Driven To Commit Suicide By Wife? You Are Guilty..

The above ‘Crime Patrol’ episode on Sony TV, showed a case where the man from Dehradun was running a coaching class. He worked very hard but could never manage to sustain with his income and increasingly got into debts. While he was trying to work more and attract more students he started giving extra tuition to students even in the early hours (6am) of the day. Incidentally, he had only one girl student taking tuition in the morning class as her college used to start in the morning and she wanted early morning class.

When his wife saw him giving tuition to a girl alone in a closed classroom and raised alarm. Even though she knew about his struggle, she started doubting his fidelity and more problem started in their family. Any kind of reasoning didn’t work with her, rather she became more nagging. With continuous nagging about the extramarital affair from his wife, and with increasing debts this man was driven to suicide, but could not commit suicide for the sake of his child who was only 6. He plans a drama, cuts his own hand while he was in his class alone, spills the blood all over and disappears into thin air. Giving an impression of his abduction and possible murder.

Eventually, police crack the case, and the magistrate reprimands him hard for playing with authorities but does not punish him as he was already mentally and financially down. In this case, even though his wife had driven him to suicide, and instead of helping the man to run the family smoothly she ruined his life and their own family. Magistrate never took cognizance of that and reprimanded her for her offences.

It was never considered as cruelty against the man who was trying constantly to earn FOR his family. Had this been a reverse case, of the wife being frustrated of something and trying to commit suicide or vanishing in thin air, we would have seen the husband in jail for possible dowry harassment, domestic violence, criminal conspiracy or even murder. This incident is a clear case of prevailing misandry in the society where the society never recognizes the sufferings of a man and punishes him even when he is mentally sidelined by everyone, including his nearest person.

Suicide, Male Suicide


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