She Killed Her 8 Daughters And This Man Made A Documentary On Her

I just saw this video which was supposed to be the creation of awareness against female foeticide –

[The video is withdrawn by the owner. You can still search for it and check on YouTube with the name Evan Grae Davis Ted Talk]

I am wondering why is this man projecting this mother who killed her eight daughters after their birth in his lecture and not yet reported this matter to the local police. I am also amazed to see when sex-selective abortion is legally banned in India, this woman is openly talking about doing it and still roaming free in the free world.

If this filmmaker Evan Grae Davis really wanted to do something good for the girl child, why he didn’t report it to police and get the mother arrested or tried to at least study the case further. What is the guarantee that this mother will not kill any future daughter? The entire story only shows great irresponsible behavior from him.

I am also saddened to see that a whole auditorium full of men and women who claim to oppose this gendercide are actually seeing his lecture in peace without raising this question.

Another question comes to our mind, whether this is really a case where eight girls were killed by the mother or this man has created a story around it to popularise his own work. I am sure the police need to thoroughly investigate the matter and punish the criminals.

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