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State LoginStating my opinion was never so easy before. The concept of social networking has evolved over the last few years and emerged as the strongest concept in terms of connecting people, sharing thoughts and improving our social quotient.

The new social networking concept of is really a visionary concept in this regard.

Not only joining the network is easy but the stating the opinion based on certain keywords and tracking the same is also amazingly straightforward and simple –


The topic may be anything but the opinion is tracked based on some key words. Another amazing feature of this website is to track each keyword with unique graphics.

I tried my hand on sharing opinion about many topics as I wanted to see global perspective on each of them. For example, when I have shared my opinion about Arvind Kejriwal I found hardly anybody thinks he is important for us–

Arvind Kejriwal

While on Elliot Rodger the madman from California who recently went on a shooting spree to kill hot women is considered more to be a sociopath rather than dangerous –

Elliot Rodger

On misandry however most of the people thought this is not acceptable or dangerous but there was equal number of people who thought misnadry is a big joke in the society –


On domestic violence the global opinion is almost the same, however most of these people think domestic violence happens only on women.

Domestic Violence

This became clear when on my new topic of domestic violence against men did not get any response except mine.

People thought about smoking too is almost similar –


The website thus creates extreme fun and excitement to express opinion about a topic and find my opinion in the global opinion pool.

This kind of representation of opinions is unique feature of this website that makes this concept very useful for marketing and product companies. These companies can easily gaze the unbiased opinion of people globally and can design their products and services according to choice of their global customers.

For example, when it becomes evident that most of the global citizens think beard is artful, sexy, cool etc. –


Shaving companies can not run a campaign like “Protest Against Smelly Stubble” rather they need to have campaigns like make your beard look sexy and have products designed for artistic beard, beard shampoo, beard designer, beard color etc. has designed a very simple yet effective design to provide its users the best online experience –

State Home page

Its homepage is simple in design and self explanatory to the first time users of internet. The entire page can be divided into seven sections clearly demarcated from each other. These areas are marked with numbers 1-7 in the above image.

  1. The Home button – to navigate to one’s home page easily
  2. The Interaction icon – Shows the interaction with others on various threads
  3. For You’ section – This section displays topics based on user interests. Completely customized section.
  4. Section ‘Across State’ – Shows what is HOT across website. The globally trending topic.
  5. Shortcut section – Shortcuts to profile, tuning or other features of the site.
  6. ‘Trending Topic’- What is trending on at any given point in time.
  7. Conversations – Conversation with others on various threads.

This kind of design enables one to navigate through the website easily and have a tab on one’s activity on the site.

Tuning in feature

Another great feature of this website is Tuning In feature that allows the user to tune in to their friends from FB or Twitter.

Tuning In

Or tune in to different topics –


I was also amazed to see that I am a leading voice in Politics and Government –

Me in politics

Or when State told me what I like the most on State –

My opinion summary

‘State Clip’ is another feature that allows this to be pinned to the bookmark bar and it enables the user to state their opinion on any website and also to find similar topics on the internet.

State Clip also provides easy feature to share my opinion on different other social networks like Facebook and Twitter –

For example after I have expressed my opinion about smoking



I could also ask my friends from other social networks their opinion on the same –

Invite friends

It was amazing to publish this story via storify –

and see my followers on Twitter tweeting my activity on


Many of my FB followers were thrilled by presentation of opinion results on FB –

Facebook 1

 Facebook 2

Social networking is not complete without us being able to access our network while we are on the move. The amazing ios app of the website enables its users to achieve the same easily –

Mobile app as a concept is unique and different. The features are simple and easy to understand and follow. In this way the concept developers have successes in their work. Only one shortcoming that I felt in this concept, if the analysis could include demographic information or to make it simple gender information that would have created more impact and its effectiveness to me would have been increased.

Even without this new feature of my desire I felt the website is unique, creates great value to its users and create new possibilities for its users especially for the marketing community. This enables its users to identify their own USP, as we are what we share –



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