10 Reasons Congress Can’t Be Voted You Need To Know Now

INC_Election Manifesto

Indian National Congress has released its elaborate election manifesto for election 2014 detailing how they want to further empower women and children in the country. Their detail plan reveals why citizens should not vote them only for these issues.

  1. Congress has made Criminal Law Amendment Bill (2013) to punish citizens based on the simple allegation

The number #1 reason not to vote Congress this election is they have made something like this even though they have boasted about creating such a provision for sustained legal terrorism. Since Congress is boasting about this law that was made out of emotion and based on one grim Delhi rape and out of sheer pressure from feminist fundamentalists there is even more reason to oppose them coming to power.

If you are not convinced, see what happened to Khurshid Anwar who himself has fought for the Delhi victim. With no misuse clause in the same Congress has only ensured that more innocents are grilled under the new rape law that empowers none but the criminals.

  1. Congress has brought in Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill 2013

Congress itself has given another strong reason in its manifesto not to vote for them. The sexual harassment at workplace bill that they boast of. Another law that is made with a very feeble check for misuse and which clearly denies any justice for men being harassed under the hands of their women bosses. A law that can jeopardize men-women relation even at the workplaces and the law that was passed after the Delhi rape incident taking the advantage of high emotions flowing that time. This article will show you how this can jeopardize our industrial leadership in the long run and create havoc like the new rape law.

Thanks, Congress for boasting about it and giving us a strong reason NOT to vote for you.

  1. Congress has shown gender discrimination in Protection of Children from Sexual Offences ACT, 2012

Congress has given another strong reason to us not to vote for them by mentioning this ACT in their manifesto. This is another gender biased law that discriminates children based on the gender of the offender.

To understand how this act was gender biased see this act and refer to Chapter II that describes the penetrative sexual assault and related punishment.

The definition says – 3. “A person is said to commit “Penetrative Sexual Assault” if –

(a)    He….

(b)   He…

(c)    He…

(d)   He….

Please note that even though the definition starts with gender-neutral term person that includes both men and women, it goes on to define the criminal only as ‘He’ or in other words men.

In the definition of Aggravated Sexual Attack, the definition thus includes only men as offenders and cleverly excludes women.

But now note the offenses defined under section C of the same chapter. You will find a gender-neutral definition of the crime. The same is applicable for the definition under 9. (b)…note

“Whoever, being a member of armed forces or security forces commits sexual assault on a child –

(i)                  Within the limits of the area to which the person is deployed……”

Note a gender-neutral definition of the offender in this clause.

So this law even though boasts of being gender neutral actually discriminates offenders based on gender under certain sections. I have raised this point before this law was due to be signed by the Hon. President Mrs. Pratibha Patil and received a reply from the WCD ministry who drafted the law saying that under some provision even the masculine gender reference in any statute would include women offenders too.

Well maybe that is true, but in terms of the application of the law in future, we may see many police officers or lawyers conveniently forgetting ( or not knowing) this provision and many women not being punished as the law refers only to the masculine gender.

It was the WCD ministry under the Congress regime that has created this law and Congress is boasting about the creation of gender-biased crime definition now. One more reason was given by Congress NOT to vote for them.

Please also note the clause #22 on page 8, chapter V that talks about punishment for law misuse. Well, I welcome this clause with open hearts. But the only problem is Congress has not kept any such provision in the new rape law (point 1) or a very feeble provision under Sexual Harassment at Workplace ACT. This shows how much inability they have to think through an issue. (imagine a govt. boasting about lawmakers that think children can tell lies but not adult women). Lol

  1. INC wants to focus highly on women’s education ignoring education for boys in the name of gender equality

I know most of you will not find anything wrong in this unless I tell you this gap in literacy is already reduced.


I AM SURE you have still found a huge gap between male / female literacy that needs to be plugged. But when you calculate the percentage increase in literacy rates among boys and girls you will note that the percentage increase had been huge for girls compared to boys. More focus by Congress on girl’s education will simply deny education for boys and restrict their growth. Hence this is another killing provision that Congress is set to bring if we vote them to power.

Thanks, Congress for giving us yet another strong reason NOT to vote for you.

  1. Congress bringing in Fast Track courts solely to deal with cases registered under “Crime Against Women”

In all probability, most of you will find this the urgent need of the hour especially when you think that this kind of crime is increasing.

Well first of all Congress is the party that has created the terms “Crime Against Women” especially to create gender bias and gender hatred in the society. There is no reason to think that these crimes (be it domestic violence or rape) do not happen to men. This is only another way to divide us based on gender and to deny justice to a large section of our population. So Congress should be voted down first to create such a term and still shamelessly boasting about it.

Now let’s consider the provision of fast-track courts. In all probability, most of you will find this necessary despite the fact that almost NO ONE thinks that the first need is to punish errant people who file false cases so that the number of frivolous cases comes down. This will, in turn, create a more transparent legal system, unlike the present system that punishes such law abuser only with a mere fine of 15,000 rupees while the punishment for actual crime is several years of rigorous imprisonment (i.e. for rape).

So we understand that the provision of fast-track courts in the name of giving justice to women is only to create more legal terrorism, unchecked false cases, a conviction based on simple allegations and creating havoc in the society. …..and Congress wants to boast about this lethal provision.

We know this is yet another strong reason given by Congress itself to vote them out for several decades.

  1. Exclusive 24 hour transport facility only for women (point 10 in the manifesto)

So dear women are you feeling special for this provision that was first discussed in the PowerOf49 show? Good and this is just yet another strong reason to throw each Congress MP out of power. Reason? It is not only gendered biased provision, but it simply denies transport need for men at night. It is throwing men’s lives in danger in the middle of the night when we know that still today more men work in wee hours, night shifts and also in dangerous jobs.

By denying this basic right to such vast majority of men in the country in order to please only a few women who might be employed in call centres (all of whom definitely have transport facility for women employees) is a major reason to think that the makers of this manifesto are rogues who do not want anybody’s empowerment but just want to cling to their power on popular vote bank and divide and rule policies.

This policy is also set to create huge pressure on govt. as we have observed that even the transport facility that is run only for women in the daytime does not have enough passengers and run empty thus creating losses for the govt. exchequer that the male taxpayers are forced to compensate. Also, the need of such facility is completely unwarranted for as even in normal transports that allow both men and women to travel have a separate reservation for women and moreover DO NOT disallow women to board the vehicle. Thus this provision is completely unwarranted for and a cruel provision for the country.

Thanks, Congress for exposing your true self through your own manifesto. Also, we know PowerOf49 is actually your movement as you have taken up a cause that they have raised first. We know we should vote out all your MPs first.

  1. Congress wants to open one-stop crisis center only for women suffering from domestic violence

By ignoring all male victims of domestic violence, as we know domestic violence is a gender-neutral crime. However, Congress created Domestic Violence Act, 2005 have considered this only gender biased way. The true self of Congress is out again. Well, this time we have a choice of voting them out as we know how the DV Act ignores that all men in India are subjected to Domestic Violence too. (read this).

  1. INC wants to provide land rights to single women or women-headed households

So the citizens you know that simply because someone is single or head of a family she may be given rights to your land that you might have acquired after a lot of hard work. Oops, something similar to IRBM provision that the same congress wanted to bring, giving the wife rights to husband’s property even if she has not contributed.

Do you want to lose your property simply because your neighbor’s wife is a single woman or she is heading a family? If yes, vote for Congress.

  1. INC wants to distribute Sanitary Napkins to women with Women NGOs

Well, there is no harm in the distribution of sanitary napkins to women but do you want your govt. to do that instead of giving the work completely to NGOs? I mean I thought govt. has a greater responsibility of running a nation, developing infrastructure, create new policies, bringing in innovations etc. rather than distributing napkins.

The last thing we would want is a distribution agency to run this country. Thanks, INC for showing us your capability.

  1. INC wants to give low-interest loans up to 1 lakh only to women for livelihood activities

So that if you are a man with need of support for your livelihood activities, you may get lost but still pay taxes to maintain such women while your rights will be continued to be denied.

Congress has just given us one more reason to vote for them and screw our own livelihood for good. Create deep-rooted gender hatred and make the livelihoods of men extremely difficult while the responsibility of maintaining the family and all tax liabilities still remain intact with men and all women are pampered.

Be cautious while you vote for Congress. Make sure you are not burning your own future.


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