Hello Beta

Hi Beta! How are you today?

Happy Birthday

Today I have no option but to ask the question like this. The question that I should not have asked in a public forum but I am forced to. I go back four years down the grey memory lanes to find that you were born on a Ganesha Chaturthi day. We celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi in a colourful way recently in Hyderabad –


As you were born on Ganesha Chaturthi day, we used to call you our little Ganesha. And I have got my little Ganesha with me here today. His blue body symbolised that of Mahadeva, who turned Blue after consuming poison to save other Gods. This little idol symbolised you, who arrived in our life to make us forget all our differences and bring in harmony and peace in our otherwise black and white life.

You were our little Krishna, who grew faster as it seemed to us. Every day was so eventful. You have made our black and white life colourful one.


Your pink face used to turn red when your mother used to cuddle you. When one would kiss you.

You grew faster than we wanted. We wanted to create golden memories with you and every moment was so bright, so colourful that I can not forget them ever.
I need to depend on my memory and these colourful pictures today to remember you in every walks of my life. My memory will eventually grow older and will get blurred. The moments that I have already captured with you are etched in my heart for good.

Now that you are staying with your mother, I have been carrying these golden memories in my heart. My life is again turned black and white. I remember your face deep in my heart whenever I am alone, whenever I see another child.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

The playful moments that both of us spent together are my treasure today. These are evergreen memories that I will carry for ever till I die. May be I will not be with you, but you will always be there with me.

Once again, even if it is belated –

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Clipart from internet

Have a very happy and prosperous life ahead. All the best.


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