Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2010 – A Death Warrant For India

[This article is based on the initial draft of the bill]

Property division on divorce
Image Courtesy – Men’s Rights Association

This morning India woke up to a devastating news, probably the most devastating and depressing news than the 2012 Delhi incident. This is because the new Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2010 is accepted by the cabinet committee. This proposal to change our marriage laws makes every Indian family vulnerable to extortion and misfortune. This amendment states that on divorce any wife will get a share in her husband’s property – not only the property that is acquired after marriage but the property that is acquired before marriage including the inherited or shared one.

There is a slight change in this new amendment from the original bill introduced in 2010. Earlier it was said that equal share in matrimonial assets of the husband will be given to the wife. The matrimonial assets were not defined properly. Different men’s rights groups demanded clarification of matrimonial assets and the clarification came now, that ‘matrimonial asset’ includes even inherited assets (movable and non-movable assets) and shared property of the husband.

It is unfortunate for India that the nation had to accept all man-hating laws in the name of women empowerment for years. This new section of marriage law amendment is set to make divorces easy so that the couples don’t have to take court rounds for divorce. But at the face value even though it looks like a good initiative, reading the provisions of this act will make it clear that it is extremely sexist and male hating law.

Under this proposed act all Indian marriages done through Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act comes under its purview if it becomes a law. All it needs is a petition from either party in marriage for irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. A separation of three years between the couple is needed to enforce such a decree.

If a husband files a divorce under this act, the proposed act empowers the wife to oppose divorce at any time on the grave financial ground. Unless 50% of husband’s property (including inherited or shared property, property in the joint name) is given to the wife, the husband will not get a divorce.

The wife’s behavior in the marriage is not considered. No matter how cruel the wife had been, how many relations did she have, no matter what was her conduct in the marriage, how much property did she or her parents have or no matter how poor the husband is, the wife will still get a share in husband’s property. On the contrary, the husband will not get any share of the wife’s property no matter how wealthy she is. This is extremely biased legislation that will completely work against any man marrying under either Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act.

On the contrary, the husband is not empowered to oppose the divorce filed by the wife under this. So any wife can file for divorce at any point in time and get away with husband’s property. We already see how even educated, adulterous and working women get maintenance today; tomorrow they will get 50% of husband’s property, too.

What is even more dangerous is that if the husband has dependent parents and their ancestral property and somehow he got into a bad girl or a bad marriage, he will end up giving away his property to that girl for no fault of his. Unless this proposed legislation wants to make marriage a crime for Indian men and the divorce under IrBM is the price he pays for that crime.

The new amendment also clearly proposes that if the property is in joint name and can’t be divided then the husband will have to pay money in lieu of the property.

If we look at the similar laws in other countries we will know in all countries such property division is only on property acquired after marriage and where both the partners have equal contribution. No gifts etc included in consideration of property calculation before dividing them. But only in India, there is no mention of wife’s contribution. There is no mention of tenure of marriage which is another important parameter in property division in all developed countries. So now a wife can get husband’s property even for a few days of marriage. She can deny the husband any conjugal rights, have no moral standards, stay in her parents’ house and still gets heavily compensated for divorce.

Over the years different men’s rights groups are demanding gender-neutral laws and gender justice for men. But we have seen how the crime against women is always highlighted and made only burning issue in India. “Men’s suicide” which is a far bigger issue than rape in India has never caught any attention. We have seen how men in India were proactive in giving women more rights and more safety. But nothing was enough for women groups. They kept on claiming more rights no matter HOW MUCH they have got. We have never seen people raising their voice against atrocities against men in the country barring only a few men’s rights groups.

This legislation will make sure that our divorce rate increases, more men commit suicide or commit murder of their wives. So far our divorces used to be peaceful and in some cases quick too (Mutual consent (MCD)). But now India will see a different era altogether. When women are given 50% share in husband’s property why should anyone agree to MCD? No matter what is the conduct of the wife had been, the husband pays up heavily for their marriage for no fault of his.

India has already seen degrading moral values where more and more people are getting into multiple sexual relations. Adultery has become very common in India. With this kind of biased legislation in place, men in India will surely stop all marriages.

Now live – in relation may seem to be the only alternative to this but in those relations as well women do not have any set responsibility or conduct. Women still get maintenance from their live-in boyfriends under domestic violence act. Their children get maintenance from him. Also, any such relation going sour will invite rape charges against the man. Punishment for rape is even more stringent today.

So, all forms of peaceful relations are denied for Indian men today. They are either forced to commit a crime or commit suicide for no fault of theirs. Parents in India who has boys will see how their dreams turning into a nightmare as the day passes. No matter what education one gives to one’s son, he will never get respect from society because – for so many years we have only projected ‘Respect Women’ theory as if men in the country need no respect. As a result, we get this kind of legislation for raping men legally and financially.

Today the number of husbands who commit suicide every year compared to married women is double due to already existing biased laws. Unfortunately, no one including men in this country recognizes this issue. Leading women leaders openly proclaim these suicides as merely ‘farmer suicide’. In a country where a crime is not even recognized as a crime because of no coverage from mainstream media, how can any man expect justice?

As a nation, if we don’t protest against these atrocities in all forums, if we don’t come forward to make such laws gender neutral, we will only see screwed up relations and increasing suicide among men. Thus if implemented in this form, Marriage Law Amendment will lead to enormous frustration, increased drug abuse, increased male and female prostitution, extortion in the name of sex, increased violent crimes and a situation of social anarchy. This is sure to act as a death warrant for this country.

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    • 498, 479, 128, nc, 504b 307 and many more waiting to come just to grab money where judge, police and lawyers make money and no one things about the emotional trauma of the man and his parents. 4 prostitutes and 4 mistresses of politicians write the law declaring death of men.

      If you wish for your parents torture and brutal death from the hands of wife and law then get married.


      • thank god… u said dont get married… how come there is no one to voice out when there were dowry deaths, parents of gals getting harassed .. so all u men want is the death of gal and gal’s parents.. no wonder male to female ratio is too low, when its getting better people like u want to bring back chauvenism n again go back to the same point…


        • You just proved how pathetic, weak, inferior, selfish, egoistic, arrogant, entitled, bitchy, cunning and manipulative you gender is !!!


        • y are u not talking about gender equality when gals leave their family, parents alone and come to the guys family, take care of his parents. Even if she is working, she has to do all house-hold chores? When groom’s family demand cash n jewel, right from marriage hall booking to catering it comes on gal’s dad. Laws are enacted for a society as a whole not for customization of every family or household… our society had so many social evils against woman. A widow’s remarriage was not socially acceptable. A girl from lower middle class/ middle class family cannot live peacefully in this society if she gets divorce. Where society treats men and women equal? Do u see women wolf-whistling at men on the road?How many sisters education was stopped for giving education to their brothers.There were so many harassments, murders, rapes committed on woman in this society. this is a social issue. If some X woman takes the law in hand and files a false case against a man it doesnt mean the law is bad. Any law can be misused.It doesnt mean the law has to be withdrawn, what is that u want that dowry laws to be withdrawn? and women getting burnt and killed in the name of dowry? There are several unfair laws against women too, if a husband has relationship with someother woman, wife cant do anything about it unless her husband marries that other woman. Marital rape is not even recognized as crime neither by the society nor by the law. There was a case discussed in news channel where husband raped his wife infront of his son and the son took the mother to national women’s commission where court ruled the husband cant be punished. There was a case where a 19 year old gal got pregnant in love affair and she filed a case against the guy, but the judge said the gal is immoral as if the guy is golden character, in this case only gal gets termed as immoral and society stamps her as characterless. Who is going to take care of the child now?the guy will go and enjoy with some other gal but the gal has to bear the child and bring him up in life at such tender age of 19. Do u think the society and men are fair on woman? No, only law can equal the score and give strength to women, If not for these laws by now women population would have been either dead or living a life of a hell.. Not that now everything has changed but atleast women have the confidence that law will help them…there are many more laws like Untouchability laws which are similiar to the laws which power women, no one questions the biasedness of the Untouchability laws as society has created the bias and injustice to dalits which law tries to negate and bring balance in the society. If any individual man got affected by a false complaint obviously the case is going to be heard in court and the man can provide proof from his side. Laws are not customizable. if there is a law it doesnt mean that man will be imprisoned without even hearing from his side, the case will anyhow go to court. But u men want the law itself to be abolished instead of fighting for a law to be enacted against women misusing the laws which was enacted for their safety…


      • its a most draconial law on earth. the govt. and parties engaged in evolving such anti men laws shall never see rise…….defeat is ensured across india….


      • What happens to those females who actually suffer in a 10 -20 years married relation, to find out her husband was cheating on her, and gets into prison for 3 years in such a case. Doesn’t she deserve this right?


        • Which If she has contributed yes. Otherwise, who knows that even in a 20 years relation a woman has really contributed. So pre-nup should defined all these points clearly.


        • no.. that is what he should pay for enjoying her “services” like having her as free cook, free kids care taker, free maid even though the girl may be working, taking care of ur parents when her parents are lonely in their old age, ruining her body, men’s body is different biologically and sex doesnt ruin their body but for a woman its not the case…we know how far marital sex is from both sides so dont tell me woman also do it for pleasure…. who are parasites??? ur parents had no shame when indirectly demanding dowry in the form of jewels, the comedy i saw in all my friends marriages is that, they were love marriage, still the bride’s dad ended up putting jewels for their daughter, moving the couple to new flat, furnishing the house not to mention the marriage costs bourne by them.. guys parents accepted jus coz if they dont agree to their son’s love the might do court marriage which would not get them any monetary advantage, so they accept their son’s love and do the same dowry torture in love marriages too.. shaadi costs around 15 lacs on average for bride’s dad..


        • You always seem to be interested and bothered in one-side and less/rare cases. If you get raped, then ALL the women are raped !!!


      • Only a single word- shoot these bastards on their head, without mercy.if a person think with their heart rather than brain and logic,must be shot.These leftist Congressi cummies want to destroy the Hindu marriages, ultimately Hindu falling birth rate.why other religion laws not get reformed.


  1. Real Death warrant to the family system – the soul of India..

    Mere reason that so many cases are pending in court doesnt give you power to enact another draconian law – You should increase your Judging capacity!

    Divide & Rule Old technique used by Politicians to rule you !
    Indians – Are you still Slaves ?

    Show you have backbone.. Banish this atrocious legislation !


  2. Muslims are having this done. They don’t want Hindus to marry and have children. Hindus will soon be a minority.


  3. Subject: Pre-marital & inherited property is not Marital Property, Hence must not be Divided during Divorce

    The assumption made by those supporting this amendment is that the wife will not on her own seek divorce. This may be applicable for most ladies of my mothers generation. The current generation of girls (in my wifes age category) do not value marriage as an institution at all. Within six months of our marriage she has
    filed a false 498a, DV etc and tried to extort money from us using it. For girls/wifes like her who value money more than family ties and
    system these amendments would just be another option to extort money from innocent people like me.

    So it should be vehemently opposed by all of us.As an association we should garner more media attention on the ills of this amendment by highlightingmisuse of 498a, DV act as an instance which indicates the mindset of girls/wifes of this generation.


    • good and deserving wives , who are interested to lead a healthy family life are not at all interested in any marital or ancestral or premarital properties of either husband of father, they consider all of the properties as her own and believe in growing it not dividing for wrong unhealthy reasons… a female only those women are behind husband’s property one who are having incestuous relations with other men and believe in independently enjoying sexual courtship with others ,immorally overlooking all shtridharma…..pariwarikdharma…..all in the name of so called pseudo freedom and liberty,,,,,, basically they are big time bitches and they should be punished stringently instead of imparting wealth with such fucking women in the name of sacramental wives… society, laws, government, political parties, gender rights activists and samaj ke thekedars have gone blind…. their is everything for wives not road randies in the name of wives…….


    • It is quite fair to give divorced wife a share in husband’s property.Not only immovable assets but fixed deposits,shares,gold,movable assets,amount incurred for the marriage by brides father have to be paid by the husband.Also there should be a provision to girls to claim the legal expenses from Husband and their parents.Every girl has to be paid 50% of the salary of the husband in case of divorce as a part of maintenance. If Husband is a businessman , then the income is variable,so the variable profit every month has to be declared and 50 % share has to be given to divorced wife.


      • @ramya, What a bitch/pussy you are. Your comment only shows that you are attention seeker. Why should a Wife get 50% from Husband ? Women are “equal” to Men, right ? so Why not a Husband get 50% of his Wife marital property ? Why not a Husband get back ALL gifts/items/clothes/shopping(s) that he gave to his Wife ?

        [Whatever below applies to only “your” kind of women who are suffering with inherent inferiority complex, are unable to digest the reality, are selfish, cunning, arrogant, manipulative and are after EASY MONEY and PLEASURE from MEN]

        Is the Wife did any favor to Husband by being his Wife ? NO. She just want “someone” to provide her Food, Shelter, Healthcare and to satisfy her SEXUAL desires, lust and fantasies.

        Is the Wife doing any favor by cooking, cleaning and other stuff? NO. Because she cannot earn a decent living and provide for the Husband, She is just doing/playing her “role” in a relationship. The relationship that she longed for, that she wanted and that she entered with her own decision. NO one forced her into that !

        Is the Wife “giving” SEX to her Husband. NO. She is “getting” SEX from her Husband and he is “getting” SEX from his Wife. The Wife gets Enjoyment, Pleasure, Satisfaction, Relaxation and other Health benefits (feel good hormones !) and same the case with Husband. Nobody is doing any “FAVOR”. Wife equally getting her SHARE in everything, period.

        I can go on and on BUT unfortunately, as long as there are Societal & Legal Double Standards favoring a specific gender, things will remain the same. BUT again, MEN are waking up because we are being abused in every aspect of LIFE.

        How on the earth your kind of women even forget the realities ? Women should find themselves lucky to be able to “effortlessly” live and bask on the “effort, hard work and success” of MEN, ever since the evolution began.


        Power/Current/Electricity, Generator, Transmission/Vehicles/Cars, Locomotives/Transport, Telephone/Communications, Firearms/Bullets/Guns/Rifles/Pistols, Engineering, Stove/Refrigeration/Miro-wave/Washing machine/Dryer/Dish washer/Vacuum cleaner, Camera/Lens/Bio-Scope/Telescope, Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics (X-Ray etc.), Computers, Typewriter, Press/Printer, Xerox/Photo Copying/Scanner, Web/Internet/Router/Modem/USB/Bluetooth, Television, Watch/Clock/Batteries, Fans/Air-Conditioner, Martial Arts/Karate, Radio/Tape Recorder/VHS/CD/DVD/Blue-Ray, Musical Instruments, Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Botany/ Zoology/Geography, Sewing Machine, Aeronautical, Shoes, Cigarettes/Matches/Lighter, Plastic/Couch/Sofa/Blinds, Sewage System, Tampon, Toilet paper !!! … Oh My GOD, the list doesn’t seem to end …

        I will NEVER again reply to you because it is like: throwing stone on shit !


    • You are absolutely right my wife has filed for divorce after 21 years of marriage & her parents after this & just need money whereas all my hard earned money has been kept in her name they still need more, they don’t consider marriage as as an institution but as a business, they cases are already coming in media


  4. Men’s group should go the SUPREME COURT and file a case and bring a STAY to this as soon as possible before it becomes a law.


    • Unlike women’s rights, men’s rights is a self funded institution where the men who are victims of gender biased laws pay money from their own pocket to help victims, create awareness and also fight legal terrorism. You can also feel free to join this movement and create spread awareness. Regarding stay from SC on the law, it is not possible. Our legislature and judiciary works differently and judiciary can’t intervene in law framing stage..


      • I would like to discuss my personal situation and seek suggestions – this is about defamation & harassment I’ve been facing for the past 2+ years.
        Can I get in touch with you ? Your contact number ?


    • Let the bill become a law, if it will, then immediately move the SC filing a PIL to strike it down for being unconstitutional.



    FILE a CRIMINAL CASE AGAINST COURTS/LAWMAKERS/RULERS of india for denying DIVORCE and SEX to MARRIED MAN. The moment WIFE and HUSBAND looses relationship as granted by MARRIAGE, DIVORCE is implicit. The BANDITS must be punished for tormenting HUSBAND/WIFE is relationship is absent even for 3 MONTHS ‘period’! COURTS/LAWMAKERS/RULERS are responsible for above misery.

    Daughter-in-law should not be treated as domestic help, says Supreme Court


    These people are only worried about 1 young women DIL, other-than that they don’t see anything, they don’t see mother of husband, they don’t see sister of husband, they don’t see senior citizens being harassed, they don’t see young kids future, they only EYE on 1 young women DIL.
    Is this justice or ‘LEGAL TERRORIST’???

    Equal laws protecting equal rights the best guarantee of loyalty & love of country.

    They are making the MOVES to ‘DECIMATE FAMILIES with biased opinion and laws’ and they are clear that they won’t change.

    Therefore, folks please ramp-up your efforts and campaign to highlight to the WORLD the ‘LEGAL TERRORISM’ by LAWMAKERS/COURTS/RULERS to ruin families of india. Already 65000 deaths per year of MEN, does that not BOTHER COURTS/LAWMAKERS/RULERS?

    UNLESS, if they are busy in RAPING women of india??

    “TIME after TIME, PLACE after PLACE, FACE after FACE, RAPE after RAPE……” @india

    Harayana ELECTED ‘geetika – kanda’ case,
    superCOP KPS GILL sexual assault tribute,
    PUNJAB elected and RULING ‘Shiromani Akali Dal’ leader, Ranjit Singh was caught sexually harassing POLICE/COP DAUGHTER openly!
    HP ELECTED ‘jyoti – Doon MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary case’
    ‘Ruchika – rathore superCOP’ case,
    one can GO on and on and on…….NO END

    Tell COURTS, that we don’t seek permission from COURTS when getting MARRIED, we seek permission from GOD and NOT GOVERNMENT. Therefore, WARN COURTS that you better start respecting BOTH the GENDER or FACE the MUSIC very soon, MARK-THIS!

    SIFF member
    Equal laws protecting equal rights the best guarantee of loyalty & love of country.
    AGENDA NWO: new women order to SCREW MEN!



    On behalf of 65000 annual men DEATHS & million+ suffering victims due to ‘LEGAL TERRORISM in marriage by india’s COURTS/LAWMAKERS/RULERS’ not counting those killed in FAKE ENCOUNTERS, I request you keep sending EMAILS to INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS regarding india’s LEGAL TERRORISM against married men by COURTS/LAWMAKERS/RULERS NEXUS. Yes, its the dirty NEXUS of courts/lawmakers/rulers in ruining your family and parents. Even if your simple divorce is talking more than 6 MONTHS U R VICTIM of ‘LEGAL TERRORISM’.

    WEDDING BELLS are WARNING BELLS NOW, incorrigible india!

    RECENT EXAMPLE: THIS POOR MAN has no means to fight FAKE/FABRICATED case from his IMMORAL/DECEITFUL wife:
    MARRIED Man kills himself over dowry complain
    http://timesofindia. Man-kills-himself-over-dowry- complaint/articleshow/ 20009905.cms




    We are NOT YET counting those killed by TERRORIST STATE in FAKE ENCOUNTERS:
    Whistleblower Brutal Murder/Torture case finally upheld…….
    “The police had been eliminating the young persons under the pretext of being militants and was disposing of their dead bodies without maintaining any record and without performing their last rites,”

    the court observed in its judgment on Friday.

    Activist Khalra custodial death: SC upholds life in jail for …
    Indian Express
    Jaswant Singh Khalra was a human rights activist and had been general secretary, Human Rights Wing of the Shiromani Akali Dal. …

    WAR on CITIZENS declared…..
    Woman, boyfriend arrested for murdering husband
    Times of India-May 10, 2013Share
    Police narrowed down on the accused, alerted by Rathi’s mysterious behaviour after her husband’sdeath. Rajasekar, a distant relative of …


    • what a bulshit bakwas… u men want to take this world back to the days of gas stove burstings and dowry deaths….u want women to serve ur parents and in turn be treated like shit.. u men want to enjoy polygamy that is what its all about….u weening men will understand only if something happens to ur daughter or sister till then u will talk nonsense like this….


    • then dont expect ur parents to be taken care of by ur wife… u either cook for them+clean them during their old age, dont expect to cook for ur sister, sister in law, her children when they come home and sit for entire summer holidays… dont ask ur mom and dad to shamelessly ask for dowry from gals in indirect ways. there is no marriage which happens without grooms family demanding minimum amount of jewels from bride… marriage costs around 10 -15 lacs for bride’s family just for mandap+catering etc…. also the number of DNCs she did because of u when there is unexpected pregnancy….when everything is against woman, atleast empowers them to some extent and u people want to take away that too…if not for these laws gas stoves will burst every where and innocent woman will die daily and polygamy will prevail easily… because of the strict marital laws woman are atleast 50% safe else men and their family will do anythin to them and once done it cant be undone… if u lose ur money u can earn it back, but if a gal is murdered by dowry harassment it cant be undone…


  6. really it is a true and good article we as a men should fight for our rights now a days many women are going for jobs and doing business then why they need bullshit 50% property rights this usless and brainless M.Ps do all this nonsense just for vote ok not more than that.


    • yeah women are doing jobs + coming home and taking care of ur kids, when they were babies feeding them n consoling wailing babies throughout night and going to office next day morning after no sleep+cooking for u, ur kids, ur parents, cleaning the house….cleaning up when ur kids throw up, holding on to them all night when they are sick…and what is ur contribution, u can easily divorce her after enjoying her services….great…yeah portugese abolished sati just to sleep with ur grannies, right????who will bring ur children up??? what will be ur contribution to a person who takes care of ur kids life time where ur contribution was just having sex, partying, reading news paper in the morning and sleeping till 8am when she wakes up by 5am after a sleepless night…sick of u people who ween like infants….if u dont want to give her alimony better hold the vomit of ur kids, feed them when they cry at night….


  7. This new law is not good for man and this new law is not 100% right ,are you know 95% dowery case is wrong after result to the caurt ,if husband is right and his wife is not good ,when husband given 50% of over properties ? Why ? This new rules of law is totally wrong and I request to man group pls pls pls pls made a new law for husband ,beacuse maximum truth husband is not any step against our wrong wife


    • this very ridiculous and it is totally one side law what happen if wife is a govt.staff even in that case also wife will get 50% share and what happen if she also got property more than husband this bill should not be passed in parliament if this is going to be passed without changes means really this is very bad and worst law in india


      • its not about who is more rich here… its about how much she contributed for u and ur family… bearing ur kids, working in office + cooking for u at home+taking care of ur parents+cooking for ur sister, her family if they visit home+cleaning ur entire household+taking care of the kids(where ur only part is u did have sex with her). why dont u take care of kids+change their nappies+blow their noses+hold their vomit+spend sleepless nights when kids are sick?????when ur father divorces ur mom n leaves her on street u wil know how hard its for a woman…


  8. This new law is wrong and are you know 95% dowry case wrong after caurt result and this new law is totally wrong for truth husband and I request to man group pls change this law


    • yeah … where is the statistics that 95% of dowry cases are wrong??? also every gal has to carry a secret cam / recorder with her 24*7 as evidence for her defence??? how can someone prove what is happening inside four walls… what if the male chauvenists like u are using muscle power to destroy evidences… if not for these laws u men would have continued doing polygamy and sati, dowry deaths will boom and florish. hope ur mother or sister doesnt face dowry harassment. foul cry n ban all these laws which support woman n one day ur sister or daughter wil become victim n u wil know how hard its to fight for justice … waiting for abuses to pile up from male chauvenist


  9. The problem resulting in such unfair legislations is that feminism or women’s awareness of it has taken a wrong direction. In almost any communal, demographic, discrimination related affairs, laws are passed to pander to the demographic, in this case women, by means of appeasement or affirmative discrimination. Indian women are not politically aware or active enough to reject appeasement, and will smugly accept them when discrimination acts in its favor. When the government creates separate lines or queues at airports for women, issues special financial awards, has special bus lines dedicated to them or special women only tax breaks, women sort of take and enjoy it. UNFAIRNESS IS UNFAIR and when there is unfairness the feelings associated with them go around in society. If Indian women understood equality and opposed all unfair laws, then laws would be passed with equality in mind with gender neutral wording. A characteristic of US 2nd wave feminism was to reject stranger male gallantry and chivalry. Meaning a man should not have to do things like hold the door open, bend take his hat of for a women to enter. Its an unneeded benefit and signals as though the woman is different or incapable of doing so herself. Today the norm is that both men and women are courteous to each other and all try to hold the door for one who is just immediately behind them regardless of gender. men engage in customary gallantries with only those dear to them. There is such a thing as Unfairness to men, or asymmetric or unrealistic expectations of men, and it is within the ambit of feminism to discuss, understand, overcome them and stand for men’s rights as well knowing that no system can hold steady with unfairness. This is not a fault of politicians, but a fault at the electorate level and the representatives on the women’s commission or family affairs. There is blackmail, emotional torture to the men and their families via the dowry law, harassment laws when complaints are entertained without evidence.

    Rape every one of us is indirectly responsible because it is a symptom of a society that believes in morality, who avoided dating when we were young, looked differently at those who chose to date, and believed that the arranged marriage was tradition and righteous. Lot of women and men still believe in morality, and as of late independent women are doing horrible things in marriage including leaving it sexless. Women/Men lose respect when sexuality is monetized whether within marriage or outside, because monetization undermines the nature of values needed for of permanent companionship. It is wrong for a women to marry for male provisioning and just as much as she expects to have the choice to keep to her career she should be willing to let her male to not have to work if he doesn’t want to, this is if her own income is very good. Domestic chores are a shared responsibility, and expenses should be shared proportionate to income. Sexuality from woman to man or man to woman must be endorsed as the mechanism men and women were made and the full-fillment of our relationship with each other. Some of the rapists are married men, and power, control and jealousy are speculated to be reasons. Most women/men in India do not have female/male companions or stuck with a moral spouse without recreational sex, romance or even feelings of primacy (significant other half). There is no emotional maturity, because expression of desire, or affectionate behaviour in public is frowned upon. Arranged marriages are happening in which heterosexual men and women are trapped with less sexual, asexual, or homosexual women in denial. Homosexual relationships and unions need to recognized and also not discriminated against. MORALITY IS THE PROBLEM. Men do not want power or authority, and already know that women can achieve more, earn and be independent if they want to. A relationship is the fomration of kinship not a place for comparisons. Men can be raised by educated mothers/fathers to be affectionate, and grow up to give and want affection back in return. Knowing that female sexual fullfill-ment exists men are repulsed with the idea of you-can-have-my-body-sex, or non-consented sex. Domestic rape is also also repugnant. The yield here on the women’s side is that women have to be more sexual and bring out feminine sexual energy to keep ones parter and the society at large stable. Women hold half the responsibility to Make sex happen at frequency needed for contentment. Lingerie stores like Victoria secrets are not the problem and perhaps often pointed to by less sexual people in moral social circles or in power. Valentines day is not the corruption of Indian values but its liberation from neo-moralistic Indian society. While he has to be more affectionate, thoughtful and romantic, She has got to make her mind and body feel sexual, be receptive to her partner and not indulge in romances that don’t involve a splurge of money. Rapes are an unfortunate act of weakly willed or ill minded individuals who are symptons of a unwell society subject to a cruelty of morality that is at large imposed onto most of society by itself. Having unfair marriage laws passed on and already unfair marriage system, is making this a very dangerous. Neo-captitalism and rapid wealth rise and materialistic views are also compounding the problem. Loveless marriages can boil into rages, anger and acts of desperation that easy dissolution, harrassment-less is necessary.

    There are victims on both sides of sexes.


    • achaa… victims on both sides of sexes???? wonder who gets pregnant and takes care of ur children 247 ruining her body n invested n time n energy in doing household chores, taking care of children. were u giving her salary??? the job any housewife or working wife does at her home free of cost daily, if u outsource it to someone just imagine how many bucks u have to give as salary. maids who do just cleaning charge 2000 per month. gals who are working too have to do cooking+ cleaning+ taking care of kids all these years for ur sake and people like u will enjoy her body, make her work 247 like as if u hired a slave…. do u know how much it takes to bring up a child???how many sleepless nights a mother has to spend???? hope ur father doesnt divorce ur mother and leave her on the street.


  10. Is this india is country of wise people.These laws are curse for innocent men.O MY god what law makers think before making law?Now i understand well why married men suicide rate has increased in india.what they want to prove through these laws that in india we respect women ?Every day news of gang rapes disturb india.laws should made to control women rapes nt to punish innocent men


  11. There Could be way out by taking in writing on stamp paper from all members of wife’s family before marriage commence. A pandit or magistrate (specially magistrate) should be evidence to support the same then I believe they will have no rights to claim.


  12. I am a law student and I came across your blog. Firstly, I want to congratulate you on your level of knowledge….if there was male feminism you are a sheer example of it…I don’t agree with everything you have said here but you have the right to voice your inspired me to write on legal topics as well…am sharing my link..I hope you will read!


  13. A.As God Given All parts of body same To both Genders.
    B. Sex relationship Is same for both Genders.
    C.Non educated women also work maintain Thereself .
    D.In every field educated & non educated women ladies Earn Good & Make There Own Property.
    Then Why Fucking , Bullshit Indian Government Fucking Men For Alimony & Property To Greedy women’s As although They Can make there property & Money As Men Do?
    Why Injustice Happens with Men In India as men & women equal to make money & property?
    Why Indian government fucking men is this Justice?


  14. someone mentioned here that a marriage costs a female’s dad around rs 15 lacs?
    bas? datz it? then what is the fuss about?
    what about the responsibilities a man takes on his shoulders for bringing up his family?
    what do u mean by “his” kids? mat kharcho 15 lakh… kisne kaha hai shadi karne ko? ghar baitho.. jo jo yahan likha hai wo sab poora karo.. apne parents ki chinta karo…wahan bhi daily chores mat karna…tumhari mother karti rahegi…illogical people…


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