Protest Against Smelly Stubble (P.A.S.S.): Yet Another Misandrist Campaign By Gillette

Gillette is out with yet another misandrist campaign called Protest Against Smelly Stubble or PASS. As a part of this campaign which was designed purely to stop the growing trend in today’s youth sporting the rustic look and to increase their sales. There are some imaginary figures like –

–          68% women say clean shaven men look good, or

–          88% women prefer clean shaven men, or

–          76% Hyderabad women seeking partners are looking for clean-shaven men


Are all slogans designed to fool the generation and create misandry in the form of stating that it is the women (or here the company Gillette) that decides the sexual attractiveness of men?



To bolster this campaign Gillette has already brainwashed Bollywood stars and doctors with money and both male and female stars endorsing that clean shaved men look better or are a better choice for females as mates. This blog explains it better –

After all, we know money speaks everywhere (This video was later removed by the owner after our protest) –

Stubble6Let’s see their Facebook page –

Gillette Stubble FB Page

Alternately, you can also see the launch photos here –

Stubble11To make this campaign stronger, Gillette now has roped in bloggers and asked them to write blogs and tag their blogging friends and designed the campaign in such a way that bloggers start writing imaginary stories how clean shaved men have improved their love life. Attractive prizes are offered so that bloggers also take part of this CONTEST and write some true or fake stories.


There is no doubt that when so many fake stories will float on internet with Bolly and Tolly wood celebrities also endorsing the thought that “Stubble = No Bath”, women prefer clean shaved men with some fake stats that no one knows how they were generated, some innocent men who prefer to keep beard or look better in beard will actually start shaving multiple times a day with the hope that they will attract more women. Without realizing that it is all part of a marketing plan of a multinational, where they decide what the trend should be.

Let’s look at some scientific research done on the subject of men and women sexuality by some world-renowned universities. Studies done in the University of Austria have shown that women are not attracted by the beard or the lack of it, even the most empowered women in the west look for security and they get attracted to money and power of men, their cars rather expensive cars and NOT by their beard. In fact, some of the bearded men were rated the best when their salary was raised to imaginary high figures –

The science of Sex Appeal (Discovery Documentary). See the video here –


Also regarding falling in love and continuing with the same, scientists have already proved that a chemical called Dopamine is responsible for love. See the video here  –


Now let’s come to the body odor and sexual attractiveness of men. This scientific experiment shows the reasons why women may like some of the smells depending on their fertile window. See the video here –


Now understand how the dating and mating system really works. See the video here –


So you see guy’s beard or no beard is actually not a constraint.

Now, look at the survey done sometime back in a few cities –

This survey result clearly states that clean shaved men are outdated.

Or this news

Now let’s look at the celebrities who spoke that they like clean shaved men. –

  1. Anushka Sharma – she told something otherwise here. She likes more rugged look or men with beard. See the video here-

So she was bluffing in Gillette video. Or in the first one…or she is a liar who doesn’t know what she wants. Anyways, we know she can’t be trusted.

  1. Neha Dhupia – In this 2009 article, she said she likes bearded men –

However, now she has changed her mind. We know some people are fickle minded and so we don’t want to believe them anyway.

  1. Sushmita Sen –

This video about Sush’s love life says she never had a stable relationship. Well, not going into her personal life, we can see that she, in fact, had better and sexier relationship with men with beard and she has ditched mostly men with no beard.

  1. Sonam Kapoor

She has already candidly admitted that she is not interested in men, hence her opinion about beard doesn’t matter

In this jungle of liars, only Malaika Arora Khan seems to have maintained her stance clear about bearded men. She has always claimed that she likes clean shaved men.

So it is clear that for creating business for multinational companies how film actors can change colors. We understand that if we believe these celebrities for any product they endorse then we will make the biggest mistake of our lives. These film actors are only good at acting and we all know acting is making lies look like the truth.

The same can be said when bloggers who are writing blogs for this campaign and writing fake stories about a clean shave and its benefits in winning partners. Dear fellow bloggers if you don’t maintain your standard and shun propagating this kind of falsehood then you will soon lose your popularity. One i-phone (won as a prize of this contest) can’t change your credibility for your readers.

Also, all bloggers who are writing about this topic are actually confirming a very sexist approach that women have the right to decide what men should wear / sport. Well, do we ever tell women how to dress or what color of lipstick to wear or what length skirt to wear?  If we do, then isn’t it considered as moral policing? Or sexist outlook? Then why is so much sexism spread widely by this company and we all are feeling ok about it? Shouldn’t they be banned from doing business in India for spreading falsehood without any scientific research?

Even though I hate creating religious sentiment for everything but this is clearly against Sikhs and Muslims who keep the beard and also to some Hindu Sadhus who keep the beard. This campaign is clearly against all these religions. All celebrities, media houses and bloggers who are writing or promoting this campaign is actually fueling this anti-religion sentiment.

How long we will fall prey to false propaganda of foreign companies and also contribute to the same?

Disclaimer – I am a clean shaved man and like my look that way but that is not because of women around like me that way. It is because I like myself that way and it is easier for me to be that way. But I would like to respect the choice of anyone who thinks otherwise.


      • My view is simple and clear: Cheap ways to promote your product by tagging someone as ‘smelly’ or whatever! If you are a person who would really get affected by this foolish campaign and ditch your beard…you yourself are foolish too!


  1. I totally agree with what you’ve written. Being a blogger, I too was approached to write about this and be a part of their campaign, I declined. All Gillette wants is to increase their sales which the recent stubble trend has undoubtedly endangered.


  2. I respect your opinion but these days people are not that stupid that they will blindly follow what a movie star or celebrity tells them to do. I don’t think this campaign is about forcing people to not keep beard and stay clean shave. It totally depends on the individual whether he wants to follow the crowd or take his own stand.!


  3. Stubble looks good on guys, but long beards are sometimes smelly and not at all attractive. They should have changed their campaign to exclude stubble. 🙂
    I hope none of the guys lose the stubble (as you have mentioned) because of this campaign. 😦


  4. Nice article, Partha! I like the way you exposed sexist Gillette’s campaign 🙂

    There are dozens of other ads & ad campaigns that are misandric. For example, the recent ad of Bournvita; it is very misandric (and mindless) I think.


  5. Its a bad move by Gillette .. how on earth can they not consider the Sikhs, Muslims and similar other groups/populations who have protected and kept intact the trend of keeping beard. By calling a beard ‘Smelly’, they are actually offending these religions and provoking people to shave off their facial hair in the name of hygiene. And I have heard several women stating that they love men with stubble. I am dead sure their survey is as fake and doctored and their campaign. Cheap marketing strategy by the company. Don’t wish to buy Gillette products.


    • This is the way a mindset against men is created. All men habit is tagged as bad or ugly. Now imagine a campaign saying women who wear tank tops look ugly or as hoes, how much protest would have been there? These are the sexist campaigns that create a negative male bias in our minds and by writing for such campaigns bloggers actually confirm the bias in everyone’s mind including theirs.


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