The Unholy Nexus

This post reveals the various stakeholders of a deadly nexus that is set to rule us, the common man and obliterates anyone that comes in the way. The stakeholders in this nexus are varied and come from different backgrounds of the society but speak in the same language to convince the general population about their agenda. Beware of them as they are here stifle any voice raised against them, they are here to finish humanity.

Nowadays pages on social media seeking justice to people have become very popular.  Off late one such page seeking justice to the late social activist, Dr Khurshid Anwar is on the rounds  –


He was a social activist and an NGO head and fought vigorously for tougher rape laws in India after the Nirbhaya incident in 2012.

Normally we don’t find news of men committing suicide getting media coverage but in this case, media gave him a good coverage –


As a result of DR Anwar’s fight, we have got this the new Sexual Assault Law, which is described very well in this TOI article –


There is no need for me to tell that this is extremely dangerous law and this can ruin the social fabric and that is what we the Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) have been fighting against all these years. But people like Khurshid Anwar and his aides have never listened to us. Rather after the Nirbhaya incident, when MRAs were protesting all possible forums to stop creating the hype as that could lead to a dangerous situation, they were threatened by the same feminists with dire consequences. MRAs knew the politics behind the creation of unnecessary hype was only the creation of more gender biased laws to continue the extortion of common people where only the criminals win. The legal terrorism as this is popularly known today never ends anywhere until it engulfs all families and individuals.

Times of India was a pioneer in fuelling the rage and they continuously supported, published and created stories around Nirbhaya protests. They were a pioneer in proposing chemical castration of the rapists and suddenly started reporting stories of marital rape cases after the Nirbhaya incident. Those of us who used to read TOI earlier (I stopped reading TOI after their sustained coverage on Nirbhaya incident and fueling the road rage that led to these laws) know that the same newspaper was publishing stories of how couples are not having sex, how the libido of Indian men coming down etc. due to stressful modern life just before the Nirbhaya case.

In the Hindu article, we find that Dr Sundriyal said –

“I have been an office-bearer of the Gender Sensitisation Committee at Jawaharlal Nehru University. I can say that when we try to take matters into our own hands and not follow laid-down procedures on sensitive matters such as rape, it is usually the women who suffer.”

So, she has been saying something that Khurshid Anwar himself did not follow. He was seen creating/abetting/sustaining road rage in Delhi after four days of Nirbhaya incidence. Does that mean the law needs to be different for men associated with the activities of women NGOs?

Kamal Mitra Chenoy Professor of JNU who claimed that some activists want to be shown on TV and hence taking a keen interest in Khurshid Anwar case –

blamed media mainly NE media as being biased. He said Men’s Rights Activists are taking a keen interest in this case because they want to showcase their organization and want to be shown on TV. He also mentioned that IPC 498a is gender just.

So dear reader you can understand that a professor and social researcher of JNU supports IPC 498a as gender just when in each of these cases more than one woman suffers extortion on an average (the DIL filing a false complaint against the MIL and SIL if not more women in the family). Even recently two women jumped to death after being named in such a case –


Being a social researcher of his stature he should have known that more women suffer atrocities in IPC 498a rather than get relief, and this makes one thing clear – he is not only against men but he is against women too. He supports legal terrorism and harassment of innocents and this proves that he is against humanity. This shows is an agent in this fake empowerment racket.

Let’s see what he has said earlier in 2012 after the Nirbhaya case in an interview – To the question why women vote bank is not seen he said –

The reason is that patriarchy and masculinity are very strong.

“The perception of traditional gender roles still exists. Women are seen as commodities, not independent thinkers.”

But when one of his fellow comrades is accused today, he says – “the woman is from NE and NE media is biased”.

So now he is trying to divide women according to the region. Does it mean NE women can’t think independently? Can’t they understand what is rape? In this way of blaming NE media, he has only created regionalism, another attempt to divide India.

We get scared by seeing the standard of our social researchers like Mr Chenoy. They are not informed that 85% of Dowry cases are false and if we take out the dowry death cases associated with some of them, the percentage becomes ~98%. They are not sympathetic to women and families committing suicide after getting implicated falsely by some criminal women. These researchers say Men’s Rights only fight of some men harassed by dowry laws whereas it is fighting against all atrocities that men need to undergo today and that includes rape. This clarifies the standard of social research done by these researchers and we know how fake and motivated those researches are.

We have already seen earlier how feminists change their colours in any women related crime (See – The Politics of Rape in India and The Politics of Women Empowerment in India), while they keep on blaming patriarchy for objectifying women, blaming the victim in rape cases, they themselves do the same when their comrade is accused.

Remember Tajpal case? See a detailed account of that incidence in this  India Today article and see how the people who have organized conference on crimes against women, gave big lecture in the morning have violated someone in the evening, and they have not stopped from doing character assassination of the victim later. Patriarchy is deep-rooted indeed. ;P

In this page created by Khurshid Anwar’s followers, we find details about others who shunned the media trial too –


From the above page, we come to know that Purushottam Agarwal (see this video )

He wanted regulation on social media and web where people are expressing their disgust about this empowerment. He wants to control the free voice that exposes paid mainstream media and the so-called activists like Mr Agarwal.

Mr Agarwal says the law is just. We understand that he is in the forum of a woman’s NGOs that charge money for their services even from a woman victim and Mr Agarwal is just a stakeholder there. It is the same people who create a sensation in all kinds of media including social media and claim his fast execution when a common family is accused.

Now let’s see how this incidence of Dr Anwar came to light. This detailed reply by Madhu Kishwar the activist who has brought these allegations to light tells us a different story altogether –


And after reading this you will find that Khurshid Anwar might actually have raped the girl.

In any normal instance by now whole India would have stood up against  Anwar and only we the MRAs would have fought for him saying media trial is bad etc. But because he was an NGO head now people of the stature of JNU professors, media personnel, and senior bureaucrats are talking in favour of him. This is the irony in India if the accused is a common man in a similar case the hypocrites would have created new stories around how the accused was separated from his wife and how he became a sex maniac and would have made a whole new story around it. We have already seen that kind of stories after the Delhi rape.

But when the accused turns out be one sponsor of this legal terrorism racket exposure of his name as a rapist in a national media is prohibited. doesn’t it look like that some people are afraid of their identity being exposed, they fear that their business of fighting for women rights either in the name of fake social research or falsified legal explanation is being exposed?

So we understand why these innocent families never get justice.


The children from these families are thrown out of their schools simply on the allegation against their father, the wife being persecuted, segregated from the society. They don’t expect justice from this society and the hypocrites like Mr Chenoy and Mr Agarwal continue to give a false justification of these obnoxious laws because they want to continue this business of women empowerment. We understand that there is huge money involved in it.

Today they have made it clear that they don’t like Indians talking freely against their atrocities and writing blogs, exploding on social media for justice and they want to stifle this voice. They want to imprison and control everyone who speaks against this legal terrorism racket. They want to keep common Indian men suppressed by false dowry, domestic violence, rape or sexual harassment cases as they justify these laws and also suppress women by supporting rape accused who are with them or by incriminating anyone who tries to expose their double standards.

The way they are supporting the accused today, and doing character assassination of the victim (by saying she was drunk etc.) or incriminating the activist who has exposed the truth makes us shiver about the unholy nexus where even social researchers, social workers, and senior policymakers all are involved. We understand that this legal-terrorism racket is very strong and powerful indeed and they are here to suppress our voice.


*Image courtesy – respective websites


  1. Maybe !!! Instead of calling ourselves.. “Men Right Activists”….. “a term”, which automatically creates a fault line ….WE should like ourselves to be addressed differently….. Are not our mothers, sisters and other women relatives too sufferers because of these Unjust Laws???….Of course they are….,,Therefore , I opine there is an immediate need to change the Banner under which we are seen voicing our concerns…….”EVERYTHING in a name…It is Banner under which a body of individuals…la Army of Sufferers is fighting”…… THEREFORE , we should start calling ourselves……”Victims of Unjust Laws”……Are not we “Victims”…..we are with the forums because we are ‘Victims” and not researchers..or….Sponsored NGO’S … The word “Victim” will be more catchy for the media. …. ..AND establish our credentials and moral right to speak being direct suffers of unjust laws….never ever use the word “women”… say ” wife”….or .. a “Person accusing a man of harassment / rape”…..Don’t even use the word “women biased laws”….moment we say “Women Biased Laws, we are creating an enemy against us !!!.then..first thing we can start questing is the .. “Locii Standing” of our opponents in debates”……Hence the…. “Moral Right to speak as first hand sufferers of Unjust Laws”…shall endear us to more hearts of the Media…..


  2. Bad laws have always created problems hence each law must be debated exhuatively and necesary changes/ammendment be brought to make law gender natural as well as society friendly to bring harmoney in gender and as a whole in society.


  3. Why do I feel that you hate women and reading your posts make me feel a bit scared? Are you treating crime against women as normal? I am a woman and yes If you say I am a Feminist then for just considering myself as a human of equal rights yes then i am your guilty yes, I am a feminist. But I love men. I love my Father, Brother, Husband and friends


    • Your reply says it all. If you really respect the men in life then get ready. You have not read my blog, you have never encountered false cases in your life, you can be in your dream that I hate women, but in reality when you face this feminism wrath in your family you will know what it is. Being unnecessarily emotional about crime against women and completely ignoring crime against men will only make your life miserable..wait for the time. We handle such cases is only matter of time..the way this society is becoming misandric, that day is probably not far..just remember what I said today..


    • Hahaha another tactics and crocodile teary feminist. You love men…true who are slaves and hardly have their own life.
      And stay out from guiding men….as all your motives are designed to make us subdued.
      And yes men don’t have women….they love women and that is why they hate feminists (like Barkha, PC, Hillary and you) because you are the toxic blood. We want to save our women from these poison.


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