Swarup Sarkar – The Inspiration For Many Men And Boys

SwarupWhen he met her first, he felt he has got the best wife in his life. The first year of his marriage was very fulfilling and enjoyable for him.

Hailing from a middle-class Bengali family from a village called Bangaon in WB Swarup Sarkar was the only boy who has got an Engineering degree to his credit. No wonder why many girls’ fathers queued up with marriage proposals for their daughters.

He was a hardcore feminist before his marriage and believed in full freedom and independence of women but he never knew that the same belief would cost him dearly in his life.

His joy in marital life was shortlived and soon after his sister-in-law got married it was over. His in-laws started demanding money for their second daughter’s marriage and when he could not provide the same his own marriage was on rocks.

Sarkar’s pregnant wife who went to her parents’ house the marriage aborted the child she was carrying and informed him that it was a miscarriage. There were many ups and downs in his personal life after this and eventually Sarkar tried to patch up with her and stay together. But that arrangement was not successful too and very soon his wife’s true character was exposed when she got pregnant with a second child. In one of the doctor visits, he informed the doctor that she had a miscarriage earlier and the doctor wanted to see that report.


NDTV debate on Marriage Law Amendment

To his utter shock and dismay, she started fighting with him for informing the doctor about the miscarriage and eventually the relationship was in turmoil again. He was gifted with all kinds of criminal cases alongside divorce. The typical feminist man Sarkar realized the danger of feminism for the first time.

Press Conference against IRBM

He lost all his hopes in life and wanted to commit suicide because of the false cases. He was searching for the different methods of committing suicide when he came across a blog giving details of India’s suicide statistics. Feminist Swarup Sarkar realized that only innocent feminists like him commit suicide silently. He decided to create awareness among the people about India’s suicide statistics and started a new fight for life. The blog that has given him a new lease of life eventually prompted him to save more lives and prohibited many men like me from committing suicide.

Suicide in India
Suicide in India

To start his battle Sarkar met with other people fighting against law misuse and created online forums. Gradually he realized that India needs a model to save the family system because the biased laws are slowly poisoning the Indian Family system. He along with other pioneers formed a yahoo groups called Save Indian Family. That eventually became popular as SIF.

National helpline for men

Today SIF runs meetings all over the country as a big movement against the gender-biased laws and Siffians from all over the globe join hands together to fight against legal terrorism and misandry. SIF as the umbrella movement of men’s rights in India has established Indian men’s rights movement as the strongest in the world. A movement that has started as an awareness campaign eventually became the only platform to destroy the juggernaut called – feminism. Today a handful of SIF commandos can take on the behemoth of misandry head-on without fear and thus changes the legal scenario of the country.


 Delhi SIF Commandos in a discussion with SIF veterans

The success of a movement can never be attributed to one single person especially when the movement runs across multiple cities and in multiple countries too. But the pillars like Swarup Sarkar has made it possible for the movement to crawl, grow and eventually become a shelter for the distressed families, like the banyan tree for the exhausted traveller.

Journey to this point was never been easy for Sarkar. He has to consciously give up his career and stuck to the same company for seven years just to have a work-life balance thus forgoing the huge chance of earning more salary, perks, and lucrative positions too. His social organization has gone through many criticisms including huge pressure from other leaders to make this a paid model as everyone said – “there is no free lunch”.  Sarkar says “we are only giving harassed men a glass of water and not lunch. The day when we can provide lunch to these distressed people we will have a paid model established”.

But for the men in distress, this glass of water provided by SIF volunteers is nothing less than getting a new lease of life. Many men turn around in life after being counselled by the SIF counsellors, many come back to life from being on the verge of committing suicide thanks to the free glass of water provided by SIF.

Sarkar never worked keeping success or fame in mind, he only believes in working hard for a cause. Thanks to commandos like him today Indian men are heard in parliament, the sufferings of men are highlighted in media, the gender-biased laws are shunned by many prominent women too and Indian men’s rights are heard in forums like TED talks.

Today he and his organization do not seek money from anyone and helps those who do not even bother to understand the suffering of other fellow men. Many feminists come to his organization for help and Sarkar has already counselled around 8000 victims and families suffering from atrocities caused by gender-biased laws.

Swarup at Tedx venue

An avid researcher of laws of the land, a cricket lover, a travel freak, a corporate football player Swarup Sarkar also likes singing. He says my hobbies and social work keeps me alive and gives me life. Probably that is what gives life to many others too.

He is the role model for many, not only me. He is the one person who can change the mindset of staunch feminists, win arguments from multiple opponents and create a huge impact.



  1. Awesome article for an awesome and humble man ! Its not easy to fight against feminism but swarup sarkarji just has the right kind of attitude, right amount of patience, tolerance and right character to fight against feminism.


  2. A truly inspirational story..very well weaved and articulated. A blog should not only be well written but also well thought…this entry of yours excels in both….Mr Swarup is indeed a great role model and a ray of hope to many men in India.


  3. Excellent article about a wonderful visionary. He is indeed a role model and a man to look up to. He brought hope to so many men and women when there were no where else to look for the same. Keep everyone inspiring Swarupda.


  4. Members of some insignificant organisation congregate to indulge in ‘boot-licking’ the founder.
    Can’t get better.
    Ha! Ha! ))))


    • I got it. This is the exact reason you can hear sound of only laughs when you are crossing a mental hospital.
      Mentally abnormal people can only laugh.

      Because they can understand words but dont know what is being communicated.


      • And, what exactly are you?

        JB aka Jhakas Baccha – you seem like a deluded man who still believes that he is some teenaged school-going lad.


    • enjoy your laugh and record it for repeated replays later it would help you when you die alone on a cold bed and people would come to know when your corpse stink.

      I am sure you may have related yourself to Swarup’s wife. Many do – they are sisters in crime!


    • अरे?!
      तु फिर आ गई,
      मर्दों के प्राणों की प्यासी?!


  5. //Many FEMINISTS come to his organization for help and Sarkar has already counselled around 8000 victims and families suffering from atrocities caused by gender biased laws.//

    Indeed, it’s true. 😛


  6. When many people busy to milking money from Husband’s family in the name of giving advice/help/divorce , SIF became a ray of Hope for many to fight back and the effort of swarup sarkar inspired many to do the same.


  7. The selfless service and helping and guidance given by Swarup Da to thousands of harrassed husbands is priceless. He is Gem of person. He has prevented many depressed victims from taking wrong steps due to harrassment. He has given new hope to many.


  8. Partha,


    Surely feminists would pay supari for you soon. Atleast do some life insurance and let the beneficiary be Save Indian Family 🙂 LOL


      • Perused the FIR and statement of prosecutrix and witnesses. Admittedly, birth date of prosecutrix is 17-1-1992, and on the alleged date of offence, she was a major girl. Her statement show that she on her own accord willfully had accompanied the accused to various places and had sexual intercourse with her for many times. Her FIR nowhere show that the accused had forcibly without her consent had sexual intercourse with her. Whether the accused had made false promises of marriage to her or not can be determined at the time of trial after recording evidence of the parties. The statements of witnesses are recorded, seizure
        of property is also effected, panchnamas are drawn, therefore, the investigation is 3 near-about on verge of completion. Nothing remains to be recovered from the applicant/accused. In view of the facts and circumstances, I hold that applicant is entitled for bail.

        Additional Sessions Judge-3,

        Aur fik chalu hoti hai tarikh pe taikh..

        Case Register on 15 Jan 2013 and today is 23 Aug 2014..

        aaj tak case stand nahi hua ye hai hamara Indian law…


  9. Swarup dada is really a role model for many husbands. The complete system is running to extract money from husbands but he successfully guided the people that why we should not pay to this pimps. Full credit goes to dada because he had shown a new path on how to fight back the rotten system with our pride.


  10. Good to know about Swarup Ji’s story. Hats off to his commitment and dedication… I hope many would follow him and get inspired to fight against the misuse of Gender biased laws.


  11. he is an inspiring leader, and is showing lights and path of life to the innocent falsely accused victims. his commitment towards betterment of victims is awesome.


  12. how much do I get if I file 1 498a. do i get extra money for DV. my career plan is to marry 4 husbands, mother two kids and hold 10-15 properties in 2-3 countries.


  13. What Bengal thinks today,
    India (including Gujarat),
    Shall do tomorrow.
    Thank you Swarup-da and Partha-da.


  14. Swarup da the real hero of India..he is a modern Bhagat Singh to save Indian Men.God bless u and give u energy to fight against misuse of 498A..crpc 125,DV etc


    • Swarup sarkar is the god of Indian family. Please same helpful man recruit in all Indian court. Krishna Balurghat west Bengal.


  15. Sorry I am not attend jantar mantar this day because my son birthday on 29/04/2017. GOD success this program


  16. मेरी समस्या के बारे में आपसे एडवाइस चाहिए है केवल हिंदी में केवल फोन नंबर है 84 3581 3055


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