5 Things I Can’t Miss In Malayasia

Malayasia Skyline

Travelling to any country brings a unique opportunity for the traveller to explore the new country and get a slice of a different experience that is offered only by the country. These are the top five activities that I don’t want to miss in Malaysia –

  1. Diving in exotic beaches
  2. Participating in the World Kite Festival
  3. Go close to nature at Langkawi Island
  4. Enjoy street food
  5. Taking a bite of the rich Malaysian heritage

Malayasia diving

1. Diving

Coral reef in Malayasia 13

Underwater diving in Malayasia 3There is a larger world under the sea and Malayasia’s exotic beaches offer a grand experience of exploring the underwater world. Images from underwater dives show us that a more beautiful and colourful experience awaits us inside the sea and not outside. The images say it all rather than the words.

2. World kite festival

Malayasian kite festival The kite was a favourite pastime in my childhood. In Kolkata every year we used to celebrate kite festival twice one in September on the occasion of Viswakarma Puja and another on the occasion of Saraswati Puja in January / February. This is a sport that lures all ages all across the globe.

Malaysian kites bring in a different flavour of enjoyment. It is mixed with Malayasian culture and their tradition. The big and colourful kites also bring in a dimension of the fine craftsmanship of Malay masters. These are works of art to enjoy, collect and also to boast of.

3. Nature at Langkawi Island

Ropeway in Malayasia

Langkawi Island Malayasia 5Nature brings thousands of wonders around us. Different places have different natural wonders to offer. The pristine valleys of the island mixed with the finest tourist facilities and sports developed by the Malaysian people will always bring in a special offer to my life. The experience will make my trip memorable and hence I can’t miss them while travelling there.

Cruise in Langkawi Island Malayasia 11

4. Street Food

Street Food Malayasia 6

Any place in the world brings in its special food buffet that can’t be ignored by any traveller. Food and culinary arts of the country make the travel memorable and special to the traveller. I would like to try out the following food items while I am in Malayasia – Tarik Tea, Satay, Penang Rojak, Nasi Lemak, Lemang, Lor Bak and Assam Lasaka.

I will also not want to miss a stroll around their special food streets like this one –


Malayasia 10

5. Culture, heritage and monuments

Malayasian cultureVisiting a country without experiencing their heritage sites and monuments is a waste of travel. It is more preferred to me than lucrative shopping option there. Thanks to opening up of economy Indian cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad too bring in a lot of good shopping destinations. But no other country can give me the experience of Malaysian heritage. Today heritage is not only its historical monuments and places it includes the world’s highest towers the Petronas Towers, Batu Caves, Legoland and other historical places of interest.

If I get a chance to visit Malaysia ever, these activities will be on the top of my itinerary.

All images except the third one are from the Malayasian tourism site. Third image courtesy


  1. Partha,
    Do write about Feminism in Malaysia too.
    Or has Malaysia become a higher order middle income economy …
    without the ‘amazing’ social contributions of feminazism?
    Gosh! How did it do THAAAT?
    Isn’t feminazism an absolute necessity for economic progress?
    Or are we Indians just so much more ‘stupider’ than Malaysia?
    Or are we Indians, as our Nari Mukti Morcha Behens proclaim,
    have a MALAISE (no puns intended 😉
    Please educate us, about our feminazism failings through the Malaysian mirror.

    That scratching sound … certain sister is sharpening her claws, on her chin.


    • @ Param Alok

      You seem to be grossly misinformed if you think that economic prosperity of a nation is an indicator of its social equality and how well that country treats its citizens (female).
      It’s quite possible that it can confine women to traditional gender roles, treat them as second class citizens and exploit them and yet, prosper financially.
      Though Malaysia may have joined the ranks of the newly industrialized nations across the globe, it hasn’t fared too well wrt women’s rights.

      On the contrary, I see a reverse spiral of sorts. The attire itself speaks for this negative change.
      Malay women used to don dresses like Baju Kurung and Kebaya way back in 1960s and 1970s have now disappeared giving way to veils, Hijabs, so ubiquitous in their presence.
      Societal & religious pressure has forced Malay women to cover up.
      The pluralistic society that Malaysia once prided itself to be now seems like a veneer.
      I wasn’t much impressed by the’ Malaysia, truly Asia campaign’ I grew up with, because just scratch the surface, you could see the glaring discrimination – the Malay ‘Bumiputra’ policy being one of them

      PS: Though I am not here to mar the author’s pleasures that he receives from the impending travel (maybe), but if he does go there, then it would be better to observe the Malaysian society through a feminist lens besides all that fun.


      • Malaysian men changed the economic landscape of the Malaysian peninsula.
        Malay women didn’t just one day decide to ditch the Kurung and Kebaya.
        They saw the impact of early westernization in Pakistan, and excuse me for saying this,
        in Bombay cinema of late 60s and 70s. They very popular back then, especially older generation.
        Our leaders, especially Mahathir Muhammad was constantly vilified in western media,
        for challenging the assumption that only western ideas are superior by default than Asian ideas.
        In Malaysia we have found our social balance and unlike you in India, have learned that
        feminism, is a western ideology to split apart men and women. And weaken and destroy family.
        Once family broken, why community? Why country strong? Today we have better than India.
        My mother side is of Indian heritage (like Mahathir), but we not talk about it much.
        Because honestly India is an embarrassment. And your ‘educated’ people take western ideas with eyes blinded. We in Malaysia are saved from social confusion and broken identity like you in feminism. I wear hijab. My father, family and husband, family both respect me. Thank you.


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