This is how feminists proved Maslow’s hierarchy of needs wrong

In my MBA days, I have learnt about Maslow’s hierarchy theory of human needs that described ‘what matters most to an individual’. It was something like this –

Maslow's Hierarchy

Depending on the position of the person in this pyramid, his motivational needs are different. When one achieves a level, one will not be motivated by the same factors again and will try to move up the ladder.

So, as per this theory different people have different needs based on their position in the pyramid. To understand this in simpler terms let’s consider following types of people –

Person type

Then, what should matter to each of them is depicted in this diagram –


However, thanks to modern feminists this looks like –

Maslow Modern

Ideally, what matters most to any individual should depends on his position on Maslow‘s chart. However, since modern Indian feminists have changed this situation, what matters most today is to restrict feminism and let the right people get the right value. This is something that matters the most to me as well. We see how Maslow’s hierarchy is proved wrong in India.

Disclaimer – The illustrations and cliparts are collected from different internet sites. The composition and content presentation is made by the author.



  1. Women aren’t bad. Misandrists are.
    Men aren’t bad. Misogynists are.
    That said, all are prisoners of life.
    Then, there are those,
    who imprison others.


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