No One Cares For Them, Will You?

I have seen many national and international events for empowering women. Recently there is a national level blogging competition designed to raise funds for Devdasis who want to join the mainstream population. National level bloggers were invited to write posts to generate funds for these Devdasis.

All of us have certain social responsibilities and bloggers have more since they can shape the social thought process. So for any social project to become successful, it is important to shape that thought process and hence bloggers become an important community. More so, when prominent bloggers write about one topic that topic gets more importance and is highlighted incorrect forums.

Being a part of some self-help groups in different cities I have observed that orphanages for young male children do not get appropriate funds. More often these orphanages do not even have means to fulfill basic necessities for them.

On the other hand girl’s orphanages always get more funds and help from NGO, public and also from the govt. One reason being girls have a national commission and a ministry for them and there is specific fund allocated for women welfare in the country. This stark difference in dealing with younger generation based on gender show us how we are creating gender bias at the early years of life. This brings out the importance of having a national commission for men that can take care of funds needed for men and boys in the country.

Currently in India WCD ministry takes care of both women and children welfare. Different human rights groups have long since demanding the separation of these two ministries as they say that children welfare is not properly looked after by the ministry that is busy empowering only young women. That is another reason why young boys in the country do not get proper attention or funding. As a nation when we say that “empower the mother to empower the next generation”, We don’t really think about the children who do not have any parents.

I have been associated with some self-help groups like Hridaya which has first brought this gender discrimination to my notice. That is why they visit the boys’ orphanage homes more and make their donations in kind. These donations are mainly the articles needed for the young children like books, study materials, bags or even lockers, playing materials or chocolates.


The author with a group of young children at an orphanage in Hyderabad

(Image courtesy – Rahul Basu)

I have not come across many groups such as this who has observed this discrimination and worked towards eradicating the same. Some men’s rights groups have visited boys’ orphanages earlier and given them gifts but those efforts were also very limited. Since men’s rights organizations are non-funded groups focussed more on changing the legal system of the country it might be difficult for them to work more for this cause but they do recognize discrimination. That is why they demand a men’s commission for a longer term solution to all problems faced by men and boys in the country. Today a situation has come when probably even these men’s rights groups need to take up this cause actively.

As a nation, we need to understand that women empowerment cannot be the only goal of this generation. We need to look for the welfare of our children without discriminating them on gender.

So as a men’s rights activist I appeal to the general population to think about this issue and help such boy’s orphanages that are discriminated against by our government today. I request the men’s rights groups to focus on this issue and help to build a stronger future generation. My request to prominent national bloggers and different blogging platforms to organize blogging events to raise funds for these boys who can’t go anywhere else for help. My request to the national media is to pay more attention to this issue and to make the WCD ministry work for the children without discriminating them based on gender.

Today, I write this article to inspire everyone around to form a national network that can create a platform to help raise funds for these children. Together we can WIN many hearts and overcome this hurdle of gender discrimination of boys.


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  1. Its very painful and heart aching what you have discovered about orphaned boys. They either end up being street devils, have psychiatric problems and do not know the meaning of good family love and life. Your each word should sprout ocean of tears among humane hearts and volcanic rage among righteous (dharmaachaari) people. – Anand R. Prakash


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