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Love you mom for not aborting me in the womb under the feminist influence.

Love you mom for not depriving me of your breastmilk as feminists today want.

Love you mom for being there with my father for around 50 years and not filing false criminal cases against him for showing your empowerment.

Love you mom for taking all care of our family and for raising us.

Today you own everything all of us have because you have never demanded anything as your right, thus I love you.


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  1. Partha:
    Thank you for this heartfelt post.

    In another generation,
    there won’t be many ‘moms’.
    Only ‘liberated’, empowered’,
    primary care providers …
    a.k.a. Single Mothers By Choice!

    And they will be subsidized
    by the richest surrogate husband
    in the world … the fawning State itself.
    Which robs Jobber Josephs to fund Maintenance Marys.
    Good heavens! It does so, now!

    Like America and parts of the West,
    urban India is going down
    the rabbit hole of legitimizing illegitimacy.

    More than 40% and nearly half
    of all US births are out of wedlock.
    Shame? What shame?
    Guilt? None whatsoever!
    Opprobrium … you’ve got to be kidding!

    So, goodbye motherhood! 👋
    Hulloh! Slut-Walkers! 💃
    Feminists … thank you all! 👏

    Aldous Huxley was right …
    Brave F🌟🌟🌟ing New World.


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