That Indihero Badge

Indihero badgeIndibloggger says I am Indihero, presents me with a unique badge that is not only mind-blowing in design but also elegant at the same time. I find the badge similar in looks with WWE champion’s belt. Well, blogging is indeed like WWE championship. Cutthroat competition yet favoritism for some blogs or writers in writer’s forums. It is fun mixed with excitement and yes a consistent challenge to deliver quality to the audience, to the followers.

Every badge that I earn reminds me of the great responsibility it is attached to. The responsibility towards my followers who consistently demand quality in my writing, who consistently demands to know something new, something exclusive that my blog can deliver.

Many of my followers recently have demanded more research-oriented articles and more analytics on my blog so that I can bring in new perspectives alive in each of my articles. Yes, their demand is very legitimate as these badges, recognition by blogging platforms, and more than 1000 followers on my blog definitely demand such position and it is a challenge for me to consistently deliver the quality.

However, writing an analytical article is not easy. Every time I attempt something new, I need to study a lot of reports, research articles and take care of 360 degrees view of any issue before I can write an article that will appeal to my readers and will keep them engaged. As I write on social issues, I need to be more careful as I always write against the popular thought process. The thought process that is ingrained in everyone’s mind and I need to consistently break that thought process to make a seemingly illogical and unpopular social cause popular.

In this way, my responsibility first comes to the society to create enough value proposition so that we get a better tomorrow. However, this is also true for the cause. Many times the cause wanted to take priority when I had to cleverly balance that thought and make social impact the priority.

With this article thus I want to express my gratitude not only to the blogger’s forum for awarding me the badge but also I thank all my followers for being there and acting as my constant motivation to create more value. If I can create any value for those 1000 odd people who follow my blog from different countries, I will get maximum pleasure and happiness.

However, this is not easy. As I mentioned earlier my work demand meaningful research on subjects that are taboo to the Indian society and maybe to the world. It demands sufficient time and dedication for my writing while I continue to be a slave to the capitalist world.  Balancing both sides of my life affects quality or quantity of my articles and thus creates a huge challenge for me. It is not only to keep my followers engaged but also to keep my blog alive. The blog that has become my identity now. I can’t afford to kill my identity.

Thanks to my followers and other bloggers for being my inspiration always. I am here only for you.



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