My Blogging Mantra – WIN

Win, Number one, triumph

Every human being has a responsibility towards the society, to serve the society in their own way, to carry out the best possible service for the society and to make life beautiful for everyone around them. This responsibility is more for bloggers as they are superior in thinking and they can bring in revolution with their blogs. Someone has rightly said – ‘Pen is mightier than sword’.

We bloggers take up these responsibilities very eagerly. Because it is not only expressing our views but also to bring in value for our readers, to create value for them in order to make their life beautiful.

I am a social activist who fights against corruption, gender justice and Men’s Rights in India. I fight against all odds to bring in justice for innocent male victims and their families. I dedicate all my articles to the men who are suffering today and to bring in true justice for the people around me. I write for them. I write so that these victims can understand the dangers facing their life, I help them bring out the truth in their life and bring in justice for them.

Not only I help innocent people undergoing extreme cruelty in their lives, I also inspire them to be bold and fight against all odds. My blog today is an inspiration for many male victims to come forward and seek justice. The main problem with men is that they are taught to protect others around them from their childhood, but they are never taught to protect themselves. I inspire them to think about themselves and protect themselves from the evil of the society. I inspire them so that we can reduce the number of male suicide victims in the country. My struggle for justice in turn inspires many others to help other victims.

As a result of my writing today, I create my own network with other activists from all over the globe. More than 900 people from around the globe follow my blog today. They belong to more than 100 countries in the world. My network can fetch help from unexpected corners of the world. My articles today influence others’ thought process. That creates an enormous social force that is changing the social mindset around us. Today men are coming out in the open with their issues and seeking help. I hope to reduce the male suicide rate through my blogs soon.

Thus I write, Inspire and Network with others for a social cause that is not recognized by many as a social cause today. I create a force that can WIN others hearts and make a deep impact on the society.


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