The Criminal and She

Scene 1Local Train to Howrah

I was returning to my flat from my parent’s house by a local train yesterday. The compartment was empty and I took a comfortable seat by the window. As usual looking a stud and catching the attention of a few young women around.

He boarded the train after a few stations and took the seat in front of me. Middle-aged fat man, middle height with a pot belly. My observation power is normally good as I use all my six senses (I do have a sixth sense) when I observe anyone. I found there is something tucked under his shirt. The shirt was loose but I felt it could be a revolver or a knife.

Since the compartment was empty everyone was looking at any new person boarding and then started looking outside for some scenic beauty. In this case too others looked at him and then looked outside until his phone rang.

The call was for some other person with him but he received the call on his behalf. Soon both side started hurling extreme abuses. He threatened the other person like this –

“Listen, in my area, everyone need to support ***** political party. You can’t support any other party, else I will burn your house. ******* if I ever see you or anyone from your house supporting anyone else… you have a nice, tummy 18-year-old daughter right?….will rape her in a manner that you will never find her pieces together.”

The open threat in a moving local train with 20-25 passengers onboard. He also showed his gun to us in the meantime. He showed he is supported by the political party and that is his area and no one dares to say anything to him.

All hawkers who came nodded at him, he responded back. That proved everyone knew him.

All the young girls board off the train in the next station.

I started wondering if stricter rape law is any deterrent to the real criminals. They always get shelter under some ruling party. They can always threaten the victim of dire consequences with their political support and the victim will have no option but to turn hostile in the court. These criminals will go scot-free. It is only the ‘law abiding, peace loving’ citizens like us who are shit scared of extreme provisions. Criminals are there to do the crime and still go scot free as we will never have a better implementation in India. A better implementation that can make everyone’s life better and the life of real criminals a hell. But today, thanks to the poor implementation of our laws we have innocent people terrified either from false complaints or about the security of their own daughters, sisters, and mothers.

Scene 2Auto Rickshaw

On this same journey, I had to catch an auto home. I boarded at the starting point where there was another girl already sitting in the auto.

The girl was about 20-23 years of age with the modern outfit. Her specs were trendier than mine and she was having a cell phone costlier than mine.

At a first glance, I could think of her as a maid. She didn’t give me any impression of a well educated, sophisticated girl even though she was sporting costlier outfit.

She was talking on her mobile with a guy and the conversation went like this –

–          I have already sent you my profile pic on FB, didn’t you receive the same?

–          …….

–          Ok, no problem. Are you on WhatsApp?

–          ……..

–          I will send you my pic on WhatsApp.

I am not on WhatsApp so I felt she is more tech-savvy than me. But her looks were not matching what she was having as I continued to overhear her conversation with that guy…

–          What?…hour? An hour it is 3000

Initially, I thought I heard work instead of an hour. I thought she was talking about her work. A lot of girls of her age in my area work as ayaas and get around 3000 bucks per month.

But then came the shocker…

–          Night? The night it is 5000.

I understood what she is.

She didn’t have any remorse on her face as I looked at her with shock. She didn’t have any shame and was completely normal when she said her hourly and night rates.

I realized it has come to us…it is already knocking on our door.


  1. I don’t know what exactly your problem is with the woman in Scene 2. She is being honest with herself and her client. She won’t accuse her client of false rape neither will claim a fortune in divorce. She won’t mistreat her client and file false cases against his family. I think prostitution should be legalized in India too.


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