You Need To Know These 10 Smart Suraksha Tips


Boys!! Do you think you have physical strength so you don’t need any tips? Well, think again. Do you think you are safe and secured in your life as you have never heard of any boy being raped or undergoing any kind of atrocity in your city? Good to have confidence but to give you some statistics, rapes against boys by women are not even registered under Indian law so you have never seen any rape news of boys. (read this), NCRB statistics say >70% of the murder victims are men and men commit more than double suicide than that of women every year. Also, men can not file Domestic Violence case against women and women can assault men in public but men can not get justice for that assault and hence most of the common men today are becoming criminals.

So now that you understand that men/boys to need to have some Suraksha tips to survive in their lives, here are some tips designed only to ensure their peaceful existence without the hassles of being hackled in public or otherwise by women. This applies to any city in India.

  1. If you are travelling by your car at night and you find a beautiful woman asking for a lift. Don’t immediately extend your helping hand to her. Give her a call taxi number in case you have to stop and move on. Nowadays there are many gangs operating with women and children in the front to rob you of everything….literally everything.
  2. If you see a woman bashing a boy or abusing one on the street don’t immediately meddle. She may say you are meddling in her personal matter and both of them can screw your happiness. Women have all sorts of legal assistance you better mind your own business.
  3. If you see a very good looking woman getting too much close to you in a too-short time, no need to think she is the first person to discover the hunk in you. In most of the cases that come to us today, these are the traps to earn money from you through the threat of false rape cases.
  4. If you are chatting with a girl on a dating site, and she offers you sex and ask for your whereabouts, do not disclose anything. If you do, expect police on your doorstep the next day for promoting online sex and human trafficking (Read this). She will say you have lured her into sex and will demand huge money in return.
  5. On your first date, never disclose all your details to the girl unless you know her personally. Ask for equal information from her as well. Blind dates may be exciting but in most of the time, that excitement can kill you or ruin your life for good.
  6. If you see your girlfriend is bent on having sex and likes sexual discussion very much or is depressed or has mood swings, consider them as danger signs. She may be a nymphomaniac (read this) who can kill you with sex. Stay away from her as you may get rape case even for refusing sex with her.
  7. Before marriage check the history of the girl in detail. More so when it is arranged marriage through some web portal. Remember many of the good looking girls there are used as traps for well educated and HNI people for easy money through legal terrorism racket.
  8. Do not fall for any girl who is physically beautiful. Beauty is in the mind and not on the face.
  9. If you are married and since your marriage is on rocks and you may be implicated in false cases, contact a men’s rights (MRA, MGTOW, Masculinist men) activist even before you contact an advocate. It will save you money, time and life too.
  10. Read about our laws and gain strength. Understand how men in India are trapped in false cases to save yourself. Follow – This blog for more.

Boys, remember there are money, people, and many laws to save a woman/girl. But there is nothing to save you. If an increasing number of common men are becoming criminals in India today, there is a reason for that.

All the Best!!


  1. partha whatever you told is 100% percent right.In India MEN are least bothered,They don’t have any law to save from women.Men are facing the problems silently and not able to face the harassment ,They are ending their lifes.NCRB data is telling officially 65,000 thousand men are suicide every year ,but UN-officially it will be more than 1,00,000 lakh men are suiciding.


  2. Inida is one of the dangerous place for men….. No media will aknowlede this. There is n number of biased laws in India which favours only women and no punishment for law misusers as most of such laws are designed in that way. God save Indian men


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