The Thrill of Exploration

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God owns the heaven !

Explorer 021

 But he has given us the whole world to roam free –

Explorer 022Explorer 26

Explorer 28

[above three images from internet]

From ages immemorial the mother earth has called the explorers like us to experience the thrill of exploration. That is why Christopher Columbus could explore into America, that is how Fa Hien has visited ancient India. Even today we have so many areas unexplored that we do not even know they exist. New terrains, aboriginals or new creatures give us the thrill of being human and experience all six senses in us. Yes, explorers need to have the SIXTH sense to venture into those alien landscapes.

On a bright April morning we descended in this comparatively unexplored land where traditional transportation is banned. We have parked our car in the parking place after which the exploration on a motored vehicle is not allowed.

Our little one stared at the far stretched land amazement, with a lot of unexpressed emotions in his eyes –

Explorer 002

A new unconventional vehicle was ready to take us inside the wonderland –

Explorer 1

They were set to take us to the unknown terrain. The riding experience was unique and a new exploration of its kind –

Explorer 03

She took us through the slope and rugged terrain of red muddy and urban landscapes. The overlaying trees provided a shade on our heads and even in the bright sunny morning the rugged terrain was hardly getting sunlight. Only a well lit spot ahead showed us the road.


Thick dense forest created barrier in our way many a times but we had to make our way through the dense forest.


After riding for almost an hour we have reached our shelter. A glimpse of the main gate from a distance signalled the end of a thrilling experience –

Explorer 010

We were tired due to so much excitement, pony ride and the uneven hilly rugged terrain. So decided to freshen up and take rest for sometime –

Explorer 04

..and then fill our stomach with the food cooked by the resort caretakers.

Explorer 06

 After energizing ourselves we went out to explore the surroundings –



Explorer 5

The view from backyard was also awesome –


We decided to play for a little while with the kid –

Matheran oX

..and was swamped with a feeling of victory (video)

By the time it was 5 by our watch I wanted to survey the land

151  154

..and the surrounding –

Explorer 07

and slowly we were engulfed by mesmerizing dusk of the wonderland –

Explorer 12

Our bungalow at the backdrop was looking like a haunted house

Explorer 15

Through a dense unexplored forest


We returned to our rooms, and after our dinner in a royal dining room –

Explorer 13

We went to the verandah for taking rest and enjoying the darkness while our little ones was still busy exploring –

Explorer 011 Explorer 14

Next day, before taking breakfast I have taken the kid outside –

Explorer 017

and we started exploring in the wild –

Explorer 08

Explored some flora and fauna –

Explorer 029 Explorer 030

These caged birds were new delight to the kiddo

Explorer 31

Explorer 0032

As we set out, we realized that the dense forest had a lot more to offer

Explorer 016



and it took us to a small water body –

Explorer 9

and a bigger one


The makeshift dam and natural unexplored terrain had one bigger surprise in store –

Explorer 34

We went ahead through the road shown by the jungle –


…and met them. The aboriginals who were not humans..

Explorer 36

Dense clouds gathered by this time and in a flash of a lightning effect we saw a big obstruction in our way

Explorer 35

We took a detour to reach the bungalow –


Next morning, we were set to vacate the place by morning 9 o’clock.


We took the same route to come back and horses were put to rest –

Explorer 019

As we waited at the station

Explorer 018

the station clock signalled

Explorer 020

As the train started, we have seen this remarkable feet of a local vendor


While we said –

“Good Bye – Matheran” (video)

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