the second part of the video shown in the “Expert Fallacy” test to show how powerful this illusion is. As the continuation of the same experiment the comedian went ahead and asked the same set of questions to the people in ordinary outfits. And all people have mocked the stories as ‘Bullshit”…

Social Behaviour To Control Mind

All the three characteristics discussed above are effectively used in our daily lives to manipulate our life, social behaviour and also changing our perception of life. These techniques are constantly used against us to control our thoughts and behaviour but before I go into details of how our thoughts are being manipulated, I want to show you another interesting trick often played by magicians and illusion artists. Take a focused look (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video)–


In this video, the magician showed you how your attention can be focussed intentionally to some unimportant details to trick you and changing larger details in front of your eyes without you paying attention.

So, do you think you are paying close attention to your world, or do you think your attention can be easily diverted to some smaller things to hide some bigger changes that are happening around? Remember this experiment as I will shortly tell you how dangerously something like this trick is used against us to divert our attention.

Now let me come to the social experiment that we are undergoing daily and show how we are being manipulated.

Examples of Social Manipulation

If I ask you what is the biggest crime in India- I am sure an overwhelming majority will reply it as “Rape”.  The reason it is your top of mind recall. You are always fed by all kinds of media that rape is everywhere, especially if you live in India. You open a newspaper and you see rape news, either on the front page or in the middle. This creates an illusion in your mind that rape is the biggest crime in India. Remember the concept that is used by the marketers described earlier? They keep their products and services visible to you all the time and try to show that only they exist in the market to influence your decisions. It is something like that. You are being told all the time that if there is any crime in India that is “Rape” and only rape.

Pain Transmits Faster

Before I proceed further to analyze why only ‘rape’ is being focussed so much nowadays, I will show one more experiment to show how your mind can be controlled. This experiment will blow your mind off (Please don’t proceed without watching this NatGeo Video)  –

Mind Control - Rubber Hand experiement

In this experiment, it was shown how your mind can be tricked to make you believe in certain things by conditioning your brain to it and then transmitting the pain through visual media (television) to you even without you experiencing the same in real life.

So you understand how our mind can be controlled and made to feel pain or other feelings even without we undergoing them.

Now that you know that our mind can be manipulated using so many tricks let me show you how we are manipulated in our daily lives.

I have already shown you how rape has become our top-of-the-mind-recall crime in India thanks to all media hypes surrounding rape. So much so that we don’t want to believe that there is any other crime existing. Don’t believe me?

Tricks To Control Your Mind

Well, just rewind to the social madness created after Delhi rape in December 2012 and try to recollect the updates and news items from there. I have seen many commenting like “India a country of rapists”, “Indian men are rapists” etc. Even the then UN Secretary-General has urged Indian Govt. to save Indian women. As if with one Delhi rape all Indian women became unsafe instantly so that even the UN has become scared. Even though that showed that either UN was jobless that time so that it had time to interfere with a country’s internal matters or it was just another social illusion designed for a different purpose.

Mind Control in Real Life

This feeling has been made so strong by different media that we have such pages still up and running on FB –

India the country of rapists

I have seen many other Indian blogs with the same title. So now ALL Indian men are termed as rapists irrespective of one actually works for women betterment or not and we Indians feel happy to believe the same. This is because our own media has made India look like the world’s rape capital. The only reason these kinds of pages do not create any public outrage but create sympathy is that of the misandry created by our sold-out media.  In my next article, I will elaborate on why media is successful in creating the bias and why anything related to women always gets more focus worldwide as I delve into more functions of our brain.

I will show you how your mind can be tricked using statistics in my next article in this series and hence I am not discussing the world’s rape statistics here. I will only show how the illusion tactics are used by feminists to make India a criminal state.

After Delhi rape, there were many feminists and celebrities who came on national TV shows and claimed that they were raped, violated in their childhood. Many of them openly confessed on national TV that their brother, father or son can be a rapist as they wanted to make the point that anyone can be a rapist. What no one except a few MRAs like me understood from these open statements was the heinous ploy to create a deep-rooted gender hatred in the country that will only destabilize our social balance. More importantly balance in our homes, families as the women start thinking of their father, brother or son as rapists. This is the same marketing Top-of-Mind recall. Today, we see any rape we immediately think one of our nearest women is violated and feel extreme punishment is the only option. We relate to the distant pain within us and take all feminist crap that “Indian men are rapists”.

I will come to the deeper social implications behind this unsolicited promotion of rape cases in India and will further show you how statistics can be used to narrow advantage of feminists in my subsequent articles in this series as I prove that feminism is NOT about women empowerment or making them feel safe. It is all about creating gender hatred in everyone’s mind so that we lose faith in everyone around us and become lonely. Because lonely people are easier to control remotely as they look for solace and relief.

…Next – How to Hypnotize a nation



  1. They keep their products and services visible to you all the time and try to show that only they exist in the market to influence your decisions.
    awesome lines.
    It was not that rapes were not happening earlier during electiondays but election coverage had more masala , now when they are over we are back to rapes


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