I Learnt These 10 Lessons From Suicide of A Techie

I was going through the morning newspaper when I noticed a small news item –

This news was small enough and was not noticeable at all. It was by chance that I have noticed the same.

I would have ignored the news unless I saw Facebook abuzz with this.

Men’s Rights Activists from all over India started protesting vigorously and demanding strict punishment for the wife and mother-in-law.

Normally we know about women undergoing domestic violence by men. This was something very new to me.

One of my MRA friends has shared this graph of NCRB suicide data with me –


That day I learnt the following –

    1. Marriage is no longer a sacred institution.
    2. There is new terrorism that is unleashed on men in the country, this is called legal terrorism.
    3. Marriages have become a property transfer institution now.
    4. Media does not project the right picture always.
    5. Not all women are good. Some of them extort innocent men and families for money.
    6. Our legal system is not fair to men. No one cares for them (except the MRAs) even if they die.
    7. We have so much misandry within ourselves, that we always think that the man is guilty when a woman complaints against him.
    8. Suicide is no solution to get rid of atrocities. Fighting for one’s rights is.
    9. Suicide by men doesn’t help to achieve anything, the criminals are not even arrested if the in-laws are criminal.
    10. Joining Men’s Rights is the destiny for men in the country and anyone related to them.

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