Women Empowerment and Gender Equality in India

Gender Equality

They call it a shame and somewhat pity!
We have still not achieved gender equality!!
Govt. spends crores and leaders sleepless nights!
How do they ensure women’s rights?
So many laws and so many schemes!
Gender equality is still a distant dream!!

Whatever feminists wanted became a law!
But that introduced a new social flaw!!
Taking Dowry was first, to become a criminal offence!
But giving the same has become benevolence!!
This law was made to end the dowry evil!
Until the same bride turned into a devil!!

With dowry not curbed, DV caught attention!
We were projected as cruel as a nation!!
UN did surveys, so did NFHS!
One conclusion, empower the b****es!!
She will get money and stay in same household!
No one can evict her that is what was told!!
Even if the affidavit is a found to be a false one!
No punishment to these abalaa women!!

DV Act was passed in the year 2005!
Many thought this movement will no longer thrive!!
But, feminists were ready with yet another drive!
It was Female Feticide, killing of a new life!!
Gender ratio was shown as the result!
Fathers became the culprit, without any fault!!
Abortion sought as a right, as ‘My body my choice’!
Men became criminals, without raising voice!!

Then came the IrBM, discussed by many!
Needed his property, and also his money!!
Matrimonial assets were divided in half!
And everyone knows what was that bluff!!
This was fast divorce, whenever she wants!
He loses everything, except his pants!!

But even IrBM was not enough harm!
Wife needed Salary, or Honourium!!
She was given 20% of his income from source!
It is the hubby who pays income tax of course!!
Wife will have income but no income tax!
Everyone thought ‘Now they will relax’!!

While these were discussed by one and all!
Men’s rights shouted, let these be neutral!!
Incentive for divorce is a strict No-No!
That will break families, that’s what we know!!
They met MPs and wrote several letters!
And went to dharnas with mothers and sisters!!

While this was changing our mindset a bit!
One Delhi girl was raped by some culprits!!
Everything went awry, totally out of control!
Feminists jammed India Gate, Jantar Mantar!!
Media started trial, demanded death penalty!
Castration as justice to show equal cruelty!!
Strict punishment sought for crimes to women!
Men’s Rights cried neutrality, and not in vain!!

Govt. was cornered, UN made comments!
Verma commission presented feminist testament!!
Rape law was modified with a bunch of modification!
Men’s Rights claimed this will help prostitution!!
Marital Rape, introduced as another extortion tool!
Lawyers were very happy, more income – cool!!

Indian men beware, whoever went to protest!
Now became rapists, save your interest!!
Without any knowledge, you played a reformist!
Now on divorce you will be known as a rapist!
Your children will hate you forever!
Only you are to be blamed, please remember!!

This is what women’s rights, in my motherland!
Men are being slaughtered, and women empowered!!
Every day a new law, they are projected as Devi!
Still no equality though protected like a baby!!
We wonder what happened to the real women!
Only few of them are protesting with men!!

We raise the question, what is empowerment?
Is it extortion, or showing inner garment?
Seems like we are only stuck at that level!
Actually NO ONE wants to make them equal!!

Who will tell them the real factors of equality!
Labour Force Participation or Maternal Mortality!!
No one is bothered about their Secondary Education!
Feminists are busy in IIT / IIM reservation!!
So be a woman and no need of brain!
Who bothers if education goes down the drain!

Reproductive Health is another such factor!
Measured by availability of contraceptives and doctor!!
Adolescent Fertility and Seats in Parliament!
Are last two factors to ensure empowerment!!
Ask the feminists if they ever knew!
(I am sure) No one knows, barring a few!!

These are the factors used by UN!
Now that you know, spread this education!!
If we make new laws, that will NEVER empower!
It is only business, where common men suffer!!
Now please decide what you wanna do!
I am waiting and your children too!!


  1. Wow, good one partha 🙂
    I have seen lot of poetry and crappy four liners formed by breaking a big single line from women and men but all them just glorified women or stressed women’s problems. But I have never seen anyone wrote about men, especially in this gender specific angle. This is ultimate. Keep it up and write more of these kind.


    • Thanks..this article is created in view to our protest on International women’s day. This is to show the true factors to measure gender equality worldwide by UN. However, UN only devices programs to drift our focus from real issues. This shows we will never acheive gender equality while Govt., Lawyers, Women’s NGOs, and UN does their business. Spread it to project the correct picture..:)


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