These 46 Feminist Objections To Men’s Commission Will Make You A Meninist

A recent debate here on Merinews whether there is a need of Men’s Rights Commission like there is Women’s Commission, tell us a lot of mind-blowing things. It exposes the true feminist mindset on the various issues concerning men.

As on 31st January, merinews’ debate on ‘Creating Men’s Rights Commission is a need in Indian Society‘ (click here)  – this motion is voted in favour by overwhelming 95.96% readers. The opposition was minuscule as if nonexisting. Even the prominent Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) in India would have wanted slightly more opposition. Anyways, the proposition for the debate was men commit more suicides and they are treated badly so they need a commission to take care of men’s issues.

The two main speakers on the issue were Virag Dhulia from men’s side claiming that they need men’s commission and pro-male laws while women’s rights activist Urvashi Gandhi claimed patriarchal society does not need any men’s commission.

Now let’s look at the main reasons given for opposing the commission by various participants and the counter-arguments to each of those points:

Urvashi Gandhi, Women’s Rights Commission

1. Patriarchal society does not need any privileges for men (Patriarchy is never construed as bad when it provides free lunch to women or criminalizes men just for being ‘men’)

2. Men get the property as the head of the family(Even though women are entitled equally to father’s property and now as a wife, husband’s property too in IRBM. But a man can’t claim wife’s property)

3. Men have impunity to cases like violence, forced sex, multiple relations and aggression (We know that only a man is considered as a criminal under the domestic violence act, rape, adultery etc and women has impunity)

4. Everyday violence against women is reported(Not a problem if violence against men are not reported)

5. Sex ratio is dipping (Yet abortion is thought of as women’s rights, and 2001 and 2011 census data tells us that % of women is increasing at a faster rate than % of men)

6. Trafficking of women and girls (As if there is no trafficking of men/boys)

7. Sexual assault on women (Sexual assault on men by women can’t even be reported)

8. Acid throwing on women (Does not mean there is no acid throwing on men by women)

9. New laws made to stop violence against women and NOT pitched against men (By denying justice to men from all sorts of violence by women)

10. Men should not feel threatened by sharing power (By giving all legal powers to women who don’t want to share the same)

11. And take NO for an answer (In terms of any rights)

12. Respect women’s opinions and decisions (No matter how radical they are)

Rahul Khemka

13. Male chauvinists claiming commission (As if men are asking for rights to rape and go scot free)


14. Men’s commission is like ‘Reservation for General category’ (As if all general category people are equally capable)

15. Suicide is a mental issue, needs psychiatrist and medicine and NOT a commission(When married women suicide is termed as a dowry death and is a criminal offence and there is a specific section for that)

16. Marriage counsellors can resolve family issues (As if they can save men from false dowry, DV or rape case)

17. If the counselling body is biased against men, raise complaint (As if they come under any law so that they can be punished and when DV Act specifically says no criminal action can be taken is one work in favour of woman)

18. Nobody is needed to counter biases (So biasness is agreed here, and feminists accept that)


19. Men take blanket innocence but torture women in the household (As if all men are a torturer and all women are victims and no woman can retaliate or take criminal action and in reality when men can’t even file DV case against women)

20. Older women harass newer young women in most houses (As if older women are stronger and can fight better than the younger ones)

21. Older women drive men to oppress new women (As if men don’t like young women and natural gender attraction does not apply to them. More so when study reports say senior citizens in India are more tortured by the young DILs)

22. Domestic violence (against women) is a burning issue (When men do not have any recourse from DV by a woman and hence there is no statistics on the same and when conviction rate in DV cases is almost nil)

23. #IRBM, #MarriageLaw be passed at all costs (When women bringing her parental property is called dowry and crime but men should be forced to give away their property on marriage)

24. More women organizations need to work for women sufferers in the hands of males (So that a draconian law is like #IRBM is passed, and women get free lunch and accumulate property without working)

Satbir Singh Bedi

25. Men commit more suicide as they are more ambitious (When the wife has no responsibility in a family, and no mandatory contribution to a family then men have no choice but to be ambitious. Women can always depend on men no matter what)

26. Men feel ego-less and commit suicide (As if the commission will bring ego for men)

Kaveri Krishnan

27. Men can’t be raped (As if women can’t have sex against a man’s consent, or sexually assault one against his consentWhen women from other countries can rape men, why can’t Indian women? Do the feminists consider Indian women as less than human?)

28. Men can’t be sent out of their homes (As if in DV case the husband gets a domestic order against the wife and the wife is forced to leave her house)

29. Men can’t be tortured by their wives or in-laws (As if women are not human beings and don’t know how to torture someoneAs if they are less than a human being and normally is in a vegetative state so that they can’t retaliate)

30. Women must be provided maintenance (No matter whether she is capable of working or is working or is better off than the husband so that the economy can go for a toss as if parasitism is empowerment and to be considered as a right)

Shrabani Mukherjee

31. Gang rape and other abuses are rampant in society against women (As if the men’s commission will give permission to men for gang rape or any other abuses to women)

32. Men are treated like ATM machine and bodyguards as they want to be the superior gender and hence deal with consequences (So women want equality but still want maintenance as their right and pretend to be weaker sex to get all other legal benefits)

33. Women don’t want men’s money or protection if men change their thinking (Said at a time when women enjoy men’s money and protection and still claim oppression as if men has ever asked for oppressing women as their right)

34. Women are marriage materials and men rape them (So now men should not marry women and should marry men because women are NOT to be considered as marriage material, and stop raping women as women raping men is not even recorded as a crime)

35. Men do not need a commission (No reason given)

36. Recent gang rape in Kolkata after Kangaroo court’s verdict (When there is no news update after that first day’s report and media has suddenly become mum on that matter. Because there is a rape in Kolkata, that means all Indians are rapists and all men in India should be denied justice)

37. Sexual harassment in offices (When harassment against men by female colleagues is not even a reportable crime)

38. Men are superior in our country (When men commit more than double the number of suicides, most of the murder and violence victims are men, no law to protect men from women, when women enjoy a commission, a ministry and 49 biased legal provisions and reservations in innumerable places including promotions and when 85% of country’s taxpayers are men, paying taxes to fund the women’s commission and ministry to create laws against themselves)

39. It is not women’s fault that men can’t deal with their internal demons (But men should be responsible for all miseries faced by women ever)


40. Men are always jealous of women (When women enjoy all benefits from men)

41. Men want a commission as women have one (Funded mostly by male taxpayers to create laws against men)

42. Men have timid mentality so commit more suicides (but men are considered to be aggressors when it comes to punishment in domestic violence cases. So men is considered timid or aggressor depending on feminist’s convenience)


43. Utter shame that men want something (Only women have rights to want everything and Puneet himself does not want anything for him. Ask him, he may give his property to you)

44. Number of rape and molestation cases reflects the pathetic state of our country (As if our country does not have anything else and all men are busy in rape or molestation of women. So men should be happy with that)

45. Men need to be blamed for rape and molestation (…and he is also one male)

Bobby Ohri

46. Why should men have all the fun by having a commission (Women have only fun in women’s commission, no work. That shows why the condition of Indian women is pathetic and also why the state of Indian men is also pathetic) 

Now we know how vague are feminist logic of opposing men’s rights.


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  1. Very well said and written . At least there are some men who dare to think and support about his brethren. Good job by Rohan also


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