She’s Setting A Powerful Example of Empowerment That I’ve Ever Seen

Ruma RokaThe other day I was going through different inspirational videos on youtube when this video of Ruma Roka caught my attention.

This video is so inspirational that I couldn’t stop visiting their website to find out more about them.

The stats presented by her is heart wrecking. around 67 million people in India are deaf and mute. When we find our child differently abled like this as so-called normal people we get scared. When doctors and temples can’t give us enough solace probably then people like Ruma comes to our life as an angel.

She doesn’t have anyone in her family who is deaf and mute, yet she was moved by the suffering of these people so much that she has learned their language to make a big difference in all these 67 million people’s life. She tried to prove that these people may be differently abled but not disabled at all. With her dedication to change their lives, she has opened an NGO Noida Deaf Society (NDS) that trains these people for employment.

Her story of initial failures only tells us that we need to try different ways to succeed in life especially when we are trying for a bigger change when we are aiming high; And rightly so, today we find more than 1500 of her deaf students employed in prestigious companies from different sectors. The success stories of these differently able students make us realize that they may be deaf but they are definitely not dumb as popularly referred to as ‘deaf and dumb’.

These success stories also force us to think about various methods of empowerment programs our govt is running in the name of women empowerment. Under various empowerment programs, we have only been creating gender biased laws that ensure that women are empowered only in the form of a wife not as Mother-in-Law or Sister-in-Law. Instead of focusing on secondary education for women we are trying to create a reservation in IITs and IIMs. Instead of arranging for proper vocational training and enabling women to participate in the workforce, we are trying to provide for husband’s property through IrBM, simply on marriage.

In India, where we have women like Ruma, who consistently try to add value to our life by her hard work, and teach such differently able people (who needed to be provided more govt. help rather than able-bodied, educated wives) to work in a competitive world and prove their abilities, we also have a lifelong maintenance system that encourages divorced women to get lifelong maintenance and be dependant on someone else, rather than doing anything of their own.

When I look at these two different forms of empowerment, I wonder when will the women in India realize the politics of women empowerment. Will they take lessons from Ruma’s inspirational stories? Will they understand what is true empowerment? Will they understand that empowerment is not about filing false cases on a man and getting away with his money/property. Rather empowerment is like what Ruma had been doing to the deaf of India. Creating job opportunity for them, making them employable, proving their worth.

I am sure many women in India will agree with me. Many would want a respectable life independent of someone and truly empowered. Hope our politicians hear us right and take the right strategies to empower people.



  1. Wonderful article bro, the true power of a woman is her will, which you can’t deter. Women in India face a lot of criticism throughout their life but still silently play their role in building a home for someone. I believe the true empowerment to women would be to let them handle our country as efficiently as they handle our homes.


    • One correction. Not all women handle our homes well. Being from men’s rights group I know their are many women who take effective role in breaking the family. In fact if you look at our gender biased family laws you will know what I mean. For more understanding you can go through my previous articles in this blog where I have analyzed each gender biased legal provisions in detail for genaral people. You will know what is the depth and breadth of the problem. Hope to receive more comments on those articles as well.

      Women or men anyone can handle our country better if given proper education, training. Unfortunately we are having all corrupt people at the helms and hence we see this condition of our country.


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