Where Are The Rapists? The Horrific Truth Of Our Rape Capital

While acquitting a 75 years old man of a rape case filed by his maid, additional sessions judge Virender Bhat commented that it is the false rape cases of Delhi that has led to its earning the rape capital tag.

It is a well-known fact that 74% rape cases filed in India are false. However, the women who file such false cases are rarely punished. In case of Rahul Gandhi gang rape case, however, we have seen that the complainant was punished with a fine. Not every rape accused like Mr. Sharma is as lucky as Rahul Gandhi.

This is where we find a huge discrepancy in our justice system. As this clear false case does not lead to any punishment for the false complainant, these cases even if reported in media never act as a deterrent for women from filing such false cases. Both men and women (in this case Mr. Sharma’s neighbors Anita and Kuldeep) take advantage of this and try to extort helpless men.

Unless these false cases are dealt with stern hands, these women will continue to misuse rape law. Our justice system needs to realize that these women actually mocks the sufferings of real victims and abuses our judiciary. By not punishing these complainants severely and setting an example to other false accusers, courts are only encouraging such legal terrorism and extortion of innocent men. As law-abiding and peace-loving citizens of India, we all must protest against this and demand exemplary punishment for such false complainants.


  1. Further, there are no consequences faced by the women, as their identity is kept confidential by the media. One false acquisition can destroy a man’s life, therefore false acquisitions should be dealt with iron hands.


  2. Most Citizens know that Illegal& Unconstitutional Non-Punishment of False Complainants (Vested Groups incl. Women)/News-Hungry Media (spreading False stories)/case Hungry Police-Judges (furthering their vested interests) tremendously increased False Cases.

    Thus, most citizens (except women Fanatics& their vested agents) demand that Indian Laws Must be made Gender-Neutral (non pro-women), Investigated/Tried only by those who have punished false complainants without any Interim Bias/Reliefs/Publications for correct/fast-track judgements (pro-women bias/publications/investigations/trials/judgements should be straight away dismissed being gravely biased injustices).

    If we remain Silent Majority, we will be Fooled& Persecuted by above Gravest Anti-Socials. Let us write/communicate to All in Powers, Strongly Demonstrate to Enforce Will of SILENT MAJORITY.


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