The Hateful Jaagore Campaign By Tata Group

The election manifesto of PowerOf49 or Jaagore campaign is out. This campaign is spearheaded by one of India’s most respected brand the Tata Group.

Let’s go through the manifesto to see how this is creating gender hatred and spearheading a movement against men in the name of women empowerment. The preface says it all – “Tata Tea, in association with Tata Group proudly presents ‘The women manifesto: The Voice of 49%”.

Even though the first point in the manifesto is on Domestic Violence, the manifesto starts with a subject of “Women and Public Safety” and discusses how unsafe women globally are (completely unrelated to Indian election) and then talks about Delhi Gang Rape in 2012 (as if all Indian have become rapist after that) and the new anti-rape law, that has driven Khurshid Anwar the biggest feminist behind a great movement after the Delhi incident to commit suicide.  The manifesto praises such a draconian law that is set to ruin any man’s reputation and life on the simple accusation.

Jaagore logo1

This shows how the Tata group can create confusion in the minds of people by stating unrelated facts.

Then comes some stats as “State of the Nation

  1. One woman raped every 21 minutes – it does not say that 75% of such cases turn out to be false (NCRB)
  2. 1 woman is kidnapped every 14 minutes in India – That doesn’t mean boys/men are not kidnapped. In fact check the murder, culpable homicide, accidents or robbery incidents you will find more men affected than women. #PowerOf49 never talks about those crimes.
  3. Crime against women increased over previous years – This also includes false cases filed by women. When punishment for perjury is merely Rs. 15000 fine, what else we can expect?
  4. Incidents of attacks on women to outrage her modesty increased – Men do not have any modesty, so women attacking a man can’t be reported.
  5. 225 cases of acid attacks against women reported between 2010 to 2012 – we do not have the figure for attacks on men, but that does not mean it does not exist and is not a crime.

Under “Women and Domestic Violence” section this manifesto quotes NFHS survey 2005-06 that 37.6% of women face domestic violence.  In this article, I have shown how one-sided surveys on domestic violence has painted a wrong picture of Indian men. Also per the definition of domestic violence, almost every Indian husband also suffers from the same (Read – Almost every Indian Husband is subjected to domestic violence). In fact, the definition includes so many different acts as domestic violence, I am surprised to note that PowerOf49 didn’t say that 100% of women suffer from DV. Maybe you would have caught their lies easily.

In “State of the Nation” section the campaigners have mentioned the following (presented with my comments)

  1. A dowry death every one hour, bride burning every 90 minutes – Pure lie of the great liars. My RTI to NCRB shows they don’t keep any data on bride burning (See – Dowry Death and Bride Burning in India). In fact, the dowry death every one hour is derived out of 8000 odd cases reported every year (note any death of a bride within 7 years of marriage is considered as dowry death unless the husband is Shashi Tharoor.
  2. Cases under DP ACT increased – But no punishment for the relatives of the bride for paying dowry. Girls want free marriage, no contribution and then all rights and 50% property rights in husband’s property.
  3. Cruelty by husband and relatives increased – no wonder false cases increased drastically as the NCRB record says. Good business for liars like PowerOf49.
  4. 42.9% DV cases occurred in rural areas and 32.7% in urban areas – I have exposed their lies on Domestic violence here (Truth of Jaagore – Domestic Violence)

On women’s health and sanitation issues that are seemingly harmless issues to all, the campaigners have shown Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR). The manifesto says this is due to socio-economic factors like education, household wealth and place of residence.

So feminists and Tata Group have proudly planned to destroy Indian men by denying/barring education for men/boys (read – Lies of Jaagore, PowerOf49 – Literacy of Indian women), Snatching house/property earned by the man under Marriage Law Amendment or IRBM (Read – Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2010 – A death warrant for India) and snatching the residential house from the man under existing DV Act (under Right to Residence clause in DV ACT).

This manifesto further adds that a 2011 UNICEF report says 47% of girls in India get married before 18. Well, as a reader how many such marriages have you seen in your life? Remember if almost half of all marriages are child marriage, you should have already experienced at least one. Now you know who is telling lies.

This further says, due to gender discrimination women do not receive healthcare to the extent required – when all policy, welfare programs, funds are directed to women causes and NOTHING is ever donated to promoted for any of the men’s causes. The question to the liars like Tata Group is if women do not get these benefits today, then who is then misappropriating the funds? You know the answer is the same criminal campaigners who are demanding more attention today.

Under the State of the Nation stats, the manifesto says the following (again presented with my comments)

  1. 36% of women are chronically undernourished and 55% anaemic – Point they are trying to make is girls are not fed properly in their house. This is directly showing our parents in a bad light. It will never consider the facts that biologically men being stronger and men being forced to do more tougher jobs need more calorie or food intake than women. Also, women being anaemic is not a problem created by men. They are free to be healthy.
  2. More than 600 million people or over 50% of Indian households defecate in the open – A real concern that needs focus on building toilets for all. Maybe some low-cost alternative.

Under the section of Education and Employment, the campaigners demanded that the principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution when they demand all facilities exclusively for women. The irony is these double mouthed snakes want all facilities depriving men and proudly call that empowerment and groups like Tata Group proudly fund that movement of hatred. See how Article 15(3) of the Indian constitution is violated every day in the name of Women Empowerment here.

Under State of The Nation, these liars once again are given some stats from 2011 census while so far they were giving stats from UNICEF report. See this article to see what UNICEF report 2013 on India’s literacy reveals.

In a nutshell, the issues of men and boys are nowhere highlighted today. No one says that more men commit suicide, or are murdered or die due to accidents they talk about 8000 dowry death cases 80% of which turn out to be false.

No one says women raping men is not even a reportable crime and cry for Delhi rape and considers all men in the country as rapists to bring in the Nirbhaya Act while almost giving the royal treatment to a victim. But the same feminists were shameless enough to support rape accused Khurshid Anwar or Tarun Tejpal because they belonged to the same feminist groups that fought for these laws. We wonder if we can get a license to rape by protesting against rape violently.

While the powerOf49 campaigners shout loud about dowry death, none of them has ever questioned why Shashi Tharoor was not booked under the same act after the suspicious death of his wife. Will Tata Group ever show the courage to demand arrest of Tharoor? We understand it is only a political gimmick that benefits some criminals (see – The Unholy Nexus) and some corporate-like Tata Group tries to take advantage of the same.

It is shocking to note that a revered brand like Tata Group didn’t need to sponsor such a program of lies to promote their brand. Shockingly enough the group claims that “Tata Group Proudly presents ‘The Women Manifesto”.

In order to enhance its brand value through this hateful movement, Tatas have ruined sufficient brand value to many of its own stakeholders and employees.


*For other campaign analysis click – here

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  1. The promise given by followers of Zoroastrian Community on arrival in Gujarat, that they will amalgamate themselves culturally with the local populace as does ‘Sugar dissolve in water’, was hitherto kept and the community has had the reverence of Indians for their contribution towards making of modern India. Ofcourse, TATA is a household name from earthly salt to everything called “Technological Advancements’
    The present initiative smacks of on the one hand “Marketing Gurus” commandments to target the “Women as spenders of Wealth” , whereas Man is seen only as accumulator of wealth; and on the second hand it appears to be singing the tune of “Congress” under a misplaced notion of “PowerOf49” released at Election Time 2014. On commerce interest it may not be faulted, but certainly it sends a wrong signal of dividing the Indian Electorate in the last bastion standing, “Indian Family”…..the great practice of British Indian Empire to “Divide & Rule”… Maybe Tatas are seeing generating additional demands for their products by dividing up Indian Family, which has been the “Corner Stone” of a living Vedantist Culture.
    Tata’s be warned, that if you do not stop this agenda, soon your credibility as impartial contributors to growth of India will vanish and you may have to be BANISHED and forced to take a flight from a land which has supported you over centuries as one of its OWN.
    Rethink and withdraw this evil campaign….. Lest your progenies will be faced with the dilemma of backlash of hatred which you are appearing to be sowing in the minds of INDIAN WOMEN AGAINST THEIR MEN


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