Education At 10,000 Feet High, His Story Will Make Your Day

Education 10000 feet above

 Do you see her struggle for life?

Every day she has to walk more than 2 KM to study. She doesn’t want to give up.

Education 10000 feet above_1

Do you see his quest for learning?

This little boy wants to dream big. He wants education, better life, better dreams. He wants a better future for himself and for his parents.

Education 10000 feet above_3

Do you see their determination to win?

These are the little kids who are determined to change. They are determined to change their lives, change their society, change their future and probably ours too.

Are these dreams so little that they will not be fulfilled? Are these little kids so small and weak that they can’t make a difference? Is there no hope for them because they live 10,000 feet above the sea level? The life there is difficult. The little kids know that their life is difficult but they want to struggle. They won’t give up. They are determined to change the world for themselves.


There is one man who is giving them the strength to dream –

Education 10000 feet above_2

He is Chandrakumar Pradhan.

Education 10000 feet above_8

The retired schoolmaster who has never give up attitude. He wants to fight until the end.

He doesn’t care anything for a noble mission. He is ever cheerful, joyous and lively.

Education 10000 feet above_7

He always faces challenges with a smiling face.

Education 10000 feet above_6

Carrying on the noble mission for India’s poor and the needy who don’t have access to the resources. He is always committed to a noble mission, sacrificed everything for the same.

Chandrakumar Pradhan

Aiming high, without discriminating against anyone. But his school and children need our help. They need 20 stationary kits and two blackboards for continuing their education. So their story is half complete.

Will you complete their –

Half Story

…and make them a success?

Will you –

Education 10000 feet above_5

make a difference?

See the story here

Make a difference today.

I saw this story and realized that our children need dedicated teachers like him. Education is their right and anyone of us can be Chandrashekhar Pradhan.



    No way! No way! No way!
    Ah-bus-so-lute-ly noh waayy!
    I thought the National Commission for Women,
    has conclusively concluded that
    all Indian males (minors and/or majors),
    are congenital rapists.

    So, how did Shri Pradhan
    become such a messiah, one wonders?!
    Allah bless you, Mr. Pradhan,
    for your good work.
    Thank you.

    You are a greater man than me,
    because you live your convictions,
    in your actions.
    Despite the lopsided priorities,
    of our biased and jaundiced political elite.
    You are the citizen, our new India needs.
    Not the divas foaming over at the NCW.



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