The Unforgettable Memories of Nagpur Conference of Men’s Rights

‘Independence Day’ brings in a lot of promises to the countrymen. The heroes of our struggle for independence is remembered nationwide. But the men’s rights groups in India doesn’t consider this as true independence. For them, men in India still need to get back their rights that they lose with the introduction of each gender biased law in the name of women empowerment in the country. Women too do not get empowered by these laws, because these laws make the men around women weak. So men can no longer take care of the women around them, their mothers, sisters or other women relative. Only the greedy women are given excessive power in their hands to ruin the established families.

The Nagpur conference was declared long back and there was no better date possible than the weekend of 15th August. It was not only holiday time all over the nation, but it was the time to take a new vow for independence. Rajesh Vakharia and his team in Nagpur has done wonderful background work to make this happen in a beautiful resort at least possible cost.

We have started from Hyderabad on 15th August by an evening train to reach Nagpur next day morning. Nagpur team has already organized vehicles for us from the Nagpur railway station. The journey to the conference venue was full of fun and relaxation  –


008 016

We reached the resort and were spellbound the beauty of the resort –

020 021

Already people have come there the previous day –


Some of us went around and some hit the swimming pool –

024 026

After getting freshened up we went to lunch. The menu was selectively chosen by the Nagpur team to keep all taste buds in mind –


Some of us took rest after lunch as the venue was getting ready –


..and some activists made the venue ready with their banners –

037 038 039 040 041 042 043  044 045   046

048 049  050 051  052 053


Chennai team was found brainstorming on their day’s agenda before the start of the event –


While others start gathering at the venue –


Nagpur team welcomed all and some prominent members inaugurated the event by lighting a lamp while we were busy capturing the historic moment-

057 061

Arnab took over the stage –


First, it was Mumbai and Bangalore chapters who presented their work –

062 064

Followed by Hyderabad guys and a brief discussion about ‘Maha Rally’ by Gokul –

 066 068

Some lighter moments with our poet that everyone enjoyed –

070  073

Delhi and Chandigarh teams rocked as usual and were the last team to present for the day –


Afterwards, it was party time –

 084 085 086 088 089 090

I slept at 3:30 am that night as I had some important interviews to finish. Had loads of fun with fellow warriors that night.

Next morning I woke up early, couldn’t miss any fun you know. Went around the place and took some snaps –

093 094

Talukdar my friend was there to accompany me. Others who have slept longer, have missed this beauty –

095 097 098 100 101 102

JB, Gokul, Talukdar, and Deepika. Chilling out in the early morning –

103 105 107

Day 2 Events – Lucknow team showed us their achievements. Hats off Didi –

113 115  124

Not to forget the Pune team –


I have missed some events of the second day as I had other tasks to complete. But was present during the group photo session –

130 131

Went around for bidding adieu to the forest –

134 135 136 138 139 140

Towards the end, it was time to declare next year’s venue

 146 149

Happy Birthday Talukdar and Rajesh –


Man the special halua cake was awsome.

Thanks, Nagpur team for that heavenly treat.

Day 3 – Fun, Masti and Relaxation –

160 161

Take a peek in the neghbouring area inside the jungle –

163 164

While others hit the pool –


Finally, its time to pack up guys. Even if you don’t like –


Some hit the pool –


While others pack their baggage and get ready to leave –


Good bye Pench. We missed the safari. But the two days were awesome. –

171 174

See you all again in Agra. Till then keep rocking!!

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