New Feminist Tactics To Shame Indian MRM

International feminist groups have adopted a new strategy to shame Indian MRM. This not only shows poorly on such campaigners who are linked to Indian feminist hardliners but also shows how a few criminal minded people are striving to grab power.

Recently I was surprised to find myself added to an international women rights movement group on Twitter. This was not done with my permission and was one-sided. Such addition to any twitter group automatically posts all my tweets to their network. Even though I was surprised initially to note this but did not know the original tactics was to shame me and attack Indian MRM in a different way.

A few days back one Indian religious group (at least that is what it seems from their Twitter profile) tweeted the misuse of Indian dowry laws.  I was not tagged initially to the tweet but some International feminists tagged me instantly and started abusing Indian society, Indian men and India as a nation.

Since I hardly get time to check twitter regularly I have seen those tweets much later and asked some basic questions about their source of information, citizenship etc as nothing was clear from their profile and they looked to be fake profiles on Twitter.

After some time I find some Indian groups Tweeting nasty images of women, using filthy language against women and showing images of desecration of holy books/ places/shrines etc. These tweets and images are so shameful for any person that I am not able to show them on my blog here. Soon I realized that the main problem was my attack on the PowerOf49 campaign and exposing the truth behind the feminists in the same. Soon I realized that people faking to support me on Twitter do not belong to any of the groups that I belong to / endorse/ patronize/promote or support.

Please note that none of my groups support sharing of nasty images of women, using filthy language against women or desecration of any holy book/ place/shrine/individual. Please note these are against our Indian culture and none of the groups that I endorse today support these. These people using fake Twitter accounts are trying to shame Indian men and India as a nation and should be punished.

I strongly condemn any such Twitter campaign that shows India and Indian men in poor light. These are feminists hardliners scared of my campaign against PoerOf49 and Jaagore ahead of Indian general elections they are trying to show the entire MRM in bad lights so that they can create a negative impression about the same movement and they can prove that it is a movement of hatred against women.

Also as a result of this, some people claiming to be researchers on MRM are commenting on my blog and shaming MRM by showing some international groups ‘links. This shows how false impression is created in people’s minds by the feminists.

I strongly condemn any such attack on me or the movement/groups that I support/endorse and recommend to the govt. to ensure strict punishment for all those who are involved in this nasty campaign.


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