Now Get Killed On Her Wish, Let Her Get Bravery Award

NirbheekNow a gun named ‘Nirbheek’ (fearless) is dedicated to women in India. This revolver is promoted as a safety gear for women. The weight of Nirbheek about 500 grams and is built by a state-run ordnance factory in India. Nirbheek is slim enough to slip into any woman’s purse. Experts say that this gun can surely kill a person if used properly. Recently there is news that several women have already enrolled themselves in shooting classes.

Several human rights groups have protested against promoting a revolver like this and expressed their concern that women safety is a government responsibility. By promoting a gun for safety our government is only going away from its responsibility. It is also encouraging killing by a woman and mostly to increase murders in the name of a rape attempt. Several others have claimed that the price of this gun is around INR 100,000 which is very high for average middle-class Indians.

Even though the procedure for getting a gun license is very stringent in India and one needs to prove that one is under life threat to own a license it is always a matter of convincing some authorities. It is well known that in India anyone can get these by paying a bribe to those authorities and it is nobody’s guess that one section of the population will always be privileged to get that license by paying a bribe. Also when women safety issues are projected in a big way getting the license will not be that tough for women too.

Question is what will happen to common people in India, either men or women. Under present situation as rape is projected in a very big way as dowry and domestic violence was projected earlier it is already seen that women feel unsafe on streets. This fear psychosis is constantly reinstated by the media hype of rape and sexual assault cases and it is natural that any woman will try to get a license by any means today. But can’t women safety be achieved through other means?

In the North Eastern parts of India, we have a matriarchal society where we may have a lot of adultery-related issues but we don’t hear frequent rapes happening. Many suggest that those rapes are always kept under wraps but since there is no statistics around that we can’t comment anything on those unreported cases. Women in those states know various self-defense techniques and it is included in everyone’s school curriculum there. Women take part in all kinds of activities without fear.

Our politicians or media or even feminists never spoke about teaching women self-defense techniques so that women feel safe. Instead, the government has created a mechanism that will not empower the majority of women but only a section of high-class women who can arm-twist the system to get a license. The ordinary common men (and women) remain the target. These ordinary women can’t protect themselves as they can’t afford a gun, and men become the target of those elite class bullets. As a result, the common men and women become more unsafe in the hands of the elite.

Thus the measure of providing guns to women is not only outrageous but targeted only towards common people of India. This has one more deadly side effect. The children from these privilege classes will also have access to these guns now. No matter how securely these guns are kept (there is a check by the authorities to check the place where the gun will be kept) there will be lapses and easy access for the children. The probability of children taking these guns to their schools to teach their classmates lesson also can’t be ruled out. That is what happens in the western world today. The parents of the deceased will not know that selling Nirbheek is a big business for the gun company (in this case the government) and it is the criminal feminists who promoted Nirbheek had actually killed their children.


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