Single Mother Child – You Need To Worry About Your Biological Father Now

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So, my dear children, do you love your mother? Oh, that is very good indeed, after all, we all love our mothers don’t we? This is believed to be the best relationship on the earth. But what about your father? Is he not living with you nowadays as your mother had to choose to be a single mom as he was very cruel? I am sure you might have heard how difficult it was for your Single mother to single-handedly raise you or you might have heard stories about how she was thrown out of her own matrimonial house in the middle of the night by your father.

Are you frustrated that your father never came to meet you in school or in your house from one fine day? Are you angry at your father suddenly forgot all of you one day and vanished from your life? Well, you are NOT the only child to experience this. All children with single mother experience the same across the country. You are not an exception.

However, dear children, the reality might be exactly opposite. Your father could have been the best father on the earth. It is time to make sure that your mother had not deprived you of the best parent on the earth. It might be so that the person who you know as your father is NOT your real biological father and your single mother had just conceived you out of one of her illicit relations. It is time for you to find out who your real father is and why he is not meeting you.

No matter how much you hate your father and love your mother for all that they have done to you from your childhood, ask your mother who your real father is. If she gives an answer, just ask for a DNA test to match your DNA with your father. Do you think this is insane? Do you think no mother can tell lies to her son?

In India, with modernization and women empowerment adultery in a marital relationship has become common. More and more children are conceived outside the marriage and these empowered women are putting the burden on the innocent unsuspecting husbands. If these husbands catch their wives in adultery, almost always they can not prove the charges because it is almost impossible to prove adultery under current legal provisions in India. Your father might be just one such innocent person who had suffered a lot and ultimately had to leave you. So don’t be surprised if you find that to be true in your case.

Dear children of single-parent families – did you ever check with your single mom who had provided the facilities you and your mother are enjoying today? Who built that house or who bought that car that your mother drives? Did you ever ask your mother how she has managed your school fees singlehandedly or made the payment to your private tutors? If not, it is time to ask these questions. If you probe well, you may be amazed to find that it was your cruel father who provided all these to your mother and he still may be paying her money to her bank account.

If your father has stopped meeting you suddenly one fine day and if he has suddenly become an alien to you, that might be because when he caught your mother’s adultery she had filed false criminal cases against him and your grandparents. You need to know that under these criminal provisions men like your dad are not allowed to come near your mama or you. They might be sent to jail if they did this without court permission or proper visitation rights. So you know why your papa might have vanished one fine day and never met you after that.

Ask your mother how did she build the flat you are living in today or how did she buy the car that you enjoy driving. See if her income was good enough to acquire all such assets. You may have amazing findings.

Does your mother beat you for no reason? Does she shout at you or threaten you with something grave and you think all these are because of your cruel father leaving you in the middle of hardships? You think it is but natural for any person to be irritated all the time when one undergoes such hardships? Well, you are just overlooking the fact that your mother might just be a very cruel lady even before joining single mom’s club and that might have been the reason your father leaving both of you or getting addicted to alcohol.

Dear children of single mothers, it is time to find out who your real father is by demanding a DNA test from your mother, find out why your father does not live with you by meeting him in person, by demanding his attention if he had left you and your awesome mother in trouble and don’t be surprised to find that you have lost the best father in the world and your mother is solely responsible for that.

Dear children, if you can meet him separately and probe into this matter of single parenthood, you may be amazed to find out that even after years of separation your father loves you more than himself, you may be surprised that he is still eager to meet you and hug you. You may be amazed to find that in those initial days your separation, when you had refused to meet him under threat from your mother, when you had only shaken your hands with him from a distance and not hugged him anytime you met him, when you had seen him waiting under the sun in your school backyard to meet you once and you tried to omit him for fear of your mother, he had cried relentlessly within himself. He JUST wanted to be in touch with you and give you that sense of safety but your cruel mother has taken away that joy from you.

Dear children of single mothers, it is your right to know who your real father is and it is time to demand this information from your mother. More so, because your father might have been cheated by your mother and he was not given any chance to ask for this DNA test legally (courts in India often do not allow DNA tests as they can’t proclaim a child as a bastard child). It is time to demand an explanation from your father why he deserted you in the middle of hardships as told by your mother who chose a single life and it is time to ensure that you are not deprived of the best father in the world.


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