Dear Indian Feminists : Its Time to Join Men’s Rights

On the Anniversary of Delhi Rape

It is one year of the Delhi rape and we have seen too many changes in the Indian social environment. The mother of the Delhi rape victim said: “I felt revulsion at what Tarun Tejpal did, not anger”. This post reveals the name of the Delhi rape victim.

Feminists 1After almost one year of the Delhi incident, Tehelka editor Shoma Chaudhury opposed the death penalty for rapists in this article.

Feminists 1a

This should be considered a dramatic win for a handful of MRAs who have been vehemently criticizing death penalty ever since the actual incident occurred. The reason was simple, we know 75% of rape cases are filed only for taking revenge. So, any stricter punishment based on one single case would have made all those accused lives’ miserable. We also knew that the punishment for rape was already strict and hence based on one single case out of pure emotion we could not change our laws. (Read – How Delhi Rape Case Will Change Our Life in Future).

However, in her article, Shoma claimed that the “incidence of rape is so widespread that only 20-30% of them are reported”.  She claimed that hardly any rape case gets media attention as she mentioned that cases in Chattisgarh never catch media attention. She added that most of the rape cases (70%) happen within the family and hence killing doesn’t help.

Even though we are not sure how she got the report that only 20-30% rape cases are reported if we do not debate that statistics for argument’s sake, we find that 75% of filed rape cases turn out to be false after trial (NCRB stats). So even if we had all rape cases filed (going completely by her argument) we would have got a number of false cases rather than genuine ones. We wonder that if we have more false cases filed then how can she claim that most of the rape cases are not even reported? We wonder if rape is really so serious offense then why do women file rape cases for revenge or for extortion and why our judicial system can’t punish them – Rape! It’s My Fault. Aren’t these women making rape cases a joke?

In her article, she in a way termed most of the men in India as rapists as she claimed only 20-30% cases are reported (without any basis though). So if we had all rape cases filed in India we would have got 1 lakh (100,000) or more cases filed every year. That also means that most of these rapists are moving freely as women don’t report these cases. Why they don’t report? If one is a victim of such a grave crime, why wouldn’t one report the same? She claimed in her article that women don’t want to see their near and dear ones in jail so they don’t report?


If we look at the false cases filed in dowry, domestic violence or even rape we don’t find it to be true. If need be, women can and they do file multiple false complaints to see their near and dear ones in jail.

Still, if there is any issue then the issue is education and empowerment. Then why is that our feminists not focused on the real empowerment issue – Education? (See – India’s Human Development vis-à-vis the globe). This makes it clear that the feminists are actually NOT bothered about women empowerment. They want the business of extortion to be legal.

Does her claim – ‘Feminists don’t want death penalty’ really make sense? NO. Because this was only a realization after men’s rights groups have proved that strict punishment is not deterrent to a crime. But feminists have never created a new movement to change our laws. Also as she claimed now that 70% accused in rape cases are known to the victim, but remember those news items where media projected one particular city as unsafe for women because of one rape in that city? Isn’t it the pure double standard by the media and feminists? Isn’t it an attempt to divert our attention from the real problem?

Lastly, as a man, I vehemently protest her sexist conclusion in her article that most Indian men are rapists without any valid data and also with the stat of rape cases filed in India stating otherwise. Indian men are more bothered about their daily survival from poverty and ever increasing prices rather than thinking of raping women around them.

We have also seen the allocation of Rs. 1000 crore fund as ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ but the same is still lying in Finance ministry’s hand without any allocation ( with every ministry want to have that money. We wonder how does one single case determine so many things, so many laws changed, one victim given royal treatment, parliament stopped working, UN issued a statement, male celebrities felt ashamed of their ‘manhood’ and then this huge money allocated without proper direction. Well, in the meantime NCW got a new building for 17 crores though ( We wonder how a new ultramodern AC NCW head-quarter can really make the lives of Chattisgarh rape victims better.

After the Delhi rape, both national and international media and feminists became vocal about India’s patriarchy and feminists worldwide blamed India’s patriarchal system for the dismal condition of India’s females –


Even UN Secretary-general has urged the Indian govt. to take action to protect Indian women, as if this one case proved that all Indian women are under attack and all Indian men have become rapists.

Feminists 2And this time too only a few MRAs have protested such a sexist conclusion by the UN. Didn’t it show UN agenda of terming Indian men as rapists and hence trying to intervene in small matters that should have been dealt by a sovereign state? Or was there any other motive behind this UN politics?

Question is who gains by showing Indian men as rapists or by creating so many extreme legal provisions so that Indians start fighting legal battles among themselves and India becomes weak from within. This directly points to the international community and after so much interest of the international community and especially UN in India’s internal affairs, we know who would like to see India weaker.

After six months of Delhi madness, we have seen another disaster in India. This time it was not rape, it was flooding that ravaged the state of Uttarakhand. Thousands died, millions affected. People became homeless, jobless instantly. Yes, govt. did announce some relief package but it was only 500 crore. When a single woman dies then our govt. can immediately allocate Rs. 1000 crore without any plan and the money lies with the Finance Ministry, but when an entire state is affected (and people from so many other states) then only half of that money is allocated. It is as if the affected people Uttarakhand are outsiders.

Feminists 3

This time it was the patriarchy that saved Indian civilization – ( We didn’t need UN or any other external body to help. Some of the Indian men who were termed as rapists a few months back by the media and feminists came out for help the civilization surviving the disaster. We have found only two women pilots in a rescue mission in the front. Women empowerment takes a backseat here as we see during natural disasters women get rescued even before children –

Feminists 4

Yes after injured it was the women who were rescued even before children and the old. Our then Home Minister Mr. Sushil Kr. Shinde has said the same thing, that rescue of women and old are a top priority –

This incident made one thing clear, that feminism is all about creating hatred, getting all facilities and still blaming the men around –

Feminists 5

Question is when women are given so much priority by the so-called patriarchy in India, then what made the same women (or the media and international community) blame Indian patriarchy for women’s oppression. In fact, in the entire rescue operation, men were never given any privileges rather than dying before others. The question may arise that men are physically stronger so they could come down the hills using the normal roads (which were not normal then and were dangerous) but the point here is men were left to die at the mercy of nature whereas women were rescued by the choppers. I am sure no man in the country would have protested this arrangement including me unless we were termed violent oppressor of women in all walks of life.

Feminists 10

It was shocking and heartbreaking for most of us to see that none of the women protested this kind of sexist comment by international media but Indian men still showed that they care most for their women. We understand the hate culture introduced in India by the feminists and mostly international forces – Patriarchy or Feminism – Choice is yours

Feminists 6

We see the clear difference in the working pattern of patriarchy and feminism. Patriarchy while saved and nurtured feminism for ages, in turn only got hatred from these separatists. (While sharing this image I had to cover many portions of naked women’s body. I wonder while this open display is not a crime for these women and it is considered as their right then why should others need to cover up these open and shameless displays of empowerment? How does that become a crime?)

Also what happens to those brave army men who saved our civilization for ages in their personal lives?  We are happy to see them die either saving us or otherwise. The moot point is feminism need to be saved anyhow, no matter if that kills all the saviors –

Feminists 7

Today, we know Dowry Death cases (under section IPC 304B) never tells us that the death is for dowry – Dowry Death and Bride-Burning in India

We know that how our constitution is violated every day in the name of women empowerment and creating all gender biased laws – Gender biased laws and dangers to the society

We know why the reasons given for making gender biased laws are frivolous – see this

We know how a double standard was adopted by the Govt. of India to pass the draconian Marriage Law Amendment (IrBM law) in parliament – GOI Double Standard Regarding Women acquiring property in India

So, it is clear that when in the name of welfare state constant hatred and new provisions are created where common Indians need to Buy Justice or do not expect any justice, and also understand who gains from this situation.

Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) doesn’t talk about any rocket science or complicated algorithm. We talk about making crime gender neutral – see 10 reasons YOU should fight for gender-neutral laws in India.

We also demand that with a wider definition of rape or sexual assault, we demand the same is made gender neutral – Can we have a gender-neutral rape law in India? And also the false complainant be punished.

Men’s rights understand that if punishment becomes gender specific, then India will soon have a situation like anarchy – India is heading towards anarchy, what should you do?

In this situation, Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2010 is passed that will be a death sentence for India – Marriage Law Amendment, Death Penalty for India

We have seen how the Delhi protestors turned out to be molesters as reported by some of the women protesters later – Delhi protestors have molested a few women. This was probably the best award those male protestors would have got from their feminist friends.

Now with unmasking of media houses like Tehelka and feminists like Tarun Tejpal and Shoma Choudhury (the real oppressors) , and also after sudden spurt in rape or sexual harassment cases we all understand that we don’t need to create a big hue and cry surrounding rape or sexual harassment cases, because that hinders the process of justice. Even prominent SC judges have opined the same.

Madness after Delhi Rape

The people who have created huge ruckus after the Delhi case, they have succeeded in their mission of creating extreme provisions. This situation has made some think that Indian Govt. would award Bharat Ratna to the victim.

The common Indian men also do not have any security today. Any woman can file a sexual harassment or assault case (See – Alert Guys: A Molestation Trap for you) just for money and if one does not find a Javed Akhtar or Shoma Chaudhuri to defend him, he will be sent to jail for nothing. NCW will not ask for written complaint and all his friends with whom he has carried candles will ask for his death penalty instead.

So dear feminists, if you want a free and fair justice system in India where only the criminals are punished irrespective of gender, then you need to vehemently support Men’s Rights and ONLY Men’s Rights. Your feminist leaders will change their color like lizards when you (the common man) are in trouble (do you know about another feminist advocate Devyani Khobragade’s story?). Once your own life is attacked you will individually blame your luck instead of knowing that it is only part of a much bigger issue.

Lastly, if you are still not convinced, I would like to say as MRA Jyoti said in a recent debate, “Jo koi bhi iss laws ko support kartein hain, woh sab apni apni bari ki intejaar karein” (if you are supporting these laws, please wait for your turn). See what happened to a candle bearer, Khurshid Anwar.

Feminists 9

*Image courtesy – respective websites


  1. well said my dear a eye opener to all the feminist who suffer from the disorder of patriarchy and oppression the only mantra to safe gaurd the community is follow MRA’S if u are not on the line for gender neutrality then u will be the sufferer becoz u also have boys in u r houses and tomarrow donot tell that we are falsely implicated in the cases.## JAI HIND ## $$ MERA BHARAT MAHAN $$


  2. We are all entrenched in greed..whether it be he or she. These draconian laws are passes by men against men because of men in the street. So, if we don’t know what we want, we have to accept what we get.

    Indians are poor managers and this is a clear refection of this. We are basically too happy in our own little world, so much so, we don’t give a shxt if our men’s head gets chopped or our property is stolen.


  3. While I like the information you gather and present ,unfortunately, you also seem to present one sided and somewhat biased view.

    I believe MEN can be controlled only and only by fear. We have physical power which we use to dominate over women (whether for right or wrong reasons is not the discussion). The other side of the story is our biological desire for sex. This can be sometimes so strong that we can let go everything we have to achieve that (isn’t this what we needed to survive all our evolutionary lifetime). Fear is the only way we can suppress/reduce situations where MEN try to reach helpless women.

    Some smart women would obviously misuse this law for personal gain; and this is true for ANY law that is formulated.

    What remains to be seen is that if this law is misused more than it benefits, women would dig their won grave and create a situation where not many companies are willing to employ them. Women will then learn that there is some responsibility linked with the power they have been provided in the constitution.

    And in the last, there is no such thing as MEN’s Rights…


    • “We have Physical Power” – Pls read an answer on my post – “10 Reasons why YOU should fight for gender neutral laws”
      Regarding fear to suppress rape, read – my latest blog – “The Criminal and She”
      Misuse – Why are the women not punished for misuse then? They are misusing the legal system, aren’t they?
      “If the law is misused more than it benefits” – read my post “The Unholy Nexus” for an answer.
      …”No such thing as Men’s rights” – Why do you think so?


    • it is convenient way of escaping saying every law is misused. So you are giving the rights to misuse. Man is physically powerful, it is just assumption, there are many men who are weak. Even if men are strong, what a way is this helpful in leading the life.


  4. Hi Sir,

    It is great to read your blog. I am a 21 Year old student currently Quite active on Social Network ‘Quora’. It is a great place to know people of similar interests and project your country to the world.

    Unfortunately, The Indian Female Ranting is Quite prominent there. More often than not, you will bump into a ‘liberal feminist’ trying to prove how Indian Women are oppressed for ages.

    But on a global platform, it creates a quite negative image about India. People of other nationalities are often surprised about the self critical nature of ours (Indians). Add to that the ranting of Indian female and how the patriarchal mindset has to be changed.

    Sorry to say but Indian Girls have made a circus of themselves and Indian Men on Quora.

    I wrote something you may be Interested in (do read the Question too) :

    Just answering a Feminist called ‘Priyanka Payal’ who is hell bent on proving how Patriarchal Society has ruined their lives. :

    Are Indian Men that bad ? Is Patriarchy the reason for such poor condition of Today’s Women ? Is India REALLY A HELLHOLE FOR WOMEN ?

    What will women achieve by pushing us down. I used to respect women all my life but the way they behave, esp. after Delhi Rape Case, is shocking and shameful.

    Putting slogans of “teach your Son not to rape” should also get followed by “Don’t enjoy life of a slut with the chastity of a Goddess”.

    Looking for a reply from you,



    • Your write up is very nice. I liked it. If you need more analogy please go through different articles on this blog and the comments made by the readers. You will get amazed to see the true face of feminists


  5. I think we want website / blog where we can upload our Case final judgment it will helpful to other for reference & know the true story. specially False 376…


  6. Most Citizens know that Illegal& Unconstitutional Non-Punishment of False Complainants (Vested Groups incl. Women)/News-Hungry Media (spreading False stories)/case Hungry Police-Judges (furthering their vested interests) tremendously increased False Cases.

    Thus, most citizens (except women Fanatics& their vested agents) demand that Indian Laws Must be made Gender-Neutral (non pro-women), Investigated/Tried only by those who have punished false complainants without any Interim Bias/Reliefs/Publications for correct/fast-track judgements (pro-women publications/investigations/trials/judgements should be straight away dismissed being gravely biased injustices).


    We also know how western countries have double standards-they will not control their crime rate but blame others even undermining/sabotaging developing countries (said fringe journalist /Indian women fanaticists are actually sabotaging agents). Such persons should be debarred from entering the country.



  7. Dear Male Retarded Antagonists, its time for you to stop barking like dogs and talk bullshit about other people.


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