‘The Family’ – Characterization

Family! The strength and backbone of Indian society. But in recent times our families have become of national and international importance. The scope of the family increased from husband/ wife/mother-in-law to different unrelated entities. Not only different legal entities are getting involved in our families, but also human rights groups and NGOs. Women rights and now men’s rights groups are playing huge roles in our age-old family system.

In last few decades, the misuse of different gender-biased family laws has become so rampant that it is termed as ‘Legal Terrorism’. Many men and their families’ lives have been sacrificed in this racket. This racket consists of different law enforcing agencies like police, judiciary, politics, NGOs especially women rights groups, media, mediation centers and the like. Modern Indian family system subscribes to this multi-million dollar industry in different ways.

For the purpose of the skit ‘The Family,’ my protagonists and antagonists are described below –

Character Introduction

Let’s know more about each of these characters –

The Husband

(One whose ‘Hus’ na is ‘Band (banned)’)

Hasmukh GUpta2

He was very brilliant, very serious!

Parents thought he was a real genius !!

Engineering and MBA he passed with ease!

Marriage in his 20’s proved to be lifetime tease !!

Pressure, pressure everywhere, in office and in the home!

Cruel society made him a ‘Roman out of Rome‘ !!

The Wife

( WIFE – ‘Wonderful In FriendsEyes. Talks a lot)

Maitreyee Chaterjee 2

She is very sexy and very friendly!

Education – not much. BA only !!

(But) that didn’t matter in marriage market!

Well settled grooms were her easy target !!

(In marriages) men are not bothered about education much!

(If) vital stats is good, nothing else matters as such !!

The Mother – in – Law (MIL)

(MIL = Mother In Loss)

Ghata Gupta 2

She is the traditional ‘Bharatiya Nari’!

Remained a destitute and ‘Sada Dukhiyari‘ !!

Widowed and aged more than seventy!

She needs security, love aplenty !!

(But) son is enslaved by his new responsibility!

(So) the old mother has become a liability !!

Men’s Rights Activist (MRA)

(MRA = Mard Raha Adhikarbihin)

Vikhari Das 2

‘Gender Justice’! ‘Gender Justice’! this fellow shout!

Feminists want him to shut up his mouth !!

Educated, established but totally out-of-pocket!

Lost his everything in ‘Legal Terrorism‘ racket !!

Even then this fellow shows his mettle!

Brimming with energy, like hot water kettle !!

Women Rights Leader

(Standard role – can be identified by her BIG Bindi. Virtually runs the govt.) 

Bindiya Sarkar2

She is not elected, but a self-proclaimed leader!

Money and politics are always on her radar !!

‘Falsehood’ and ‘extortion’ are qualities of her!

Creates new laws based on gender !!

Asks for money in the name of counseling!

Created a business of ‘Relationship buying and selling‘ !!



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