How To Separate From Adulterous/Cheating Wife Easily

SeparationAfter getting enough proof of his wife’s adultery Saikat was still not sure of how to get rid of his cheating wife as she was not ready to go away. His unfaithful wife was a permanent parasite to him.

Dear reader, if you believe those popular feminist stories of husbands kicking out their treacherous wives in the middle of the night and such cheating wives becoming homeless overnight, please come back to modern-day reality. In our nationwide social service network, we have never seen or heard of any husband doing that. In fact, it is the other way round nowadays. Many husbands are being evicted from their own house by their cruel wives living in adultery. Many of them have to stay in hostels instead of their own flats while they continue to repay loans to banks while their adulterous wives enjoy the property and money.

The challenge is more when the wife’s side is strong and have the political and influential background. There are many cases where the wives force open the door of the matrimonial house, too. They evict the husband and his family from their own house instantly and enjoy all their belongings, too. So the greatest challenge in these cases is to evict your cheating wife from your own house and living peacefully thereafter, rather than having nightmares every night.

This process is not same for everyone and it varies depending on the merits of each case, the status of your out-laws, cruel mentality and retaliation capability of them, their money spending abilities and factors like that. If you see, in India we need to buy justice and it is same in infidelity cases too. The spouse who is financially powerful and has a good connection in legal and bureaucratic space wins these games. These are more of a mind game between the two parties rather than the fight of merits. Lawyers with good sense and application of legal twists and turns can turn any case in your favour or against you.

So strategize how you want to separate out from your cheating wife peacefully and then implement your strategy to every bit. Remember well-thought-out plan can easily be doomed by simple execution errors. And hence, rehearse your plan well and then execute every bit of it to perfection. Take it as ‘do or die’ game for you and your family.

I am not detailing the plan of action and the ways to separate your adulterous / cheating wife from yourself, because the last thing I want is to alert those infidel women about the process and play tricks on you. If you are a real victim, contact any MRA and they will guide you. You can contact me as well. Remember, we are a social group and not lawyers and we do not charge any money to help you. We ourselves are victims of these biased laws like Saikat, and we are here to help out the other victims and give them support to fight out the biased system.

So Saikat has managed to peacefully separate out from his cheating wife by his perfect planning and flawless execution. His wife lived in adultery in her matrimonial house and didn’t want to leave the matrimonial house and wanted to occupy the same; is now staying in her paternal house. However, that is not all. Saikat and his parents (who never lived with him) still got false dowry cases (498a), Maintenance Cases (HMA 24) and domestic violence case (DVA) against them.

In such adulterous wife cases, if the man agrees for Mutual Consent Divorce (MCD), the infidel wife will become clean and the man’s allegations will fall flat. The other guy who ruined his life will also not be punished. If anyone would be punished, that would be husbands like Saikat. The law-abiding, peace-loving, well educated Indian Males who wanted to have a peaceful existence in India.

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    • Thankyou partha….the article on how to separate yourself from adulterous wife is really very practical and helpful for the harassed husbands from their wives….great job

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  1. Well after reading some painfull reviews of some fellow brothers i also like to share my friends experience ,
    some years age one of my good friend married to randam girl in arrange manners after some pain full months he came to know that she is not acalamatising in family well and not even like to share romance with him, he never told us this as it is so personal but he and his family always trying to get her back from her drem world but they failed and he got frustrated more day by day,
    An year after one day we all friends went to a boys picnic and at night with heavy drink he looses his pations in front of us , at same time me and one of my friend who is legal advisors in firm we controlled him as that was not best time to open frustration and we managed to talk to him next day in privacy , he explain us the same case and he told us that he is afraid of Indian laws which is in favour of women’s no matter they are right or wrong, our adwiser friend told him not to get worry because things were not so bad and he told him to get close to his wife and make her to love him and if she refuse to get close then take her to another romantic break to get her open and if she still refuse then ask her about any sexual filling problems in really polite way, after doing all as says above she still remain same then he was told to hire private decative to get every information about her past and present, after one and the half years of marriage and 4 months private invistication it came out that she was having affair from collage and marriage was done without her will and she was still meeting her in near by hotels and they friquintly visiting lodges in absence of husband, after came to know this shocking fact he was told to be pations as we were needed more evidence to file strong case agnest her, in the mean time my friend was told to be a more close to one of her family member who have best relations with every one of her family, in her side her younger uncle was best choice and my friend has made good contact with him, then gudgement day come decative conformed her arrival at lodge with her boyfriend and my friend along with me and some other friend and one polic e friend we were reached there and her uancle was supprisly called by my friend for genuine avidance we all reached there and supprisly cought her in act with shame in front of her husband and uncle, in this case private detective and her own uncle played great role and with plenty of avidance and her own uncles help my friend got devorce last year without paying anything to her and got his life back , in this case what we have to learn that be patients and don’t break your self for the one who doesn’t care about you, if you don’t like your partner and want to get rid from it without paying your hard money for your own distraction please be calm and find solution first to save your marriage and money and devorce should be last way of it, try to get solve everything by taking proper advise and find solution in proper way, laws are one sided but you have to find way out of it without gating frustrated ……. Be good be safe and please mail me if u want to discuss any thing and sorry for my english . sushnaik231085


  2. I am married since 25 years. I have 4 children with her. Many times she has been cruel and abusive to me. She even tried to manhandle me. About ten years back a colleague of mine happened to visit my house. My wife had to talk to him and to attend to him twice or thrice. One day when I was returning to my home from my Job place, I found him coming out from my house. That is the time when she used to be alone. I was suspecting her. But after this incidence, my colleague, died in an accident. This happened ten years back. My wife, now accepting that she had sexual intercourse with my colleague thrice and requesting me to for give. We are around 55 now. My children are off-course born to me, I do not have any doubt about that. Now I am much disturbed. What should I do, please suggest me.


    • Seeking divorce for wife’s adultery is next to impossible in India. Since all your children are from you, considering your age it is better to forgive her. Well, I understand your present pain but pain of getting a divorce on this ground is much more. If you wish you can see if something is possible in mutual agreement. Else, it is better to forgive.


      • Be cautious, before filing Mutual Consent Divorce wife will be back-out after 6 months. File complete agreement before court, don’t leave any loophole. Take statement before court, take video recording.


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