SIF announces Fifth National Conference at Nagpur between 16th to 18th August

5TH National Conference

No, there are no early-bird prizes.
There is no discount on bulk booking.
There are no reservations based on your caste, creed, religion or gender.
If you still miss it, it may be a loss of your lifetime. Hurry!! There are only limited seats available.

NO! It is not a gimmick created for anything.
It is not a false propaganda of saving our society either.
See how different gender biased myths bust when some of these men and women come to action.
Yes, some Indian women do know that gender biased freebies are not actual empowerment.

Wanna see these die-hard commandos who have been fighting against the feminism crap for years together live in action?
Wanna understand how these people are fighting against all odds for justice?
Wanna see why all these completely unrelated people jump to each others’ rescue for selfless reasons?
Then don’t miss this event in Nagpur.

It doesn’t matter if you are a victim yourself.
It doesn’t matter whether you are divorced single, happily married or never married.
It doesn’t matter if you are a boy, a girl or a senior citizen.
It can be you who is on this side tomorrow if you still keep mum. Join hands with these die hard warriors.

It doesn’t matter if you are a politician, businessman or a private / public sector employee.
It doesn’t matter if you are enjoying all benefits of life today.
It doesn’t matter even if you don’t foresee any danger to your family in near future.
Many of us thought so until sometime back and remained silent while our future was ruined without our knowledge.

So come join us between 16th and 18th August, 2013 at Nagpur


Remember these points and some other details –

1.Checkout the jungle resort of your stay –
2.The Check in time in the hotel is 16th August morning and check out time noon 18th August. It will be a four person sharing a room.
3.All rooms are air conditioned with a generator back up and TV, fridge facility. There are only 24 room in the hotel.
4.All SIFF chapters’ heads to appoint one member as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to coordinate with us for the national conference.
5.Appointed SPOC will inform the program coordinator Rajesh Vakharia of SIFF Nagpur chapter about the number of people attending the conference and also their details (names, numbers, emails).
6.The Conference fees will have to be paid in advance and the fees should be transferred on or before 30th of May.
7.Conference fees are Rs. 3500 per person which includes all cost of stay, lodging, fooding, travel to and fro from Nagpur and other miscellaneous costs.
8.30th May 2013 is the last date of registration along with deposit of fees.
9.Last date of cancellation is 30 July. Cancellation fee is Rs. 1500 deductible from the amount paid.
10.No refund will be given if canceled after 1 August.
11.As rooms are limited, only first 100 participants will be allowed.
12. We request everyone to plan their travel so as to reach Nagpur latest by 10 AM on 16th August and return after 1 pm on 18th August as the resort is 100 Kms away from Nagpur and we need to organize their transport from Nagpur to the resort and back to Nagpur.
13. Host chapter reserves the right for any rejection or cancellations of any member.

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