4 Daring Truths About Census You Need To Know

Sex ratio

Indians are constantly fooled by popular media by denoting sex ratio as a measure of female foeticide in India. An analysis of our gender ratio based on the 2011 census report gives us a different picture. 

Census Data

Census data is used to show that the number of women in India is decreasing and a campaign of #50MillionMissing was created sometime back. However, a careful analysis gives us a different picture of Indian sex ratio-

Indian Census 2011, Male Female data

Reference – Census website

The population statistics above show that over the last 10 years the number of Indian men has grown by 90,965,071 or 17.09% whereas the number of women has increased by 90,994,174 or 18.33%. On average, our population grew by 181,959,245 or 17.69%. This clearly shows that the number of women is increasing at a faster rate compared to the number of men. These numbers also confirm that feticide or gendercide is a BIG hoax.

Now let’s consider the details of what the news item considers. Age-wise distribution of gender.

This report is another example of how common Indian man can be fooled.

 1. This says with each passing year number of girls surviving drops – however, in 0-100 age groups, there are 46 age groups where it has increased (Refer to the file with 2001 and 2011 census data). (pl note less # of girls at higher age group doesn’t mean girls are killed. For instance, if we see less number of girls in 20 yrs compared to 19 yrs, we need to check the # of girls aged 10 and 9 respectively from 2001 census to even understand if there is any killing of women). This news item fails to bring in that perspective.

 2. This news shows that in less than 1 yr category there are 9.55 lakh fewer girls, but tries to compare this with a cumulative figure of 0-6 yrs children. ~10 lakh fewer girls every year anyway contributes to 7 million for these seven age groups but this news item tries to take our attention away from this fact.

3. This also shows that between 7-15 years (9 age groups) contributes to 11 million fewer girls. To conclude anything from this data, we need to check (0-5 yr) population stat in 2001 (and also some people born afterwards). Because they are the ones who have become 15 in 2011.

Census 2011, Age group data
How did the 2011 census show an increase in the female population of the same group?

Number of male and female in all age groups (Ref – Census Data)

Graphical presentation of Male Female Census 2011 data

Graphical representation of the above data (Ref – Census Data)

Indian Population 60 Years and Aove Census 2011

Population 60 years and above (Source – Census 2011)

4. Again this report says the number difference between age group 14-18 is 77 lakh but doesn’t say anything about the respective figure for age group 4-8 in 2001.

Women more in > 60 Yrs age group

Media report shows that the number of women dropped with each passing year, this clearly shows how this media report is a foolish interpretation of statistics by a non-statistical person. If we look at the age-wise gender numbers we also find in >60 yrs age bracket, we will find that the number of women is more compared to the number of men. To be precise, there are 1.7 million more women compared to men in age groups 60 years and above. Hence this disproves any theory that women are killed as infants or otherwise through domestic violence. Because if they were killed, then there would have been less number of women in more than 60 years age group but our census report, 2011 shows a completely reverse picture. 

This kind of news is a good example of how journalists’ who do not have any understanding of how to interpret statistical data, do so to form public opinion. This also shows what kind of substandard quality of journalists we have in these top media houses. Henceforth, we hope that such media groups will employ knowledgeable and educated journalists who will create a positive image of their media group.

Lastly, as this media report tries to conclude that the number of women going missing every year should be a matter of concern for everyone.

I have done similar analysis based on increase/decrease of numbers of men/women in corresponding age groups {Subtracted the number of men/women in one age group in 2001 from the (corresponding age group + 10 yrs) in 2011}.

Where are 41.77 million men?

The revelation is astounding (please refer to the file here; Ref Col K). Since the increase or decrease in any age group doesn’t really make sense, I have looked at the overall figure. This reveals that there are 30.67 million women reduced in 2011 and around 41.77 million men missing in the same time period.

This result makes it very clear that if at all this data is of any significance then men in the country are endangered and need immediate attention. This also shows that men in India need a welfare commission and a ministry to take care of men. Whereas it is projected by everyone including Indian media that women are killed in different ways and the number of women is decreasing.  

This analysis shows how feminists and #50millionmissing campaigners are fooling us every day. Next time you hear these stories please share this analysis and expose their lies.


  1. You are doing a great work. I thought in the same direction. Save female feticide a sponsored program by Indian ministry means neglect the boy child and don’t care if they are killed. During my young age days it was a taboo to see a single mother. Divorce has become a fashion today fueled by maintainance and alimony laws also when husband is at no fault. I left India long ago but kept missing it. Today I don’t regret my decision.


  2. Partha you are doing excellent work. All men should get together start fighting. Every man should talk about this with their friends and send a mail to media. We are with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Partha, I may not have yet understood the complete methodology behind your calculations and interpretations (even after going through it, I have some questions on the comparison of numbers) — I can clearly see from another trend that the numbers were fudged for long time during previous government regime to keep the hearth of feminist propaganda funded — And that insight is derived from the trend I see in modulating public perception to such an extent that now-a-days rape and even molestation is considered a bigger crime than murder or killing. This is an indication that feminist bosses know that with the internet and availability of data government use is accessible and someone like you or me would question them, so they have planned ahead by changing the way we think collectively to go Scot free even if they are caught pants-down in the busy street raping us infront of everyone’s wide awake eyes.


  4. We are researching this fake covid-19 pandemic and while looking up for articles on fudging of public data, we came across your blog. Good job parthasadhukhan! Very well researched.
    Do check out our post on the plandemic.wordpress.com and please share to spread the truth.


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